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Pc forensics as being a field of study cautiously collects and examines electronic evidence to assess the damage to computers brought on by electronic disorders, recover the lost info and prosecute those in charge of such attacks. However , you will discover new improvements in digital crimes which have been posing problems to laptop forensics. This paper requires a look at this sort of digital offences and the several challengesthat they pose to computer forensics.


As a relatively recent and still growing field of study, pc forensics will keep facing new challenges that keep emerging with the advent of new technologies. Computer security is very important inside the contemporary society where almost anything relies on laptop from financial, marketing in order to purchases on the web (Solomon ain al, 2011, p54, Mohay, et ing 2003, p99). This is the reason why laptop security is essential as cybercrime poses a serious challenge to governments, organization organisations and individuals. The new developments in digital offences pose critical challenges to computer forensics thus asking for the need for the pc professionals to consistently look for new ways of mitigating the consequences of such delirious acts in order to protect both organisations and individuals.

The newest developments in digital criminal offenses and the issues to computer system forensics

Vacca (2005, p66) says that computer forensics has calmly been able to fix cases that could have in any other case not recently been possible to fix in the last decade. Digital gadgets and pcs have the ability of retaining info and as such will be ubiquitous in the contemporary society. Criminals took advantage of this example to go after their own selfish interests. The contemporary crooks often utilize same gadgets used by everyone in the society like cellular camera cellphone, voice over internet protocol and text messaging in computer slang to protect all their message from unauthorised people. Forensic evaluation often uncovers this trek and as such can easily reveal a lot of valuable information with regards to such legal activities although this path often disappears when web service providers overwrite logs thus making it very hard to execute any forensic audits (Shinder, 2002, p77). The same also happens when the information retention period expires hence creating a loophole for the criminals to hide up their trails.

The process of crooks covering up their tracks is closely accompanied by the fact that the forensic officers often times have to examine various electronic devices that contain large quantities of data (Kruse, , Heiser, 2003, p45 and Newman, 2007, p61. It is by no means easy for them to be effective simply because they often use limited solutions thus which makes it very difficult intended for the representatives to deliver inclusive information in a timely manner. Additionally , the contemporary bad guys are more and more getting more experienced and as a result, are continuously able to conceal the equipment and all related information which may provide useful leads to the forensic officials. For instance, a tool like a microSD card is very tiny but gets the capacity of holding information to the melody of two gigabytes. Essentially, with the improvement of new technology, the modern criminals are actually getting more difficult to handle because they keep generating better successful ways of camouflaging their messages and activities (Volonino, Anzaldua, , Godwin, 2007, p62).

There are softwares that are readily accessible in the stores while using ability of wiping hard drives to the requirements of the section of defence. These programs are available for download free online and even at the local convenience retail store. This is making things very hard for the forensic officers because you aren’t an internet interconnection can readily get info and helpful countering forensic computing. These types of measures include things like steganography where all dubious files will be hidden inside the ones that look innocuous (Phillips, , Enfinger, 2009, p76). The other ones are encryption and rigging computer cases.

Still upon technology and innovation, Sheetz (2007, p13) claims thattechnology continues to come up at a really fast charge whereasforensicsand other associated reliability technologies continue to be lagging lurking behind. For instance, Sheetz (2007, p76) asserts that recent items like MSI Tegra and HP standing are two new systems that the web criminals can take advantage of in pursuing their unlawful works. Furthermore, the amount of tested and standardised forensic tools to get conducting forensic investigations upon such new and other rising gadgets severely limited hence producing the work of forensic officers very difficult because they are not by par with all the criminals whom waste almost no time in adopting new systems (Mohay ain al, 2003, p34).

Maras (2012, p52) claims which the cyber bad guys continuously generate new strategies of circumventing forensic and security techniques through different means like quickly embracing fresh technologies, targeting outdated or perhaps emerging technologies before all their weaknesses will be noticed and corrected. The contemporary internet criminals possess even eliminated further to devise anti forensic approaches that may sometimes require the forensic professionals to carry out limitless investigations into the attacks but nonetheless fail to generate enough information to get generating meaningful inferences. These kinds of criminals also have noticed that the forensic officials often rely so much on windows os and have switched to using other systems like Mac pc OS and Linux to create it harder for the forensic officers to get their activities (Ec-Council2009, p98). The over reliance upon Windows by the forensic officers is worsening the power of forensic officers in investigation other non-Windows systems and in the process giving the criminals an upper hand in continuing with the unlawful activities. This is the reason why pc forensics should embrace fresh better ways of investigation employing all types of systems to ensure that the criminals will be dealt with inside the best way conceivable.


Computer forensics is definitely a important discipline as it plays a critical function in excuse and checking out criminal activities. However , you will discover very many diverse challenges facing the forensic officers in the modern society as highlighted in the paper. This calls for speedy adoption of new, better means of dealing with the cyber crooks to regulate their very own activities in good time before the complete situation rotates out of hand. These kinds of new problems can be resolved by pursuing an active method of forensics rather than allowing the cyber bad guys to act just before moving in to generate solutions. The forensic officials should completely liaise together with the manufactures of new devices and work together in tackling virtually any use of these kinds of gadgets in unlawful actions. Computer forensics is an important discipline that should be enriched so as to not simply mitigate the consequences of cybercrime nevertheless also penalize the scammers heavily to deter the criminals and also other similar minded people coming from committing criminal offenses.


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