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Work together with children and young people

Outcome 1 Understand the legal, policy, rights and theoretical framework for residential maintain children and young people

Evaluation Criteria

The spanish student can:

1 . Outline current theoretical ways to residential dotacion for children and young people 2 . Explain the relevant legal and rights construction that underpins work with children and young people in household care three or more. Explain the influence of current policies and laws on home care dotacion

4. Describe how the life chances and outcomes of children and young adults in non commercial care compare with those who are not.

Further Guidance

Current assumptive approaches can include:

Therapeutic communities day care

Sociable pedagogy

All systems

End result based

Life space

Solution focused

Current legal and privileges framework, guidelines and legal guidelines As relevant to UK Home nation

Product 087 Work together with Children and Young People in a Residential Treatment Setting

Outcome 2 Figure out own position and professional

obligations in a household care placing

Assessment Standards

The learner may:

1 . Clarify the requirements of professional unique codes of conduct and how theyapply to day by day work actions

Every day in the work place you will find things that have to guide the way someone functions within a attention setting.

Maintaining rules of perform is vital to take care of a profffesional level of attention in the place of work and these kinds of codes must be adhered to always by every members of your staff team. These codes of perform can apply tio lots of things in the time of day from the overall way a young child is maintained to small things such as the completion of paperwork or keeping standards conditions in a treatment home up to high styandard.

2 . Clarify how to make sure that own practice is specially and anti-discriminatory and how to concern practice that is not

In my own work function I wpork to ensure that constantly I do certainly not discrimate others for amny reason, at all times I ainm to include young people in activities and function to ensure since mnay young adults that can get involved in an activity do as this can help them to socialize with iothers and learn rewarding through play. If a employee is niot practicing this the issue needs to be forwarded to senior administration so it could be resolved.

three or more. Analyse just how power, bias and elegance can affect kids and young people

All young people will face others who have may discrimate against all of them for many diverse reasons the points they are advised may destruction there home asteem blocking their learning and feeling of self really worth. Others may abuse their power within a physical mental or mental sense to hurt others and this is usually to be stopped prematurely wherever possible. It is crucial in the work place to stop young people abusing their own power and also being taught the importance of npote [predudising or usin g power to abuse others. This should always be taught to yioung persons froma early age in a person centred method.

3. Clarify how to satisfy own obligations to fellow workers through liable, constructive and co-operative group working

It is necessary when doing work in ateam in a residential treatment home to learn your staff team very well and strive to support all young people to the finest standard possible. It is important thaty realtionships inside the team and both strong and specialist in order to ensure that everything is done in a professional manner yet everybody can be working co operatively as well. Team functioning must be useful, time been able and constructive at all times to assure care atndards are stored high and all members of a team must understand their role clearly and stay responsible for gratifying their tasks within a home to ahigh standard through deadlines in which nessasary.

some. Explain the professional need to maintain current, competent practice

All work practice must be kept specialist. To maintain a specialist and compentant standard of work a member of staff has to be up to date with all current plans and paperwork as well as analyze an individual CYP’s needs. To work in a compitant method a part of the team must apply these things to their working role to ensure proper care is given to all young people always.

5. Clarify the importance of maintaining great relationships with people in the local community.

Some people in the community can be predudice or unexperianced with working with people with learninfg disablitites this can result in problenms with people in the neighborhood it is important that these ralationships are worked on to hekp truly feel young people feel at ease in their environment. It is also important that young people as they developed happen to be shoewed keeping these reaqaltionships as many those who are in the community may have to socialse with these people. This is exactly why it is important intended for realtionships in the community to be produced and maintained.

Outcome five Be able to guard children and young people within a residential proper care setting

Analysis Criteria

The novice can:

2 . Explain the practical application of legislation, guidelines and techniques and essential messages by research and child safeguard enquiries for residential treatment settings several. Describe how you can take action to guard children and young people in residential attention from risks of harm or misuse from outside the house or inside the residential setting.


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