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The colored veil by simply charles townsend essay

Charles Townsend is the most “prudent” hero of the novel The Painted Veil. He was Helper Colonial Admin in Hk. Charlie was probably the most popular man inside the colony. This individual played tennis games, polo and golf. This individual kept racing ponies. This individual never allow red tape impact him. This individual put on no airs. He always kept an impression of very conceited person. Cat, the main heroine of the book, was introduced to him the moment she traveled to dine with her hubby Walter Fane at the Townsends` place.

That day Charlie made her laugh, he spoke with her about every thing in his profound, rich tone of voice, a delightful expression in his kind, shining green eyes, which made Pet feel very very much at home with him. Of course , he previously a elegance. That was what made him so enjoyable. He was high, six foot two for hast and he had a lovely figure; having been evidently in very good shape and he had not a spare ounce of fat about him.

He was well-dressed, his deal with was deeply sunburned. Pet liked the tiny trim curly moustache which usually did not conceal his complete red lips. He had dark-colored hair, short and cleaned very streamlined. But , of course , Townsend`s sight were his best characteristic: they were and so blue, plus they had a having a laugh tenderness which usually persuaded Pet of the sweetness of his disposition.

She had never been in like before. It was wonderful. And now that she knew what appreciate she sensed was a immediate sympathy pertaining to the love that Walter bore her. Your woman adored Charles. She would not believe that there was anything this individual couldn`t carry out. As for Walter Fane, this individual knew anything about the relations among Kitty and Charlie Townsend but this individual did not present it. Once his better half asked him why this individual hadn`t attempted to thrash Charles and enter the room when he knew that she was there with Townsend, Walter said that he was too proud to battle. He was very clever. Doctor Fane assured his partner to bring a task for divorce if he got a written assure from Steve to get married to Kitty within a week. He was absolutely right and very sensitive in his actions because once Charles knew about everything he tried to persuade Kitty that he was in love with her but having been very interested in his profession and that his wife Dorothy would never allow him to down.

Walter knew what Charlie was and what he would carry out. In Mei-Ten-Fu Kitty tried not to think of Charles, but love lingered in her heart. Your woman still liked a man, whose worthlessness was so crystal clear for her at that moment. Then one day this occurred with her that your woman had neither thought of Charles Townsend neither dreamt of him for a week. Your woman was cured. She can think of him with indifference. She adored him no longer. Kitty felt a comfort and the feeling of liberation. And after that, considering his calmly, the lady wondered what on earth your woman had observed in him. She had trouble calling up his features to her imagination. The love of him exceeded out her heart. After Walter`s death, in Hong Kong, Kitty thought that there would be do not need see Townsend. She would prefer to see him once more to be able to tell him exactly what a despicable monster she thought him.

She felt flexibility from take pleasure in that acquired degraded her. But when the circumstances made her stay with the Townsends` place with Charles and his wife Dorothy, anything changed. Just before her coming to Hong Kong, Pet had built in her head a very vivid impression of Charlie. His thick styling hair was greying and there was an excessive amount of oil on it, his face was also red. The lady imagined his fat figure and hard movements. Nevertheless she finally saw him she could not help having a laugh at their self. He might have been a young person, he was remarkable and good-looking. It was almost not possible not to end up being moved simply by him. Cat was with Charlie, the girl made this mistake again. It was horrible. Your woman thought that she could under no circumstances look him in the face. She believed that he had recently been right not to marry her because the girl was useless.


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