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Cheesman (2002) executed a study on Karen identification in the Union of Myanmar with regards to historic and cultural conditions. The study found that Karen identity is a comparatively difficult id because individuals from this cultural background might not have a common vocabulary, material features, religion and culture. While many of the existing assessments with this ethnic personality have been completed in Asia, it is largely influenced by historical and social conditions in the Union of Myanmar. Based on an assessment contemporary Myanmar, people of Karen identity are apparently virtuous, illiterate (uneducated), and oppressed. Aspects worth considering relating to this identity appear to highlight inferiority and subordination mainly because of mythology and adjustments by the elite. Similar to the Union of Myanmar, Karen personality was through political mechanics and created by elite groups inside the society.

The data provided inside the article is accurate based on the role famous and interpersonal conditions inside the Union of Myanmar played out in the creation of this ethnic identity. This article provides significant insights regarding Karen identification that can be utilized in social work practice. In social job practice, the info provided in the article can be useful for understanding the sociable conditions that influence how such persons are treated. Additionally, it provides a basis for understanding the characteristics of an individual with this identification, which is a crucial aspect in cultural work practice. According to the study, id is formed depending on the sociable and famous forces encircling a group of people. The social and historical causes lead to the creation of the culture, which in turn becomes a definitive feature of any group of people. I thought that my personal identity is created by natural factors nevertheless this article offers helped me be familiar with role interpersonal factors enjoy in this process. As a Karen ethnic in america, this article helps me figure out peoples perceptions about me based on the conditions in Myanmar.

South (2007) conducted a research on the trouble of range with regards to Karen nationalist residential areas. The study centered on evaluating how different people in and by Burma have marshaled personal support on the opposing tips of Karen ethno-nationalism considering that the colonial period. One of the organizations that have played out a major position in this advocacy is Christian elites that have sought to ascertain the concept of a homogenous Karen identity in a society that continues to be seen as a increased diversity. Even though these kinds of efforts have been embraced and legitimized simply by outsiders, building Karen oneness within this region has become divisive in practice and been the origin of ethnic conflicts in Burma. As a result, numerous municipal society systems and companies within and outside Karen racial have emerged in recent years to promote unity in diversity.

The knowledge provided in the article exact as proven in recent cultural conflicts in the Union of Myanmar concerning promotion nationwide unity. Karens have experienced incredible challenges intended for recognition in this region while tries towards unity have been mainly divisive. This information is important in social work practice in relation to understanding the difficulties experienced by simply Karens in relation to having a feeling of nationwide belonging. When utilized in interpersonal work practice, information from this article is important towards boosting the self-esteem and self-determination of clients using this ethnic qualifications. This analyze helps me personally to understand the ethnic clashes that have characterized national oneness attempts in Burma and Myanmar. This content has also highlighted the lack of certain characteristics define Karen cultural background as being a single personality. While I are of Karen ethnic backdrop, I do not really understand the specific religion, cultural, and material

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