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Health promotion and disease reduction essay

Overall health promotion and disease reduction has always been inside the forefront inside the health care system. Focus has become always around the physical factors that help the birth and progress of the disease. Few researches and studies happen to be carried out within the psychological factors that impact the re-homing of wellness improving behaviours. Many internal theories and models have been completely proposed to clarify patient’s overall health behavior.

The 2 studies that we have read and I utilization in my daily clinical practice are the well being locus control (HLC) theory and health belief style (HBM).

The analysis which uses HLC is definitely on handling diabetic ft . ulcers as well as the second research is about employing HBM to get weight management. The studies focus on factors that would lead someone to adopt within his behavior to promote health.

I usually find male individuals in my device within the age bracket of forty-five ” 65years admitted with acute heart syndrome. Their very own health evaluation mostly uncover unhealthy standards of living such as cigarette smoking, high cholesterol, harmful diet, lack of exercise and sedentary your life which are every modifiable factors along with non-modifiable factors such as era, family history and gender.

Rotter in 1966 proposed the HLC and the internal “external locus size. According to Rotter interior locus of control is definitely the belief that positive/ bad life improvements are a effect of one’s own action while external locus of the control is the opinion that positive/ negative your life events will be unrelated to one’s individual behavior and are also beyond their own control. In my daily clinical practice I use HLC to give information to individuals that unhealthy life styles happen to be creating the negative trend inside their health. Individuals with high health principles and excessive internal HLC’s request additional information about the disease and are even more receptive to health education, they are more compliant with treatments and so they make use of the support system. Overall health belief unit (HBM) was propounded by Baranowski, Cullen, Nicklas, Thomas and Baranowski (2003). Table 1 . Health Belief Unit applied to previously discussed scenario.

Identified susceptibility| Someone’s perceived risk for contracting a health problem or health of concern to the researches. Inform patients that poor life styles make them susceptible to acquire diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerotic conditions, peripheral vascular diseases and so forth | Recognized severity| An individual’s perception in the personal influence (clinical or perhaps social) of contracting the sickness. Informing individuals the seriousness and company morbidities linked to the conditions like heart attack, strokes, PVD’s etc . | Perceived benefits| Someone’s perception of good things that may happen coming from undertaking specific behaviors, particularly in regards to reducing the threat in the disease.

Advantage in this case can be leading a good disease free life unless of course family history, male or female and era take controls which are non-modifiable factors. | Perceived barriers| A enthusiastic person will look at the identified benefits and thereby surpass the recognized barriers that he/she can come across when adopting healthy and balanced life style alternatives | Self- efficacy| An individual’s belief or confidence that she or he can perform a particular behavior. Self-determination and self confidence inside the person helps him to make the changes in life to follow along with a healthy lifestyle. |

Health education ( audio & video demonstration), educative elements in regards to the state such as pamphlets, internet downloaded printed materials, booklets most can guidebook patients to commit themselves to adopt life style changing behaviors. Family education, information about support systems and group activity can also contribute to the increased consciousness towards their health and the behavioral alterations that one ought to adopt to achieve a disease free of charge life.


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