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Ethics and virtue study paper

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Excerpt coming from Research Paper:

Virtue as a great Ethical Concept

The objective of this study should be to examine virtue as a great ethical strategy. The Internet Encyclopedia of Beliefs states that virtue ethics is a “broad term to get theories that emphasize the role of character and virtue in moral beliefs rather than both doing your duty or perhaps acting in order to bring about good consequences. inch (2014, p. 1)

Virtue Defined

The virtue values theorist sticks to to Aristotle’s definition of the virtuous person as being “someone who has suitable character traits. These characteristics derive via natural inside tendencies, yet need to be nurtured; however , once established, they are going to become stable. ” (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2014, p. 1)

Examples of Virtue

The desired person features behavior that demonstrates this kind of traits because kindness, credibility and fairness. For example , it really is reported which the virtuous person is “someone who is kind across various situations over a lifetime mainly because that is her character and never because she wants to increase utility or gain favors to do her duty. inch (Internet Encyclopedia of Viewpoint, 2014, s. 1) The Stanford Encyclopedia of Viewpoint reports that a virtue “such as integrity or kindness is not just an inclination to do what is honest or generous, neither is it to get helpfully particular as a “desirable” or “morally valuable” character trait. It can be indeed a personality trait – that is, a disposition which can be well created in its owner, something that even as we say “goes all the way down, ” unlike a behavior such as like a tea-drinker – but the personality in question, still not a single observe disposition to complete honest actions, or even honest actions for certain reasons, is usually multi-track. It can be concerned with various other actions too, with feelings and emotional reactions, choices, values, needs, perceptions, thinking, interests, targets and sensibilities. To possess a virtue is to be a specific sort of person with a particular complex way of thinking. ” (2014, p. 1)


Paul B. Wirthin, of the Maturité of A dozen Apostles produces that attention “is the essence of any celestial your life. Kindness can be how a Christlike person goodies others. Christ instructed his followers to accomplish unto others as they would have done unto them. Quite simply, treat others as one wants to be cared for. Kindness is actually a virtue since kindness needs that the individual always attempt to view existence from the sight of those that they can interact with in order that they are able to be kind to the additional person through the other individual’s individual and unique point-of-view.


One of many Ten Commandments stated in the Holy Scriptures contains the commandment stating “Thou shalt not lie. inches Treating others with respect by being honest with them is a advantage that is

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