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Battle of recent orleans composition


1 ) GAIN INTEREST: In December of 1814, 11, 500 to 18, 450 of Great Britain’s very best troops were lead to damage a much smaller force of 3, 500 to 5, 000 Us troops. This was part of the War of 1812 that was fought via June 1812 to the springtime of 1815. The Battle of 1812 was deemed a second warfare for self-reliance with its large point becoming the Fight of New Orleans on January 8, 1815. Under the command of General Andrew Jackson the Marine corps soundly conquered British causes that were attacking the city of New Orleans. The British shed approximately 2, 000 guys while American losses were less 95. Thereafter, Great Britain finally known the United States while an independent region with the power to defend itself.

installment payments on your OVERVIEW: The goal of this period of instruction should be to familiarize the student with the simple history of the significance on the Battle of New Orleans. To do this we will cover and discuss the actions that lead to the Fight of New Orleans, military tactics and finally the end result. This period of instruction is relation to Underwater Corps record.


a. TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE: With no aid of your notes and in agreement with the Us Marine Corps-Battle Drill Information book you, describe the Battle of recent Orleans.

n. ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVE: With no aid of your notes and in obedience with the reference point:

(1) State why the Struggle of New Orleans took place. (CPLX1. 1a)

(2) State the military tricks of enemy and friendly makes. (CPLX1. 1b)

(3) Point out the outcome of the Battle of recent Orleans. (CPLX1. 1c)

5. METHOD/MEDIA: Let me present this fabric using the spiel method, with the aid of placards.

your five. EVALUATION: There will not certainly be a post check after this amount of instruction.

TRANSITION: If there are no concerns on the learning objectives, the technique I will value to present this era of teaching or the method by which you will be evaluated, let’s check out when and where the Battle of recent Orleans took place

BODY: (5 Min. )


a. (ON PLACARD #1 KEY GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON) About January almost 8, 1815 the Battle of New Orleans happened on the battle ground of Chalmette where a diverse power of marines, sailors, and militia which include indians and African American conquered Britians finest white and black soldiers from The european countries and the West Indies. (OFF PLACARD #1)

b. The Challenge of New Orleans was on the list of many fights that happened as a result of the War of 1812. At the end of 1814 New Orleans was home into a population of French, The spanish language, African, Anglo and Creole peoples dedicated to pursuing economical opportunism plus the joys of life. It also occupied a strategic place on the map. Located just 95 miles upstream from the mouth area of the Mississippi River, the Crescent Metropolis offered a tempting reward to a Uk military even now buoyant above the burning of Washington, M. C. For capturing the city, Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane fixed out a naval flota of more than 40 ships to hold 10, 1000 veteran soldiers from Jamaica. They were led, the 37-year-old brother-in-law from the Duke of Wellington and a much-decorated general expert. For safety, the individuals of the southern part of Louisiana viewed to Major General Toby Jackson, recognized to his guys as Older Hickory. Knutson arrived in new Orleans back in the fall of 1814 and quickly prepared a defense Marines over the citys various avenues of approach.

TRANSITION: We have now know proper significance and why the Battle of recent Orleans took place. Now lets use a look at the strategies that General Toby Jackson had taken which therefore spared American lives and led to the victory in the battle.


a. Basic Jackson established his base of procedures in New Orleans at the end of November 1814 to focus United States army efforts within the Mississippi Lake after discovering that United kingdom Vice-Admiral Cochrane intended to direct the Gulf of mexico Coast plan against Fresh Orleans. Distrustful of Jackson at first, residents of New Orleans formed committees of open public safety to safeguard their interests, they feared that Knutson would lose the city rather than surrender it.

b. (ON PLACARD #2 AVENUES OF APPROACH) The British got many potential routes in attacking Fresh Orleans using their base in Jamaica. They ultimately chose to approach the city from the east using Lake Borgne and Marais Bienvenu, which brought these people within a mile of the Mississippi. (OFF PLACARD #2)

MOVE: Since there are no further inquiries regarding the significant AA lets move on to the last outcome from the battle.


a. (ON PLACARD #3 UK ATTEMPTS TO CONSIDER KEY STATEGIC CITIES) Basic Jacksons plans for protection of the town were disenchanted by the Uk capture of five American gunboats in Lake Borgne in the first fight near New Orleans in December 1814. Despite the reduction, American casualties numbered less than those of the British. In the next major challenge during the night of December 23, United States and British causes fought on land on the Viller and adjacent farms below the town, ending in a stalemate that threw the British away balance and battered their very own morale. The cost of the engagement was large: 277 English casualties, which includes 46 wiped out, and 213 United States casualties, including 24 killed. Most difficult hit was Beales gun company, consisting primarily of recent Orleans legal representatives and stores. (OFF PLACARD #3)

m. Although United states of america and English commissioners attained in Ghent, Belgium, upon December twenty-four to sign a serenity treaty to end the Conflict of 1812, the battle raged in around New Orleans. A significant American victory came about New Years Day, with British casualties outnumbering all those on the United states of america side by simply more than two to one.

c. Finally, on January 8, the day famed today while the victory day in the Battle of recent Orleans, two British generals, including Main General Pakenham, were wiped out in struggle, with a third severely injured. Soldiers explained battlefield actions as confused and haphazard in the dark several hours of that foggish morning. Britain suffered above 2, 000 casualties for the reason that decisive struggle, whereas Jackson lost only 71 males. The United kingdom forces withdrew through Lake Borgne and into the Gulf of mexico, firing in Fort St . Philip for more than a week just before sailing out to sea permanently.

TRANSITION: Now that we have protected the significant situations and key personnel inside the Battle of New Orleans, what are the questions.

PRACTICE: Not required.

PROVIDE HELP: Not required.

TRANSITION: As there are no further questions this period of training, let’s come with an opportunity for questions.




a. QUESTION: Just how many American troops murdered during the Fight of New Orleans?

b. ANSWER: 71 guys

SUMMARY: (1 Min. )

1 . During this period of teaching, we have protected important information about the Battle of New Orleans. With these details you the pupil are able to gain a better comprehension of Marine Corps history and the importance of the very essential Battle of New Orleans.


1 . Student Describe

2 . Placards#1-General Andrew Knutson

#2-Avenue of Aproach

#3-British attempts to consider

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