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Ethnographic interview essay

Discovering who also I wanted to interview was difficult for me personally. Religion offers always engaged me thus i located it complicated to decide what religion I wanted to learn more about. Born and raised in to Christianity I have never truly had a chance to explore different religions and their belief systems. After debating between Muslim and Yoga, I finally realized that My spouse and i my interest lied with Buddhism.

Upon October several, 2007 My spouse and i interviewed a close friend of mine i have reputed for years.

His name is definitely Viet Pham. Although all of us went to high school graduation together and were friends I was surprised to discover just how little I knew about his religious morals. It under no circumstances seemed to be present in our talks.

Viet can be described as practicing Buddhist and he could be very proud of his religious beliefs and was more than willing to see me about it. I always bear in mind him wearing a tiny precious metal chain having a small green Buddha attached with it. I came across my interview with him exciting because I was in a position to understand the a large number of differences between Buddhism and Christianity.

Viet was born in Vietnam in 1985. His family moved to the United States when he was only five years of age. He is presently a elderly in picture taking at Wichita State School and will graduate this springtime.

I started out my interview by asking him in the event he recalled much of Vietnam and he said that this individual remembered how quiet it was when he was little. This individual said that this individual grew up on the farm in southern Vietnam and it was a severe culture surprise to him when they was required to move to the United States. However , talking to him now you would never be aware that he was not born and raised in the us.

His love of fast autos, the smell of leather-based seats and infatuation with city life and designer clothing generate it hard to think that having been once a farm boy. This individual has altered to our culture very well and has shed almost his entire accent, even though this individual remains fluent in his indigenous tongue.

Though he will not remember much of Vietnam, his family organised on to a lot of the religious practices of Buddhism. When I asked Viet what some principles and practices of Buddhism were, he said Buddhism has many distinct traditions and various Buddhists practice different aspects of Buddhism. My loved ones practices Theravada Buddhism (a. k.

a. Southern Buddhism). Several of our practices include Dana, which is ceremonial providing, Sila, which is the popularity of Buddhist teachings and following all its procedures, Karma (the balance of sin and merit), and we participate in a large number of Festivals, which usually celebrate distinct days through the lunar cycle.

I asked Viet about the differences between training Buddhists here in the United States versus the Buddhists of Vietnam. On how he responds implied that there wasnt much big difference at the brow that this individual attended. He also intended that his family methods the same as they will if these were home in Vietnam.

The only downside, he explained is that although in Vietnam most people are Buddhist, most people in the United States are Christian, so it is difficult to get a close group that practice the same way as you do.

I had to be aware of what a few of the major dissimilarities between Yoga and Christianity were, so I asked Viet if this individual could explain to me many of these differences. Buddhists do not believe most of the core beliefs of Christianity. One example is we dont believe in your garden of Eden or the fall season of mankind. We never believe that human beings originate in sin due to Adam and Eve. All of us dont have confidence in the idea of a savior who was born of the virgin, accomplished, resurrected, then rose to heaven, this individual said with a shrug.

I actually replied with curiosity about his religion and asked him if Buddhists and Christian believers shared any kind of similar values. He smiled at me and said Well, not too many. Nevertheless , we believe in the golden rule of dealing with others as you want to be cured. We likewise both believe in a higher electricity. We believe in Buddha and you in Our god. Also, I had been raised.

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