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A memorable and attractive doctor image is found in the movie “The English Patient” in the face of Hana, a young French-Canadian nurse skillfully played by Juliette Binoche. Hana is among the central images of the plot, appearing in ‘present’ section of the film that intersperses present with reminiscences of the earlier. She will an exceptional work tending to the ‘English patient’ who is living through only thanks to her dedication, perseverance and commitment.

She both performs her professional obligations towards the sufferer and evolves a personal frame of mind towards the mutilated man kept in her care. Hana seems to be fond of her sufferer who is faraway from sexually eye-catching with his maimed body, perhaps as attention of her caring attitude towards him.

Hana is definitely put in a difficult situation, tending to the patient on their own at the time of the war. Her experience shows which a nurse’s task can at times be extremely challenging because nurses need to follow their very own patients through the most difficult of times and deliver care similarly in the moments of peace and war. Hana’s job requires many things – she offers professional care to the affected person, washing his wounds and giving him morphine, says aloud to him, yet also repairs the house and does the gardening. Hana is remaining alone with her affected person – you will discover no additional medical professionals inside the vicinity, and she is the sole decision-maker in her professional actions, which underscores the value of her nursing function.

Hana is actually a really a great character, due to the fact of her personal personality and her determination to patient attention. She is only twenty if the war starts and makes her mature inside the shortest possible period. She is so determined to her work that she slashes her frizzy hair after three days in the war and pledges to skip seeking in the mirror until it ends. This shows how much her nursing means to her as she is ready to get rid of what made her female attraction to deliver quality care with her patients.

However , Hana is not with no natural could desires: the lady gets drawn to men, exemplified in her relations with Kip, who later turns into her fan, and the English patient himself who she admires secretly as a guy who suffered his injuries in the cruel and brave warfare. Hana’s relationship with all the English individual is a complex cobweb of professional determination and the burgeoning love in the young girl for a man she perceives as best. Hana can be young and appealing, and the viewers takes her infatuation with men like a natural order of things, because it does not seem to hinder her professionalism and reliability.

Thus, Hana demonstrates the values of service to others and humanism, since the girl does not limit her attention to professional interactions, yet is ready to take those patient like a human being. She maintains his belief in the favorable end result of the treatment and makes him feel that this individual should try to survive, mainly because it is in person important to her. There is not much in the video to show Hana’s understanding of scholarship or achievement, though. Maybe this is because Hana simply happened becoming a nurse because she wished to make a contribution with her nation inside the time of the war and does not see her future as connected with nursing career.

Somewhat, Hana attends to her duties with a Christian attitude that intertwines certain requirements of the breastfeeding profession with all the religious morals. She speaks of her patient being a saint and compares his bones to prospects of Christ. This faith based background obviously serves as an essential motivator intended for Hana, impressive her in her nursing jobs activities.

Hana wins reputation with the adjacent people as a result of her position in featuring care. Eventually, she works in building a little globe around herself that combines the robber Caravaggio, the English patient, the Of india ‘sapper’ Kip, and himself. All these persons find convenience in their relationship with a lovable woman who have also has a caring and affectionate figure. Hana is victorious the passion of the viewer, too, when you are thoroughly specialist and at the same time deeply humane.


The English Patient. Uns. Anthony Minghella. 1996.

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