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Excerpt from Term Paper:

(Pender, 2003, “Biographical Sketch”) Thus Pender’s early medical concerns, mirrored in her HPM, are getting to be more and more tightly related to such modern health concerns.

Id of the central focus and major principal of theory

Pender’s Overall health Promotion Unit incorporates nursing and behavioral science viewpoints. (“Assumptions and Theoretical Propositions of the Overall health Promotion Style (HPM)” the year 2003, Source: Colgar, 2002) it assumes an optimistic view of humanity, and states that even though individuals attempt to achieve a personally acceptable harmony between transform and balance, persons also seek to produce new circumstances for fitness through which they can express their particular potential. Patients are seen to be self-aware in addition to charge of their own health, and are also capable of actively managing their own tendencies, and transforming their own environment as well as getting capable of transformation themselves. Health professionals are in charge of for making a positive influence to help these improvements. (“Assumptions and Theoretical Propositions of the Well being Promotion Version (HPM)” the year 2003, Source: Pender, 2002)

The theoretical propositions of the HPM are operating out of the idea that before behaviors, along with handed down and attained characteristics all conspire to influence current health-promoting philosophy and activities. However , folks can commit to engaging in new behaviors that they can perceive to get beneficial, even though perceived limitations can restrict commitments to action. Identified competence or self-efficacy to execute a provided behavior enhances the likelihood of determination to actions and genuine performance of your positive patterns. By elevating the patient’s sense of self-efficacy, you can also get fewer perceived barriers to achieving an appealing health habit, effect, and achieving the positive emotions that result from such actions. Such an alteration must are derived from changes in the along with lifestyle; the individual must not suppose the entire burden of change. The situational environment, families, peers, and physicians are all types of interpersonal affect that can boost or reduce commitment to and proposal in health-promoting behavior. (“Assumptions and Theoretical Propositions in the Health Promotion Model (HPM)” 2003, Origin: Pender, 2002)

Application of the idea to nursing practice, education and exploration

It is not very hard to anticipate the utilization of this model in nursing practice. Imagine a female coming to a clinic for advice by a no. The woman is overweight and having difficulty coping with her child’s health problems. The child is also overweight and has been just lately diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. The mother says she cannot do anything to improve her health, everyone in her family is big, and she works later and can’t exercise. Plus, much of relatives togetherness involves consuming the high-fat, high-sugar foods

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