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A brief history of the world in 6 eyeglasses

1 . From the six refreshments, tea reveals the best interplay of numerous civilizations. It is stated in that book that, “According to Oriental tradition, the first bag was made by the emperor Shen Nung(177). Tea was initially popular in China, while it was the finest empire in the world at the time. With this, Cina traded numerous countries such as India, Asia, and Korea. It was inescapable that tea would pass on to various other cultures, another being the Dutch.

Tea was distributed with Nederlander doctors stating that tea was as well as could help people that were ill. On top of this, the European lifestyle contributed a great addition to the tea. They began consuming tea with milk. This became wildly popular presently there. “From the best of English society towards the bottom, everybody was drinking tea(196). This displays how available tea was going to any individual of any school. Later on, the British brought their tradition along with tea to America.

2 . A single continuity that occurred through the book was that each beverage is made from meals or flower. For example , gruel is changed into beer when ever, “[it] was left seated around for a few days experienced a mystical transformation¦the atmosphere fermented the sugar in the gruel into alcohol(14-15).

This kind of exists mainly because aside from water, every drink is food or and so are, even in modern day. You will discover limitless likelihood of creations of drinks. An additional continuity is the fact a few of the refreshments are safer to drink than water. Reasons why is because some are hard boiled. Boiling produces such severe heat for a lot of bacteria to survive in. As an example, tea is definitely served warm because it is boiled. In addition , you will discover leaves in tea known as “Camellia sinensis (177) that kill a lot of types of bacteria. several. A practice that transformed over time was your different refreshments used for foreign currency. For example , “The workers who have built the pyramids were paid in beer(37). This shows just how common and known the drink was around time. All people consumed beer, including the children. It had been known inside the culture that beer was very healthier for them. Beverage played a task in using the civilization even more close and prosperous. One other practice was your way Mesopotamians kept their particular receipts. It began with, “tax invoices were primarily kept as tokens inside clay “envelopes'(31). However , with time they changed their work with tax receipts. They replaced the idea of tokens in clay-based envelopes with, “a tablet of moist clay, and to press the tokens in it to make the different-shaped impressions symbols of barley, cows, and so on(32). This evidently shows their progress into becoming a better civilization. It also displays their growth and how advanced we were holding beginning to turn into. 4.


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