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Segmentation of food market inside singapore


Hot breakfast cereals label cereal grain that had to be soaked or perhaps boiled to get softened and edible. Pre-prepared cereal that may be edible itself or in milk is additionally known as Ready-to-eat cereal. Within Singapore by itself, breakfast food are generally seen as an nutritious form breakfast that appeals more to the younger generation and children who are relatively more open to these traditional western breakfast. (Breakfast Cereal- Singapore, 1)Datamonitor claims that by simply definition the breakfast food market consists of hot breakfast and ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals.

In Singapore only, the breakfast time cereal marketplace in 08 is generated a retail value of $38 mil a 4% increase coming from 2007. Unlike other countries, where Kellogg has the most of the market share, in Singapore, Nestle will come in first with 29%, accompanied by Kraft foods then Quaker Oats co. at 18. 8%. (Breakfast Cereal- Singapore, 1)As seen from the desk below.

The information board of Singapore reveals that the typical household costs in the year 2003 is believed at S$4867, in which 21 years old.

3% are spent on foodstuff. In 2005, estimated there are 1, 047, 216 homes in Singapore of which 151, 390 people belong to lonely people or individuals not coping with family nucleus. While 840, 911 homeowners within are within one family nuclei. (Statistics Singapore 2006)Breakfast Food Market Segmentation and its variablesMarket segmentation may be broken down in to several factors; Geographical which will consists of regional, city size, density and climate malfunction. The demographical variables contain age and life-cycle stage, gender and income. Psychographic segmentation will divide buyers into several groups based upon socioeconomic position, lifestyle or perhaps personality characteristics. Lastly behavioral segmentation, which groups consumers on their basis of knowledge of the product, their frame of mind towards this, usage patterns and responses. (Kotler ain al. 2006, 217-223).

Kraft foods produce Post Cereals that goals the Greater Foods, Healthful, Convenience, Mainstream and Traditional Segments. The consumers in the finerfood portions are luxurious seeking and value top quality but as well seek out selection, they make up of 22% of households in Singapore (Statistics Singapore 2003). Therefore , Energi Foods uses Post Picks with six different flavour RTE cereals to target the segment (Kraft Post Chooses n. d. ). When Post LiveActive, which is whole grain, based and fortified with prebiotic dietary fiber helps stimulates healthy digestive system (Kraft LiveActive n. deb. ). This product attribute appeals and targets the healthier segment, which can be 22% of total not any of households. For the mainstream portion which are mainly families with young children and purchasing is often effect by their children’s preference, Energi Foods features Post Kids Cereals.

Lastly, for the standard segment which is firmly affected by brand name, Kraft Foods has Content Honey Bunches of Rolled oats and Post Kids Cereals that take the Post Brand (Kraft Food n. m. )(Statistics Singapore 2003)Kellogg’s creates various varies of cereals to target most six sectors. A finer Food part has¦ This targets the Healthy Segment with Kellogg’s Special T, All Bran, Raisin Grain and Muselix. While for the ease, Kellogg’s features individually crammed cereal just like Kellogg’s Cornflakes. For the mainstream, they have Kellogg’s Froot Loops Food. The custom segment will be drawn by the original breakfast cereal, which the Kellogg’s Cornflakes that has been in the market for more than a century (Kellogg Company and. d. ) is targeted using each of the RTE food with Kellogg’s brand name. Lastly, for the purchase price sensitive, Kellogg’s targets employing Econ Packages for its RTE cereal to achieve the consumers their particular value for money.

Positioning of productsThe market portion of Healthy and balanced Consumers in the breakfast food market is a great ever-increasing market, due to the growing trend of Singaporeans turning out to be increasing health conscious, which in turn influences their foodstuff choice. In the last few years, there have been a newly found emphasis on more healthy eating. Using a change in way of living, people are progressively more aware of the negative effects of unhealthy eating habits. Consumers are displaying increased inclination for fat-free and healthy food choices products. Food items containing trans-fat are burning off market share because they are linked to heart problems. (Kellogg Company SWOT Evaluation, 92)In this kind of part of the report, I will discuss about how Nestle, Kraft Food and Kellogg’s positioned their similar cereal products to focus on this buddingsegment.

Nestle Fitnesse and Gewandtheit & Fruits are positioned because against Kellogg’s Special E Cereal, however , Nestle Cereals are authorized Halal so it has an added class of users which are Muslims. It highlights on it reduced fat content of 0. 5g per offering and also their other merchandise attributes like high in calcium supplements, Folic Acid solution and Straightener and that it really is made out of whole grains. It positions itself as an element of a healthy way of living, therefore like a nutritious option for the healthy buyer. (Nestle Singapore n. g. )An Image of Fitnesse Cereal Box( Fitnesse & Fresh fruit Cereal Cover 2008)Post LiveActive Cereal by Kraft Meals targets the healthy consumers by placement as a nourishing and healthier cereal just like Nestle Fitnesse consist of whole grains with fruits and nuts. However , it emphasize on it being healthy yet with the ability to help promote healthy digestive system with its fiber rich foods and most important it has an additional component in its cereal which is prebiotic fiber (Inulin) in order to the growth of good bacterias within the human body (Kraft LiveActive n. deb. ).

Kellogg’s special E is also directed at the healthy and balanced segment; using its emphasis on becoming 99% excess fat free, high in protein, which usually on the cereal box declares it, may help in building and fixing all cells and how that content of rice and wheat flakes will keep the consumer fuller longer. It has is positioned away from the competitors with rice and wheat flakes instead of fiber rich foods for its range of nutritious cereal that goals the same healthful segment. (Kellogg’s NA Organization. n. d )An picture of Kellogg’s Special K Cereal (Special T Cereal Cover 2008)


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