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Windshield survey dissertation

This kind of windshield survey is a simple declaration of a community. It consists of collection of info to help define the community, fashionable within the community, stability of the community and changes which may define the fitness of the community. Many dimensions of the community could be observed coming from a car travel observing the city life, and environment. Prevalent characteristics to get noted would be the people going for walks the street, gathering places in the neighborhood, quality of homes, community existence rhythm, and geographic restrictions (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p.

409-410). Community is defined broadly by (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). According to the World Health Organization (WHO) community can be described as group of people, surviving in a specific geographical area. They might share a common culture, best practice rules and principles. Members in the community gain their interpersonal and personal identification by showing their common beliefs, best practice rules and principles which has been manufactured by the community (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, l. 397). Community health is a meeting of the community collective needs by simply identification from the community challenges, managing the behaviors in the neighborhood and between the larger contemporary society and community (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p. 401).

The community relationships helps to lead to the changes important to fulfill the eye-sight of Healthier People 2020. A foundation is offered by Healthy Persons 2020 intended for national health promotion and disease reduction. It is necessary to have got community partnerships in order for the lay community members to acquire vested affinity for the community achievement to improve the community health Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p 402). Community as client is the community as the nurse client. The community is merely the client if the focus of the nurse can be on the prevalent or collective good from the community instead of the health of 1 individual (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, g. 398). The city chosen for this windshield survey is the town I at present reside in, Va Beach. It truly is located in your Virginia and a part of the Hampton streets. Hampton Highways consist of several cities that happen to be Virginia Seaside, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk and Portsmouth. In my city of Virginia Beach I live in the Sea Front Community.

We have a large military community related to the Naval Foundation Oceana Nautico Air Tool station. Va Beach is usually 249. 02 square a long way and the people per sq . miles will be 1, 758. 9. The population estimate in 2013 is 48, 479. Individuals under a few years of age is 6. 7%. The percentage of Persons underneath 18 years of age is 3. 1%. Folks 65 years old or old is 11. 8%. Female percentage is 50. 9%. The percentage of Whites by itself is 68. 9%, Blacks are 20. 0%, Alaska native and American Indian 0. 5%, Asians six. 6%, Native Hawaiian and also other pacific Islander is 0. 2%, persons with two or more races is 3. 9% and Latinos are several. 5%. Individuals residing in precisely the same home greater than a year is definitely 82. 2% of the populace. High school teachers or person with a higher education makes up 93. 6%. The veteran inhabitants for 2009-2013 is 61, 100. The median value of homes are $267, six hundred with installment payments on your 62 people per household. The median household profits is $65, 219. Individuals living below the poverty level is 7. 9% (United States Census Bureau. in. d. ). Virginia Beach is located along with the Atlantic Ocean around the east plus the Chesapeake These types of to the north.

The average elevation of the metropolis is doze feet ( VB GeoFacts and Information, n. m. ). VB GeoFacts and Information. (n. d. ). The homes in the community are generally two account homes colonial style, or brick and aluminum part homes and one story homes. Homes in the community are very well kept with manicured lawns. There are some condominiums and rentals in the area. There is no signs of abandoned complexes in the areas observed to get the car windows survey. Virginia Beach is known for its travel especially in the warm weather. Not many people were noted walking along the street in the community during the current winter month. Joggers were noted early morning and evenings in the marine front area of the community. The available in metropolis of Va Beach are buses and taxi cabs. There is not any light railroad system or perhaps train system that provides transport. There are numerous attractions such as the aquarium, the organic garden, the boardwalk, marine breeze Drinking water Park. There are plenty of open body of water around in the community for angling besides the Atlantic Ocean.

There are two department stores located in the city Pembroke mall and Lynnhaven Mall. A large number of restaurants can be obtained with a healthier choices. Only five fast food restaurants had been noted by using an 8 mile drive. There was clearly 3 DASAR stores observed selling alcohol, and a couple of Totally Wine stores mentioned. There are two super Walmart stores, one regular Walmart, and a Walmart Area. Food Big cat and Farm Fresh will be the other key grocery stores. Farm fresh provides a fresh greens bar daily. There are many Buyer Value Stores (CVS) with 24 hours chemist available. Affected person First is chain of urgent attention facilities available inside the community. They can be open all week until 10pm. Sentara is the name of the group of hospitals in the community.

There is Sentara Princess Bea Hospital and Sentara Va Beach Standard.

There are many doctor offices, dental practitioner office and other medical expertise available in the city. The schools common rating is usually 6 away of 15. Virginia Beach schools have sufficient academic programs such as the Global studies & World dialect, health sciences Academy, Legal Studies, Technology, Visual & Performing Artistry, International Baccalaureate program and mathematics & Research for high school students. Middle school children has progress academic programs available such as the middle years International Baccalaureate program (About Us, n. d). The community provides theme parks and recreation centers. There are numerous trails to get outdoor trekking, sporting leagues for children and adults and fitness and wellness. There are a variety of beliefs noted in the community catholic, combined Methodist, the southern part of Baptist and Jewish.

Healthy People 2020 Health Signals

The Healthy and balanced people 2020 health indicator chosen with this community may be the transmission of sexually sent diseases. Per Healthy People 2020 there exists an estimated 19 million new sexually transmitted disease cases each year in the usa (Healthypeople. gov, n. d). Hampton streets area contains a higher typical of sexually transmitted disease, this eastern region got the highest rates in the state for gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. Condition statistics showed in the region there have been 2, 620 girls’ age groups 3 to 19 identified as having chlamydia assessing to 528 boys inside the same a long time. A study finished showed the speed of AN STD was greater among blacks girls compared with 20 among the white race and Hispanic girls. The CDC provides a difficult time contrasting the statistics to Virginia reported figures because the health care providers are generally not required to survey Herpes, Individual Papillomavirus (HPV) and trichomoniasis to the regional health office. This triggers the state figures to be less than reality. One more barrier that prevents the actual numbers is definitely many persons infected with STDs might not exactly exhibit symptoms. Meaning AN STD is transmitted from one person to the different without knowing transmission with the disease.

There is certainly an estimate of 70 to 80 percent of ladies with chlamydia with no symptoms. Untreated these types of STDs triggers infertility. HPV is another infection that often does not manifest symptoms. Va has a new law in place requiring 6th grade women to receive HPV vaccines unless of course they leave (Simpson, 2008). Virginia Seashore Department of Public of Health medical center provides free, confidential education, counseling and testing to get HIV. They provide Nurses and health counselors at their particular Virginia Seaside clinic for clients located to be HIV positive. The clinic works on a walk in basis for testing. They feature services for the people to contact various other sexual associates that may require testing and treatment (Clinic, n. m. ). Va Beach does not have a large migration population numerous ethnicities. In this article you will find many methods available to address different civilizations within our community. Yearly the city has a Latin festival and reggae festivity. I do not really encounter many people of various cultures via Latin countries or Carribbean countries in the neighborhood. It is generally whites or blacks, there exists very minimal encounters with other races.

It can present a problem in the neighborhood if there ought to be a rise in a specific ethnicities from a different parts of the earth such as Africa, or Asia. Nurses and also other health care providers would need conferences on ethnical diversity. One of the most I have been encountered with diversity is while doing work as charge nurse for the correctional service for the regular Wealth of Virginia. Immigration and Customs Enforcement held various immigrants there for a time frame at correctional facility. Areas of the community that may affect residents’ health are not visible to myself from a windscreen point of view. Virginia Beach govt website gave more understanding on the factors that affect residents in the neighborhood.

Three factors listed happen to be teenage pregnancy, low beginning weight babies and kid abuse. In summary Virginia Seashore is a wonderful community. It is not congested, we have significant areas that still woods, wild animals and fishing areas. It is a family oriented community in my opinion with many resources within the community to meet the demands of individuals. Criminal offenses is at minimal, the people in the community are honestly polite, and there are many applications in the community offered by the city or YMCA marketing health and wellness.


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