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Ethics example to save others in case study

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Excerpt via Case Study:

Ethics Example: To Rescue Others by What Risk?

What is the Ethical Issue?

An honest dilemma in the words of Fletcher, Holt, Brazier, Harris (1995) “occurs when you will find at least two likely courses of action that may be taken but each option is usually problematic” (p. 7). With regard to the case analyze under consideration, the ethical dilemma each and every individual who has succeeded to make that to the roofing faces is actually to take the chance of descending the steps to save the lives of those trapped beneath or to remain on the roof in which it is relatively secure. Those who decide to remain on the roof would be accomplishing this to enhance their safety because they wait for help. In the scenario presented, simply no individual can embrace both equally alternatives, my spouse and i. e. The individuals engaged cannot remain on the roof in an attempt to enhance their protection and at the same time consider an obvious risk in an attempt to save those stuck below.

What is your value and ethical situation related to the truth? Include discussion of theory and principles where your position relies.

In my look at, the most appropriate thing to do would be to come down the stairs and save these trapped listed below. In that consider therefore , My spouse and i specifically support John’s recommendation that this individual be accompanied by Joseph on the ground floor to see what they can do to save all those trapped. This sort of a course of action might in my view be inherently correct. I regard a few actions a private duty and for that reason; my view is not largely restricted to the benefits or perhaps harms very likely to result from a certain course of action. My principles and theory will be thus essentially based on deontological ethics. Because Tannsjo (2008) observes, consequences are not of big importance in terms of deontological integrity. Corrigan and Farrell (2010) define deontological ethics while “a ethical theory primarily based around obligation and not the consequences of your actions” (p. 207).

What are a few other alternatives to get resolving the situation?

Several other alternatives could be used to solve the situation in this particular case. Thus, I matter myself with three this kind of alternatives. In the first place, there is obviously the alternative I actually highlight inside the section previously mentioned, i. at the. John and Joseph heading downstairs to help Margaret inside the rescue attempts. However , the five persons could also await Margaret who has just originated to come back. Below, all the agents would be going by Joseph’s and Peter’s suggestions to stay on the roof. In respect to Joseph, it would be also risky to return as the steps are already smoke-filled. Making it to the roof could prove to be an up hill task. With this particular circumstance, Joseph appears largely interested in the consequences of attempting to conserve those caught below. His position which of Peter is consequently largely based on consequentiality hypotheses. Ethical decisions when it comes to consequentialism are usually based upon the computation of good in terms

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