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Links between personality and health essay

The importance of understanding the backlinks between persona and wellness are staying increasingly known within the technological and mental society, through the years research and theoretical advances have commenced to uncover that personality can easily have an effect on overall health, whether good or bad. Illnesses can be a cause of many factors that will be biological, psychological, environmental or even sociological. Recommending that ailments are associated with more than just biological infectious conditions such as Tuberculosis, pneumonia, autorevolezza, etc . that during the 1900’s were main killers inside western societies.

(Stroebe, 2000) Yet while medicines comprehension of these disorders grew as vaccinations and treatments were made available the main culprit pertaining to death was no longer of the purely natural nature. By year 2000 the major killers were taking form of development of heart diseases which include coronary heart disease(CHD), High blood pressure, and malignancy, (American Center Association, 1999) that have many psychological, environmental and behavioral links, and a lot importantly backlinks to stress and exactly how our body copes while suffering from it.

Selye’s three levels of the standard adaptation affliction (1976) could be directly linked to the above and also have on various occasions been associated to personality as well as effects upon health. These kinds of developments have facilitated in the creation of ‘Health mindset, ‘ because researchers in this field evaluate and analyze the link between your mind and body, and just how the environment may well have an impact on these to produce illness or perhaps health. The following essay can interpret work written by experts within the field of Health Psychology and provide an explanation of how Personality may impact overall health, with reference to analysis and theories, and to emphasize personality’s part in Heart disease and cancer. The effect of stress on an individual’s physical health may have serious consequences if the body’s respond to the stress is now over aroused.

The prolonged sexual arousal levels of the sympathetic system plus the adrenal cortical system could cause major problems for the arterial blood vessels and organs, yet long term stress can have an effect on your body’s immune system, cutting down its ability to fight off illnesses, this particular idea has had a lot of links to the development of cancer. (Taylor, 1986) Yet the links involving the ideas that stress impacts health is linked to the individual’s personality. Finally the concept is that challenging conditions produce anxiety, and that certain individuals that end up with a particular persona are poor at coping with stress, this is usually associated with nature and selected coping skills.

Studies in to the effects of ‘Hardiness’ by Kobasa, (1979); Kobasa, Maddi and Kahn, (1982) have shown that men who may have had Excessive levels of pressure yet low occurrences of illness differed from those that had become ill during nerve-racking events. The link seems logical as the ones that had fewer illnesses acquired felt like they had even more control and commitment inside their lives and seeing selected situations just like losing a job, like a challenge rather than setback, signifying that those people would be able to convert what could have been a stressful scenario into their advantage. This particular analyze was only conducted in males, on the other hand and substitute study revealed similar results when ever conducted on females. ( Wiebe and McCallum, 1986) An alternative to theory to the Hardiness scale may be the Type A personality type that has acquired links to CHD and also other heart problems.

Physicians believe that the characteristics of a Type A personality tend to end up being, aggressiveness, impatience and often an over involvement in work. The individuals that often exhibit this sort of behavior tend to be very competitive and frequently find it difficult to unwind. (Friedman and Rosenman, 1974) In comparison with type A, Type B people are those that will not show the attributes of a Type A person. They can relax and work without a feeling of urgency; they can be less likely to get agitated or perhaps angry. The Biological connection between Type A people and coronary heart disease suggests that the person’s sympathetic nervous system responds to stress within a maladaptive approach.

Most people when ever exposed to stressors such as high demands at work, feel upset, or distressed yet never to the magnitude to which it could possibly cause any kind of long term issues, as they are not really prolonged and simply returned into a normal state, however a person with a type A personality would demonstrate a much larger increase in blood pressure and heart rate. The sympathetic nervous program on a Type A person would be ‘Hyper-responsive’ to causes. The theory is the fact all of these internal and physiological changes damage the cardiovascular system. (Manuck and Kranz, 1986) In relation to the above mentioned there have been a large number of large scale studies that claim that there are greater varieties of risk factors than CHD, Just like smoking, and obesity. (Rosenman, 1975) patterns shown by simply research shows that it is not automatically the individuals traits such as high ambition and the have to work, instead the negative emotions which a Type A personality has such as anger are seen while the main culprits for the health problems.

Friedman and Rosenman’s Western collaborative group study was the longitudinal study of 3534 men, between the age groups of 39 and 59. Each individual was medically analyzed and given a class of either Type A or it’s different Type M, it was discovered that 53 per cent in the participants were Type A and the relax Type B. (Rosenman, 1964) After a great 8. five year follow up results got shown that Type A men acquired experienced bigger numbers of CHD in comparison with Type B during the period of the study. Coinciding studies including the Framingham Study (Haynes ainsi que al, 1978) and the British Regional Heart study (Jognston et ing, 1987) looked at the link among Type A and CHD, each analyze showed bigger numbers of CHD (both MI man Angina) among Type A people.


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