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Background of tohoda autonomous cars firm

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Tohoda Autonomous Vehicles Company was founded in 2010 by simply Mr. Jay Hoi Kah Hao in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We could one of the planet’s largest vehicles companies and has been registered in Malaysia and Us. We employs approximately 180, 0000 employees and produces cars in 66 features in 40 countries all over the world. Mr. The writer have two technology firms which uses senior medical and specialized personnel from China and the United States to serve companies. Our company are developing autonomous technology for production autonomous automobiles. We as well won one of the most Promising Technology of the Yr award for every year.


To create Tohoda Eco-Strike autonomous Vehicles as the decision to drive as well as reach to make zero environmental impacts in Malaysia


Our mission is to maintain the road safety and increase 12 months profits by simply creating the eco-safe autonomous vehicles which is called Tohoda Eco-Strike Autonomous Cars. We feel autonomous automobiles can improve the safety mind of the individuals. Tohoda Eco-Strike will be mount with most advanced systems and engines. Thus, we believe Tohoda Eco-Strike will increase year profits as it is a brand new autonomous car which will appeal to consumers to buy it.

Short and Long-term objectives of Tohoda Autonomous Cars Company

Short-term goals

a) Access home-based and international market

The company will get domestic and foreign marketplace within 4 months selling off autonomous autos. We will develop new marketplace opportunities to get into local and foreign markets by possessing an independent cars’ display in home and overseas countries to share information about autonomous cars to get consumers via attracting them to purchase goods with us. This will help to our company to compete with competition to avoid our autonomous vehicles will be change by rivals similar products in the market segments.

Long-term aims

a) Increase profits

Our company long lasting objective is usually to increase earnings. Thus, we will plan to export each of our autonomous automobiles to foreign markets due to exporting can helps to mainly increase company profits. The reason is , foreign internet marketers or customers will make bigger orders than the domestic buyers. The unique of Tohoda Eco-Strike may lead to appeal to foreign buyers often order Tohoda Eco-Strike from all of us and rapidly increase the profits.

b) Brand Recognition

Consumers would like to spend money by spending their money someplace they are familiar. Thus, we all will intend to share info on Tohoda Eco-Strike on social media by advertising and marketing, for example Facebook . com, Instagram, and create a logo design for Tohoda Eco-Strike which supports us to acquire a recognizable brand for years to come. We will hire those influencers, for example YouTuber to work with all of us to promote our products brand name in their programs.

Market Research and Analysis of Tohoda Independent Cars Company

Market research is a study of what customers’ needs and wishes and how better to meet these needs and wants. The company will use two types of researching the market, which is main and secondary research to provide primary and secondary info.

Primary data

Major data identifies new data that accumulated from newly performed research.

Research technique

We used the survey strategy to collect info. Survey is a process of collecting data applying questionnaires, telephone calls and face-to-face interviews.


Consumers can understand why they need to employ autonomous autos, it is because of accidents have been completely caused by human’s negligence. For example , over velocity, driving the moment intoxicated (drunk drive), but not pay attention although driving. Thus, consumers assume that using the independent cars can easily prevent the mishaps to be happen day by day while travelling as independent cars may response more quickly than human minds.

Customers will certainly buy each of our company’s autonomous cars due to designation to get the independent cars, it is a car which can be analytical and it navigates by using digital cameras, radar and also other newest receptors. Autonomous cars are not just like human, will not have feelings involved when driving while travelling. The personal computers system inside the autonomous automobiles will give response more quickly and accurately than human thoughts.

Secondary data

Supplementary data identifies data that already available from earlier research. All of us used the secondary data to analyze your data that has been currently published. Out of this data, the company will decide what data will be used to build up strategies.

Research method

We is going to analyze the main data which can be collected coming from internal and external sources to form second data. All of us will get secondary info from the prior information, such as sales statement and marketing report.


Customers would like to have a car which will prevent the mishaps, especially in the town. We have been decided to sell autonomous cars in the cities’ marketplaces. This is due to traffic congestion in city is brought on by car accidents. Independent cars may reduce the incidents in the metropolis. In addition , the population of the town tends to come more than the area and small town. The more the need of autonomous cars, the greater the profits we can be attained.

If there are similar products in the markets, buyers will have the alternatives to choose which in turn company’s products they should well worth to purchase. We now have decided to export our autonomous cars to foreign market segments to prevent competition in regional markets. Furthermore, we gives a different brand or identity for each of our autonomous cars which will be export to international countries due to consumers conveniently attracted by new products with new brands or names on it. Moreover, our company will make promotion in each markets and selling the autonomous cars with larger price inside the markets which includes less rivals, for example foreign markets.

Creation Process of Tohoda Eco-Strike Independent Cars

There are half a dozen steps to develop autonomous cars.

1st, we can do the market research to understand the wants and needs of the consumers by using second and primary data. The data will probably be collected and analyzed into a report. From the report, all of us will know which types of cars happen to be consumers’ preferred.

The 2nd step can be we can design the automobile according to the study that we have performed. When designing the vehicle, the raw material, technologic and numbers of labour will be listed down and assessed which will be employ for production. We is going to import the fabric and technologic from overseas country. This of the creation will be outlined down.

The third step is the production process of the item. All the materials and technology will be transferred to the factory to get manufacture method. The workers will start to assemble the raw materials into finished products.

The fourth step is definitely we is going to do quality control test upon autonomous autos. Before we launch these products, we will perform a check on our Tohoda Eco-Strike Autonomous Cars. We can check and inspect the finished product thoroughgoing to make certain it is safe and well perform. We all will only promote the autonomous cars which in turn earned substantial scores intended for evaluation of performance.

The 5th step is usually we can market the product. We all will execute a new autonomous cars agglomération or autonomous cars press conference to all the social media and buyers by detailing about the info of our autonomous cars.

The last stage is advertising and shipping the product. The autonomous autos will transfer to our branch offices, stores or bulk suppliers. All the independent cars will probably be sell and we will earn even more profits as autonomous cars can meet the demand of consumers.

Marketing Mix of Tohoda Autonomous Autos Company


Merchandise refers to merchandise, services or perhaps ideas that is certainly marketed to load consumers needs and wishes. Consumers need autonomous autos to prevent the road accidents to be happen. All of us will make autonomous automobiles which is called Tohoda Eco-Strike Independent Cars which in turn our product can may differ enough from existing items in the market. It will probably be install with the most advanced motors and devices. For example , Tohoda Eco-Strike is definitely an synthetic autonomous car and that navigates by making use of cameras, adnger zone and other latest sensors.

Selling price

Value refers to technique of determining the best price at which to market a product. We all will sell Tohoda Eco-Strike with the reasonable price to consumers by making cost deduction for the 1st 80 early birds consumers who produce their repayments earlier, raise the price of Tohoda Eco-Strike in metropolitan areas and offering for those customers who have better economic to get Tohoda Eco-Strike. Furthermore, we will take the value of Eco-Strike for those customers who live in poor economy places and lack of economic ability to buy Tohoda Eco-Strike.


Place refers to part of marketing mix interested in getting goods from producer to buyers. We will sell Tohoda Eco-Strike in urban centers and internet business due to the top demand came from consumers in cities. All of us will held Tohoda Eco-Strike exhibition in shopping center which has more consumers can purchase Tohoda Eco-Strike and we’ll use business online websites to market Eco-Strike as a result of consumers prefer to use buying online apps for choosing products.


Advertising refers to part of marketing blend concerned with the most effective techniques for communicating information about goods. We will promote Eco-Strike by advertising and marketing on social media, for example television set, radio, and YouTube. Customers will collect data from the advertisement and contact us to get more information or perhaps make so that it will purchase Tohoda Eco-Strike as a result of advertising send out messages regarding Tohoda Eco-Strike quickly to consumers. Additionally, we is likely to make sales campaign by giving monthly premiums, coupons and package inserts to tempt consumers to acquire Tohoda Eco-Strike. We gives vouchers of 50% lower price on the selling price of Tohoda Eco-Strike intended for the 1st 100 purchasers who purchased it.

Summary of Organization

Firm chart

Task Description


A situation of the most older corporate police officer, executive, linker or administrator in charge of controlling the organization. Every document or process process must go through by chief executive before move to the lower manager to achieve the files or types of procedures.

General Manager

Basic Manager is actually a person who have got experience in charge of every section within a company by managing the company’s general operation, staff, profit or lost.

Research Supervisor

Research Administrator is dependable to do exploration by using principal and second data with research strategies. Research director will develop fresh strategies after analysed the info to understand about the demand with the consumers while using existence of competitors in the market.

Production Manager

Production manager is definitely involved in the means of planning, dexterity and power over the production process to make certain the process operates smoothly and produce these products in the best condition.

Marketing Manager

A marketing administrator is focusing on how to market the products available in the market by using promoting mix which can be 4P’s- cost, place, campaign and item to deliver the required satisfactions much better than competitors. A marketing manager will observe changes in the market to market products simply by finding the the most suitable products available through the place and period.

Financial Manager

Finance managers are responsible for guiding the movement of financing in an firm. They are directing to formulate the long-term financial programs, investment, desired goals, policies and preparing financial reports for his or her organization.

Human Resources Administrator

Human Resources Administrator are responsible pertaining to supervising the companys work and employees work, presiding over all the effort of every division, and applying the job responsibility system and work criteria of the departments.

Herb Manager

Flower Manager will observe the performance of the personnel and take care of the daily production businesses of manufacturing production facilities to make sure the production process in plants intend well. The plant managers have to produce products according to the companys internal instructions.

Critical dangers and Eventualities

a) The opponents

The rivals have their very own ideas which can be similar to our company for developing the independent cars. Customers will buy competitors independent cars when competitors’ independent cars have better performance beat us. Therefore, our company will export Tohoda Eco-Strike to foreign markets which have the less opponents. In addition , we will develop fresh ideas to make new independent cars with better performance to exchange the existing items in the markets.

b) Selling price

The consumers possess options to select to buy an autonomous car from other businesses if the price of Tohoda Eco-Strike is too high because of the competitors make promotion to the consumers. Therefore, this will have an effect on our companys sales performance which we should lower price in terms of lose earnings. We could make promotion pertaining to specific seasons, such as Oriental New Year, Raya Aildilfitri yet others. We could make promotion to attract those buyer who will be poor economic climate and increase the price of Eco-Strike for anyone consumers that have better financial ability to acquire Tohoda Eco-Strike.

c) Resignation of Experienced Workers

The resignation of experienced employees will be the contingency of any company. In the event that experienced staff resigned from our company, the training costs will probably be increase to get training new workers and need more a chance to hire the knowledgeable or new workers. This will affect the making process as a result of lack of personnel. Thus, we will give rewards to those employees who have been added their time to serve the company to make sure the employees are content with the employees’ benefits and retain the personnel to serve our company intended for last longer.

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