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In the beginning composition


Aaron McKenzie

English 2301-A

Professor Spicer

18 March 1997

Where did person come from? In which did period begin? Who, or what, created

all things? These are inquiries that human beings has wanted to answer from your

beginning of existence since it is known today. Many reports and fable have been

told and passed on from technology to generation, yet two have survived the

ages and critique. The Biblical account in Genesis, likely written

by simply Moses around 1500 W. C., as well as the story of creation and flood in Ovids

Transformation, written approximately 8 and 17 A. D., possess weathered the

criticism and turn the most famous. The Genesis accounts, however , may be the

most prominent of the two accounts. Within these accounts, are numerous

similarities, along with differences, which make these two writings well

well known, while possessing their own inside the literary universe.

Though both accounts of the creation and flood are very well respected about

their own, in comparison side to side, they are drastically diverse. Ovids

goal for composing the creation story is usually geared even more towards describing

creation mainly because it happens, in his opinion, while the Scriptures stresses the truth that

the God in the Hebrews is in charge of the realms existence today. Overall

Ovid is very comprehensive in explaining the formless mass, creation of the earth

waters and land metaphorically. The Biblical account appears to be more simple

simple, and arranged, not hanging out on elaborate detail. There seems to be

not any specific period of time for creation in Ovids writing, while, the Holy bible states

that it takes Goodness six days to total His creation, resting for the seventh. In

Metamorphoses, the creation account is eight stanzas, a compilation of eighty

lines. It takes Moses thirty- 1 verses of Old Testament history to complete

his story of creation.

There are some discrepancies in depth as well. Water, in Ovids

holds up, keeps in the area, while, in Genesis, the land isolates the

seas from the waters (549, one particular: 9). In Metamorphoses air, land, mild and

water (as humans know it) seems to kind at a single instant when ever God, or kindlier

Mother nature, settles all(549). In Genesis however , light, heaven, land and

plants, stars, sun and moon, fish, pets and gentleman are created on separate


Though those two writings vary in many respects, they can be

strikingly similar as well. Both are great and beautiful poems that contiue to

stand the test of time. Fortunately they are written with regards to explaining or perhaps

answering several question, whether that always be who, what, or just how time and living

as it is noted today, came to pass.

The two poems provide credit intended for creation to a supreme staying or great

beings. Ovid states the gods, who make the improvements, will help meor I

hope sowith a poem(548). Genesis 1: you states, At the start God creates

the heavens and the globe.

In the two accounts, every single describe a shapelessness as well as the earth being

formless and void(549, 1: 2). There is no sunlight to light the world, (Ovid

549) so darkness is over the surface of the deep(Genesis 1: 2). There is

also normal water, but water, which not any man can swim, in both accounts(Ovid, 549).

In Genesis, the Spirit of God is definitely moving above the surface in the water

before any of creation exists(1: 2).

Much like the testimonies of creation in the Scriptures and Metamorphoses, the

accounts of the ton in every single are very comparable while having firmly for their


Just like the creation account in Metamorphoses, the avalanche story offers no

specific time frame intended for the length of the flood. Nevertheless , Genesis provides

detailed time frame for this function. The rains last fourty days and forty

nights(7: 12). If the rain prevents, the water dominates upon the earth for

hundred and 60 days(7: 24). After 10 months, the mountain tops turn into

visible(8: 5). At the end of just one year, one month, and twenty- seven days, Noah

his friends and family, and the numerous animals get out of the ark(8: 13-18). One more very obvious

difference is definitely the descriptiveness in Ovids tale, whereas Moses simply points out

that all happen to be breathing creation dies, aside from those put aside by Goodness.

The biggest difference between those two account is available in explaining

living after the flood. In Mutates, Deucalion and Pyrrha, the 2

survivors, chuck stones more than each of his and her shoulder joint. The rocks that

Deucalion throw turn into men, and the ones that Pyrrha toss, change into women(Ovid

559). In Genesis all of the earth is populated by Noah, his wife, Shem, Pork

Japheth, along with their wives(9: you, 7). In Ovids adventure, the animals of the

the planet form, or perhaps evolve, by

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