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Specialist presence article

A. Professional Occurrence:

Physical Body is centered mainly on the physical facet of overall health such as medicines and surgical procedure. The mind of consciousness is definitely likened with functioning. Bio-psycho-social is centered more about consciousness. Physical Body centers predominantly within the human being a Physical Body system and what you can do to fix it physically. Bio-psycho-social states that the mind is unlimited and boundless. In Bio-psycho-social the understanding came about that a individual’s mental overall health can affect their physical well being as well as the overall health of other folks around them (Dossey).

Mind-body remedies uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health (University of Baltimore Medical Center).

While I concur that mentality has to be great for a body system to cure faster, your body with care and remedies will heal on its own, no matter what the thought process in within the patience’s mind. In case the injury or illness the body is inflicted with is definitely treatable with physical aids and medicine, it will treat.

Every time a patient that is certainly suicidal tolerance come in, with his/her wrists cut, the physical accidents are cared for, and medication is given in order to avoid infections, the patience will heal, even though the mindset not changed. 1

In my 3 years as being a nurse I possess observed multiple methods of medical. The bio-psycho-social model is the one that I connect with the most. I have witnessed the power of prayer at the job in healing along with laughter and a positive prospect at work in the healing of people. Furthermore, what sort of person’s philosophy can effects their mental, physical and emotional wellness. In my personal nursing practice I use a mindful procedure. Mindfulness is described as “a frame of mind or method of practice that permits the questioning of expectations, expertise, and the adequacy of sessions in sophisticated and not totally predictable cultural, technological, and physical options.

Mindfulness would not exclude or perhaps oppose the thought of routines, although may actually build after routinized action. (Rerup, june 2006; Levinthal and Rerup, 2006). I make an effort to remain aware as a registered nurse so that I might provide the ideal patient treatment possible as well as in my functioning relationships. For anyone who is mindful of your surroundings it can help a person adapt to fresh situations much easier.

B. Personality Preferences:

My own Kiersey persona test outcomes indicate that we am a great Artisan. My spouse and i relate to this kind of assessment of me. I actually am generally daring devoid of limits. We am by no means a unfamiliar person in a audience of other people. I can perform most factor with my hands. Furthermore, I am always trying to find the next excursion. I spent 25 years being a general contractor, always moving for job and then started to be a nurse where the journeys are countless. Artisans have the temperament and ability to naturally excel in art, athletics, military, physical and business.

They are beloved with solid objects which can be wielded or manipulated and experiencing real world events. Artists seek actions and adventure and continuously have a need for excitement and delight. They are hopeful that the up coming throw from the dice would be the winner. (Kiersey. com, 2014) It amazes me how accurately the information of an Artist fits my own personality except for the great arts. Because my Grandfather always stated “if I discovered Horse manure in my inventory I would get outside and look for the pony. I am always trying to find the diamond even though My spouse and i am obviously in the hard.

b) Two potential problems and/or limitations:

Keirsey summaries 4 types of temperaments: Guardian who think largely of their duties while constantly obeying the principles and improving the privileges of others. This kind of personality type can cause concerns for an Artisan who also sometimes will certainly walk on the grey line of the rules. The Idealist works in great conscience attempting to obtain their very own goals by simply not limiting their personal code of ethics. These types of personality types can have a issue with the Artisans who may do what it takes to reach their very own goal with out a conscience thought at times.

The Rationals often known as the abstract utilitarians, is questioned by new solutions and are also pragmatic pondering acting in an efficient way to achieve their goals area stepping irrelavent rules if perhaps need. The Artisans may relate greatest with this personality because they would experience they are comparable in achieving goals on the other hand would get discouraged at the attracting of a series. (Keirsey. com, 2014) I find myself conflict might come with the guardian as the guardian concentrates on their obligations while not twisting the rules in which, the artesian looks for ways to complete several projects simultaneously and is happy to bend guidelines to make it happen. Each of these teams would take a look at each other which has a sideways look.

C. Conscious Practices:


¢ Exercise regularly. Minimum of four days per week

¢ lose weight to access a satisfactory BMI


¢ Harmony family with work, university

¢ Better self-care


¢ Stress Lowering, except help from other folks.

¢ Challenge myself, bye learning a new medication every day. Biographical/Spiritual Body:

¢ Reconnect with my spiritual body system

¢ Reconnecting my family with their spiritual techniques.

Tips on how to achieve these types of:


¢ Spend at least 4 days per week in the Gym.

¢ Take in healthier foods and decrease caffeine intake


¢ Make a schedule, permitting, school, operate, and family members. ¢ I must take more hours for ingesting proper food and less fast foods.


¢ Decrease my anxiety bye knowing others are prepared to help and trusting that they can help

¢ Let me look up a single new mediation a day to expand my own knowledge Biographical/Spiritual Body:

¢ I simply need to schedule my Weekends for cathedral and not make up lame reasons

¢ Bye participating church my loved ones will go with me at night.

D. Recovery Environments:

The Samueli Institute’s structure is “one heart for a time Samueli (Institute, 2015), while Planetree thinks that “we are people, caring for different human beings (CHI Well being, 2013). Both equally companies create qualities associated with an optimal treatment environment. Both equally organizations labor in the community to encourage recovery environments, by simply creating flu clinics, and educating learners, patients and families, through providing psychosocial support to patients and their families. In addition they encourage treatment environments within the medical facilities by simply educating too asoffering psycho/social support to staff, and offering the best treatment likely to their people.

The Samueli institution uses expectation, expect, belief, and understanding for the internal environment. For the interpersonal environment they concentrate on empathy, consideration, communication, and social support. Regarding the behavioral aspect that they incorporate diet plan, exercise, relaxation, and craving control. To get the external they use color, music, aroma, and artwork (Samueli start, 2012) Planetree’s approach is known as a patient concentrated culture because of their internal environment. They use a patient family strategy for the interpersonal environment. Like the Samueli for behavioral they use work out, diet, and relaxation. The external environment they use artwork and structure as well as sound (Planeetree, 2013).

I believe in the Planetree slogan that “we are individuals taking care of various other human beings is an accurate statement. My spouse and i continually try to remind me of this assertion. It is important to communicate with the patients what health and heeling is. I have to ensure that all my patients have necessary resources to encourage a recovery environment. I find myself I do a fantastic job with empathy and compassion although lack some in communication and supplying social support. Through this study I attained insight into the importance of communicating with a patient and the family’s to guarantee the best healing environment conceivable.


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