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Is technology mare like a blessing when compared to a curse?

We reside in a high – tech world in which more and more equipment are becoming invented to facilitate existence. technology is nearly everywhere. The mobiles, notebook computers, flat-screen tv set and so on. Technology is always growing. It is therefore important to know the extent to which technology provides helped all of us in our daily lives, that is, whether technology more of a blessing than a bane.

Looking at one of the greatest advent of technology, the television. The tv screen has brought a good impact on culture since it permits people to discover the world around them from home. Documentaries and fact shows show the world since it is and even though one person has not went at all, he / she already has a idea how the world is unique outside your own nation. People a new lot by simply watching television. It is also a form of entertainment for children who have gets to view cartoons.

Moreover, technology has made info easily accessible throughout the internet. The earth has become a ‘global village’. Online communities have enable quick connection for people across the world. International interaction has never been really easy and affordable with the advents of technology. Computers and laptops enable students to complete their projects with time. They preserve time seeing that students can easily type their particular projects rather than having to create them. Writing is very time-consuming. Typing a project is much much easier and makes that easier to go through because handwriting might vary from students to students.

Mobile phones possess enable people to keep in touch with themselves. In times of need, a phone can be made in a few seconds to receive support. A mobile is also a clock since it displays period. A mobile is also a calendar as it displays the dates. A mobile can be an alarm clock, a diary, a camera and a the airwaves. indeed, technology has made the life easier.

Nevertheless , things are not necessarily on a understructure of tulips. We simply cannot put aside the problems related to technology. Television which is can be helpful as well as a type of entertainment makes people inactive. They get addicted to cleaning soap operas, reality shows and it seems that the remote control is in the hands of the television instead of being inside the hands of folks. People are no longer in control of their very own actions. They may be controlled by technological gadgets.

The world wide web and mobiles which children now have use of can be very harmful. They can include easy access to pornography while very young and this can have a very negative impact on them. Nothing is will no longer private any more. Spam emails, bogus websites and fake information have written for make people issue the degree to which they may be safe with all the internet.

All in all, technology has been built to facilitate your life. We should be accountable for own actions. The advantages and disadvantages of technology is certainly not unknown in people. People will need to make careful use of this and work with safety measures to prevent unwanted surprises.

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