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Why should be proud of malaysia essay

1 . Malaysia’s first camper sent into space as well as the ISS.

2 . The people of Malaysia have been completely round the globe solo boat ride it happened in 1999.

3. In 1997, a couple who had overcome the pile Everst Malaysia and the Malaysian flag traveling there.

5. Malaysia has launched a satellite tv MEASAT one particular & two in mil novecentos e noventa e seis for a live television broadcast. Malaysia currently has three satellite in space.

5. Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtarrudin (22 years) the people of Malaysia who have been cycling around the world (2004) and captured the peak of Everest (2007).

6. 16 persons of Malaysia to be the initially in Asia jumped from your plane to the North Pole.

They also gather cars plunging Malaysia “Proton Wira.

7. Abdul Malik Mydin Rakyat Malaysia was the first to swim over the strait Ingeris.

8. Malaysia has already established the SMART tunnel in which it is the water diversion canal, the greatest in Southeast Asia and second greatest in Asia. The length of the tunnel along the 9. several mile route for the car but the a few. 3 a long way.

9. Malaysia has an air-port that is top among the 5 on the globe.

10. Govt administrative center in Putrajaya, Malaysia has generated the cost of RM20. 5 Billion.

11. Malaysia already provides the F1 Outlet in 1999 again.

11. Malaysia has two towers that once placed the record of the top in the world, the KLCC and KL Tower.

12. Malaysia is the lengthiest bridge in Southeast Asia in 85

13. The first aeroplanes made in Malaysia was released on October 5, 1993.

18. Malaysia is a producer of air conditioner (Air Cond) in the world.

15. Malaysia has placed the record has no drivers Rail System (LRT Putra) the world’s longest

sixteen. Taman motif Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia has the longest pedestrian suspension system bridge on the globe and the biggest artificial wave pool glide in the world.

18. Palace of culture in Malaysia is definitely Asia’s 1st stage may be the stage of advanced features for the staging of artistic and cultural situations.

18. Malay is now your fourth largest vocabulary group in the world and second largest in Asia, with 250 mil speakers in East Asia and 300 million audio speakers worldwide.

19. Complex liquefied natural gas (LNG) worth RM 16. 6 billion belonging to Petronas, which can be located in Bintulu, Sarawak, is the largest included LNG sophisticated in the world.

20. Malaysia have been able to generate cars, motorcycles, trucks, armored vehicles, buses, monorail, ships and aeroplanes

For a relatively young expanding nation, we are able to be proud of Malaysia’s accomplishments. Part of the success is caused by the fact that we get been approved God-given positive aspects in terms of fertile land and natural resources. Part of our success is a result of our capability to adapt to changing circumstances simply by implementing practical policies.

It has certainly recently been the case inside our management of the economy. We took advantage of the low cost basic to transform from being a product producer to becoming a manufacturing-driven economy. This can be a strategy that has underpinned our growth and enabled us to prosper.

However , just like we shifted away from each of our reliance about commodity prices, we must appreciate that delivering basic manufactured goods in low prices cannot sustain Malaysia’s competitiveness. It will not enable Malaysia to engineer its jump into the rates high of the designed world.

Precisely what is needed can be greater focus on enhancing our technological functions and ability to innovate. We must harness the knowledge in science and technology and we must provide full anständig to our creative imagination.

It is essential that people extract more appeal from what we should reap and we inject more quality into that which we produce. We have to apply technology to design more effective processes, to produce better ways of production and also to invent new and better products. Simply by successfully channeling the intellectual functions, our concepts and the “software can we hope to accomplish our dreams.


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