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Students ought to be forgiven their particular

Excerpt from all other chapter (not listed above):

ITT Technical Company, Sylmar Campus, Computer and Electronics Executive Technology (AAS), 15-MAR-04 / 05-MAR-06, Consumer electronics and Sales and marketing communications Engineering Technology (BS) 13-MAR-06 / 02-DEC-07

Department of Education

This kind of letter will describe my personal experiences at ITT and why I believe I was misled by the institution and the sufferer of corruption. As a result of these kinds of experiences and the facts that contain come to light concerning ITT (enclosed in the Appendix), I am seeking full reimbursement of my college tuition at ITT.

I was enrolled in ITT Specialized Institute via 2004 to December 3 years ago in Sylmar, CA. My own hope was to learn new skills and expand my job opportunities. Unfortunately, I used to be grossly tricked about what ITT could perform for me. The “tour” was where everything began: my personal recruiter said what my own ideal university would be – I was honest and responded that I thought I might start at a community college and copy later into a larger university like ÜBER. He instantly warned me against going to community college by saying that most of them are merely regionally accredited. He then in comparison this accreditation to ITT’s national ACICS accreditation. This individual told me that national is superior to regional accreditation because you can consider it everywhere. I took his phrase for it – but I might later arrive to find out this is simply incorrect: a lot of non-profit, state-owned, degree-oriented educational institutions are regionally accredited – whereas, a large number of for-profit schools are country wide accredited (and it is these kinds of latter type of schools that face fewer strict regulations). My employer was trying to convince me personally that because they are nationally certified, ITT was superior to regionally accredited schools. He also went in terms of to say that if I wanted to work with pcs, ITT may possibly be better yet for me than MIT.

This individual explained this by saying that “98% of ITT grads are placed in jobs in their particular field of study” and this starting wages for these positions were among “$80, 1000 and hundred buck, 000” a year. He certain me that ITT countless big name corporations like APPLE, Schumberger. He told me that Schumberger hires primarily by ITT’s pool area of graduates and that I would easily be capable of getting a $120, 000 to $150, 000 salary while not having to pay taxes on the 1st $100, 000 (because I’d be operating all over the world). I did not understand all this, but he spoke in authority of the school, thus i accepted it at face value.

This individual went on to compare ITT to ÜBER saying that whilst MIT may be the bigger identity, employers are actually seeking out ITT graduates since they are better trained and the finest equipped on the globe.

I asked regarding cost plus the recruiter declared he wasn’t able to tell the particular exact cost of attending ITT would be since it varies scholar to scholar. He aimed me to the Financial Aid Administration. He certain me that they would make this work and this by the time I had been ready to graduate I’d have got a high-paying job aligned that would more than compensate for the money.

It all seemed too good to be true and I was so content that I experienced come to ITT.

That happiness rapidly wore away.

For all the period I spent with the recruiter getting distributed on for what reason I should go to ITT, We spent simple minutes while using experts inside the Financial Aid office buildings. Everything was filled out in Smartforms – and every thing was filled in so quickly and I was pushed through so quickly that it was above before We even experienced time to blink. When I tried to ask how much I would are obligated to repay, I was informed “about $30, 000” however, not to worry since I would not have to pay backside a dime till I was away of school intended for 6 months and that the federal government might pay my personal interest within the loan while I was in institution. As they stated they would perform all the newspaper work, I actually never really got a chance to check any of that. I felt like I’d just signed my life away with no really understanding what I was getting into return. The promises of my recruiter were starting to dim as the reality right now began to start.

That fact would turn into grimmer over the years as I went to courses.

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