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Review of financial claims essay

Financial statements are essential accounting tools which include balance bedsheets, cash flow claims, and cash flow statements offering information on a company’s previous and present financial history. Information about financial claims can be used by any number of general public and private agencies to determine in the event that an organization’s financial status is definitely healthy. White castle and McDonald’s are two organizations apply financial claims in doing business.

Further, this daily news will talk about the monetary statements of each company, the firms which in turn audit each companies monetary statements, and define accounting concepts, terminologies, and deals used in the financial claims.

Additional information can provided concerning when McDonald’s and Burger King were established and what product and services they supply to the general public.

Overview of Organizations

McDonalds 1st opened its doors in 1940 introducing the concept of the “speedee service system supplying french fries, burgers, and mixtures to satisfy the hungry buyer quickly at an affordable. Over the next 65 in addition years the McDonalds menu has changed by just chocolate bars and burgers to salads, wraps, chicken breast nuggets and many other items which serve the changing tastes of consumers.

Burger king has been belittled over the years as being a major contributor high obesity rates, due in part to the speedee service strategy. These critique have triggered McDonald’s to rethink menu items and helped the business to sanction numerous becomes the menu which today offers nutritional guides for each and every menu item and better choices including salads, fresh fruit, and dairy.

McDonald’s has changed the petrol used to smolder foods to help make the fries more healthy and has a choice of food sizes and a lot recently started a new distinctive line of coffee beverages, which offers the specified Starbucks style for a fraction of the cost. “The fast food chain currently offers 31, 1000 restaurants around the world and are operating in 119 countries and will serve approximately forty seven million clients daily. Burger king is also highly associated with the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) that has bestowed money and services to families and communities over 35 years to approximately thirty seven million children and households.  (McDonalds, 2009). The McDonald Organization pays for most ofRMHC’s global administration expense so that every donations proceed directly to the community and families. The charitable organization is in these kinds of high demand that RMHC strategies to broaden their courses by 37% by 2010 to better help those in need.

Burger King started in 1953 first known as Insta Burger King offering burgers to individuals who was grilled on a tiny cooker referred to as an Insta-Broiler oven; the concept proved to be effective. “In 1954 the term changed to White castle, the broiler oven 1st used was replaced with the flame broiler and soon became popular for offering all their flame broiled hamburgers and what is today known as the Whopper burger.  (Burger Full, 2009). Another 60 as well as years pertaining to Burger King started suffering a similar criticisms as McDonalds.

That seemed all fast food stores were being blamed for the increased weight problems rate in the U. S i9000. Burger King adopted suit and began making changes to all their menus adding chicken, green salads, fruit, foodstuff nutritional guides, smaller sizes, choice of refreshments such as tea, milk, and changing the oil accustomed to fry French fries as well as further changes. White castle Corporation is usually associated with a number of charity companies such as “Have It Your Way which will works to alleviate hunger, disease, and helps bring about community education through scholarship grant programs; the McLamore Basis provides scholarships and is linked to several charitable organizations for

The moment Organizations Had been Established

White castle was founded in 1954 in Miami, Florida by David McLamore and David Edgerton. “McLamore and Edgerton, both of whom had extensive knowledge in the restaurant business before you start their partnership, believed in the easy concept of rendering the customer with reasonably priced top quality food, served quickly in attractive, clean surroundings.  (New You are able to Job Origin, 2009), hence, the invention of the Whopper that has been an instant success. Today Hamburger is found in almost all 50 claims and seventy four countries and territories all over the world with more than eleven, 700 eating places. In 1967 the Pillsbury Company located in Minneapolis, Mn purchased the corporation and its personnel and the business went public in May 2006 at $17 a reveal. Today the company remains majority-owned by a great equity group comprised of Arizona Pacific Group, Bain Capital Partners and the Goldman Sachs Funds. (New York Job Source, 2009).

McDonald’s was founded by two brothers, Dick and Apple pc McDonald of SanBernardino, Cal. Ray Kroc, a milkshake machine distributor happened around the brothers’ restaurant as he was curious to discover why this kind of a small organization would need 15 milkshake equipment. Kroc was impressed by the speed with which the two of these brothers were able to provide services in their busy hamburger stand and this individual asked the brothers for any briefing on the “McDonald’s Speedee System after the séance he requested and “secured the rights to identical the system through the entire United States. “Ray Kroc exposed his initial outlet in Chicago in 1955, 5 decades later the amount of McDonald’s spots had broadened to over thirty-one, 500.  (Albrecht, Stice, Stice, & Swain, 08, pg. 76). Today McDonald’s averages more than 100 mil dollars a day and is positioned in 121 countries around the world. The two companies acquired meager origins and have grown into fast food superstars.

Accounting Organizations Rendering Audits

The two McDonald’s and Burger King provide burgers, fries, and creamy shakes. Nevertheless , the differences between McDonald’s and Burger King are far more than glowing arches and golden caps. McDonald’s has both and internal and external audit committees. The interior audit panel is composed of five Directors, every of to whom meets the independence and also other requirements of the New York Stock Exchange (Santona, 2009). The committee abides by a hire which says all its responsibilities and is also reviewed yearly. Ernst & Young LLP (Ernst & Young), the Company’s independent auditors, is responsible for performing an review of the Industry’s annual consolidated financial assertions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and for issuing a report upon those claims (Santona, 2009).

The Burger King Corporation has both internal and external audit committees. The internal committees perform quarterly internal audits that are posted for traders, but these audits are indicated as unaudited by a entity. KPMG LLP is the external firm the White castle Corporation uses for its exterior audits.

Financial Statements Employed and Terminology

As a publicly traded company inside the United States White castle Corporation (BKC) has taken all the important steps required to abide by the regulations set forth the Sarbanes-Oxley Actof 2002. “The twelve-monthly report for FY2008 contains information such as business details, risk elements, physical resources, legal proceedings, stockholder issues, and finally a comprehensive financial declaration.  (Burger King Corp, 2009). This section of the annual statement begins with management reviews on interior controls which can be in place with regards to financial credit reporting which points out in detail the understanding of the CEO and CFO and their obligation to take full responsibility for this article of the annual statement. The statement of the 3rd party registered community accounting company (KPMG) is definitely and additional declaration of responsibility from the impartial accounting firm which claims the company has examined the information. Paged within the reportcontain the balance linen, statement of income, declaration of stockholders equity, and statement of cash flows for FY2008 when compared with 2007, 06\, and 2006.

While BKC’s annual survey was presented in a regular no-frills structure, McDonald’s Corporation’s 2008 gross annual report included graphics and photos since the driver from the information. Combined with the financial transactions, “McDonald’s gross annual report aimed at highlights from the menu for the money along with albhabets of everyone should be open from the Chairman, Andy McKenna and CEO, Jim Skinner.  (McDonalds Corporation, 2009). The economic reporting nonetheless included the management’s survey on internal controls, the report of independent authorized public accounting firm (Ernst & Fresh, LLP), the balance sheet, declaration of salary, statement of stockholders collateral, and the declaration of cash runs. In both equally instances a dedicated effort was made to satisfy the needs regulated by United States Investments and Exchange Commission.

Basic Accounting ConceptsIn 2008, McDonalds’ financial survey shows gross annual total earnings at twenty three, 522. some million us dollars compared to Cheese burger King’s a couple of, 455. 0 million dollars; a difference of 21, 067. 4 , 000, 000 dollars; McDonald’s clearly having earned more revenue (MSN Money, 2009). However , just before 2003, the between McDonald’s profits and Burger King’s were increased. “From 2001 through 2003 Burger King was losing money, yet has made a steady annual gross profit seeing that.  (CNN Money, 2006).


In 2008, Burger Kings’ annual profit was 1, 452. 0 mil dollars and 2007 the profit was one particular, 317. 0 million dollars, a growth of 135 million dollars. McDonald’s has also experienced gross earnings over the past couple of years, however , in a much higher scale. In 2008 the gross income recorded was 8, 639. 2 million dollars and 2007 a gross earnings was recorded of 7, 905. a couple of, an increase in profit of 734 million dollars.

Accounts Troubled by Transactions

Even though the two take out restaurant restaurants are no exactly where near equivalent in revenue, both restaurants are raising revenue year in year out. Since 06\, when Burger King became a publicly traded company; like McDonald’s, they the two worked to keep up a lucrative growth pertaining to share slots which has increased the amount of revenue each year (MSN Money, 2009). Both firms have cash assets as well as land and property, local rental fees, food, supplies, income responsibilities, and advertising. Economical Statements Troubled by TransactionsEach with the transactions outlined for Burger King and McDonald’s are provided in detail on a number of the economical statements. Especially, the profit can be followed within the balance sheet, the statement of income, as well as the statement of money flows located in each twelve-monthly report. Furthermore these statistics are compared to the previous years’ numbers on each of your of these statements.


McDonald’s and White castle have been in organization for decades every company has generated its individual company inside the hearts with the American persons and consumers across the globe if they expanded in to global marketplace. Both companies use trustworthy accounting organizations and the same types of financial statements in order to assess the well being of their economic status. This kind of paper shows how important comprehending the concepts, terms, and orders listed about financial statements are to be able to better measure how a organization is faring financially on the year to year basis.


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