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Data Analysis, Mexico


§ Country Proven: September 16, 1810

§ Native Dialect: Spanish

§ Current Population: 127. 5 million Mexicans

§ Low Domestic Merchandise: 1 . 046 Trillion ALL OF US Dollars


The armed forces service acceptance for Mexico is obligatory. As of 2012, the age of permission to is 18 years old and usually, the education will last almost 8 to a year. But if you really wanted to be in the Army but you aren’t below 18, you can actually get involved as fresh as 18 years of age as long as you have your parents’ consent to do so. The military enlistment is only exclusive to the Military services while Navy and Air Force are all voluntary.

MEDICINE LAWS (which drugs happen to be legal? That are illegal? )

ü Illegitimate Drugs: Marijuana, Coca, Crack, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Hashish, Heroin, Mandrax, Methaqualone, Narcotics, Opium, Qat, and Stimulants

ü Legal Drugs: Legal medical marijuana (pharmacological derivatives of cannabis), Prescription drugs (get one out of Mexico).

GUN LAWS AND REGULATIONS (what would be the parameters intended for gun title? )

Even though it is true that Mexico provides strict gun laws, it will be possible and people have the right to procure a gun. The task is sort of long although it’s every just paperwork. You need to ensure you’re eliminated from court records. Then, send a qualification of career so they know you are capable of shopping for and attending to the ammunition. Pass an intensive profile background checks. After all that, you can now get a gun. Civilians are only certified to get shotguns and handguns with equal or perhaps less to. 38 good quality. Then, get yourself a permit and register the gun in Secretaría de Defensa Franquista (SEDENA).

PROSTITUTION (Is it legal? What are the laws about it? )

Under the Federal government Law of Mexico, prostitution is legal and detailed. Out of all the 31 states in Mexico, 13 of them control prostitution. Of course , there are rules such as pimping is unlawful and you should be 18 years of age or older to become professional sexual worker. The amount of prostitutes in Mexico is usually estimated to get at 236, 000 and counting.

VICES (do they consume more drugs than alcoholic beverages? Vice versa? Something different? )

Regrettably, drugs are most definitely an ever-growing issue in the parts of Mexico. According to the Mexican Health Ministry, there is a large 9. 9% growth of illegitimate drug work with compared to several. 2% this year. Most of the users would range between 12 years aged to 65 years old. Due to this vicious vice, thousands of people had been killed and families are suffering from the limitless cycle of illegal desires.


One of the most damaging things in Mexico took place during 2016 and the battle for alter is still recurring. Mexico has become dubbed as the “second deadliest conflict in the world” right behind Syria. Compared to Syria whose lives were taken because of battle, Mexico’s 23000 deaths were due to drug wars. Fatality tolls will be silently building because it was not always in mainstream media. The mortality charge is worrying and the quantity of homicides elevated.


The spirit of patriotism and companionship when it comes to athletics are very evident in Mexico. The traditional athletics live on such as bullfighting and charrería. They’re also well-known for generating the best battres in the world and they are very present in ball athletics as well. Honestly, most Mexicans are very passionate in entertaining on their sort of sports.


It must be noted that Mexico’s oil is among the reasons why America survived the World War. Mexico is the 6th largest olive oil manufacturer in the whole world. Not forgetting, its primary industries are definitely the imported food and drinks. They’re the key supplier of tobacco, apparel, steel, petroleum, cotton, and silver.

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