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1 STAT 1770 MIDTERM-2 Date: Mar 19, 2010 Time: 12 30- 18 30 Instructions 1 . This really is a shut book examination. Name: _______________ I.

G. #: _______________ 2 . You are authorized to use a no programmable calculator approved by the instructor. 3. There are 31 qmc (question multiple choice ) questions in the part A of this test. For each query exactly among four answers provided is correct. For each multiple-choice question, group of friends one of the characters (a)-(d) related to your picked answer and record this in the solution sheet. The answers are rounded for calculations questions. Pick the best answer.. Every answers will probably be graded correct or incorrect (no partial credit) through this part. Each single query is worth 1 point. five. In part N, there are a few long answer/short answer questions. Cave in the answers in the space provided. (Your answers ought to be corrected to 4 quebrado places). six. There are eleven pages inside the exam. 7. The exam is usually graded away of 62 points. 2 PART A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (31 Points) 1 ) Which technique of data collection is included when a investigator counts and records the quantity of students wearing backpacks in campus in a given time? a. A great experiment. m. A survey.. Direct declaration. d. Not one of these choices. 2 . An advertising research company selects a random sample of adults and demands them a summary of questions with regards to their drink preferences. What kind of data collection is included here? a. An try things out. b. A survey. c. Direct remark. d. non-e of these options. 3. A researcher performs a study in which she divides subjects into two groupings, gives each group a particular treatment, and records their very own responses. What sort of data collection is being utilized here? a. An test. b. Immediate observation. c. A review. d. A census. some.

When the populace is divided into mutually exclusive pieces, and then a simple random test is sucked from each set, this can be called: a. simple arbitrary sampling. n. stratified arbitrary sampling. c. cluster sampling. d. collection bias. a few. To give apart a door prize, the host of any dinner party place each person’s name right into a hat, blended them up, and selected one identity. What sample method was used? a. Basic random sample b. Systematic sample c. Stratified random sample d. Cluster sample 6. The gathering of all feasible outcomes of your experiment is known as: a. an easy event n. a sample space c. a sample d. a population 3 7.

In the event event A and function B cannot occur simultaneously, then A and B happen to be said to be a. mutually exclusive w. independent c. collectively thorough d. non-e of these alternatives. 8. The probability from the intersection of two events A and B is denoted simply by P(A and B) and is also called the: a. little probability w. joint probability c. conditional probability of your given B d. conditional probability of B provided A being unfaithful. If the final result of celebration A is usually not afflicted with event N, then events A and B are said to be a. mutually exclusive w. independent c. collectively thorough d. Probably none of these options. 10. If A and M are impartial events with P(A) sama dengan 0. and P(B) sama dengan 0. 6th, then P( A and B)= a. 0. seventy six b. 1 ) 00 c. 0. 24 d. zero. 20 eleven. If A and B happen to be independent occasions with P(A) = 0. 2 and P(B) sama dengan 0. 6th, then P( A OR PERHAPS B) a. 0. 62 b. 0. 12 c. 0. 62 d. zero. 68 doze. If A and B happen to be independent situations with P(A) = zero. 05 and P(B) = 0. sixty-five, then P(A? B) sama dengan a. zero. 05 b. 0. 0325 c. zero. 65 m. 0. almost eight 13. If A and N are contradictory events with P(A) sama dengan 0. several and P(B) = zero. 5, then P( A and B) a. 0. 30 n. 0. 15 c. 0. 00 d. 0. twenty 4 18. If A and B will be mutually exclusive incidents with P(A) = zero. 3 and P(B) = 0. your five, then P( A OR PERHAPS B) a. 0. 00 b. zero. 15 c. 0. almost eight d. 0. 2 12-15. Events A and N are contradictory with P(A) = zero. and P(B) = zero. 2 . After that, P(Bc) sama dengan a. 0. 00 b. 0. 06 c. zero. 7 m. 0. eight 16. An experiment involves four effects with P(E1) = zero. 2, P(E2) = zero. 3, and P(E3) sama dengan 0. 5. The likelihood of final result E4 is a. 0. five-hundred b. 0. 024 c. 0. 100 d. zero. 900 18. If P(A) = 0. 58, P(B) = zero. 44, and P (A and B) = zero. 25, after that P( A OR B) = a. 1 . 02 b. 0. 77 c. 0. 11 d. 0. 39 18. If P(A) = 0. 50, P(B) = zero. 60, and P( A and B) = zero. 30, after that events A and M are a. mutually exclusive events m. not impartial events c. independent incidents d. not enough information is given to answer this kind of question 19. If P(A) = zero. 62, P(B) = zero. 47, and P (A OR B) = 0. 8, then simply P( A and B) = a. 0. 2914 b. 1 . 9700 c. 0. 6700 d. zero. 2100 twenty. If a any amount of money is tossed three times and comes up mind all three times, the likelihood of minds on the last trial is known as a. smaller than the probability of tails b. larger than the probability of tails c. 1/16 deb. 1/2 a few 21. If P(A) = 0. 50, P(B) = 0. forty five, then, and P (A OR B), then P(B? A) sama dengan a. 0. 02 n. 0. 03 c. zero. 04 deb. 0. 05 22. When a and W are independent events with P(A) = 0. 38 and P(B) = zero. 55, then P(A? B) = a. 0. 209 b. 0. 000 c. 0. 550 d. zero. 38 23. If A and B are mutually exclusive incidents with P(A) = 0. 295, P(B) = 0. 32, after that P(A? B) = a. 0. 0944 b.. 6150 c. 1 ) 0000 g. 0. 0000 24. If a six sided die is tossed two times, the possibility of obtaining two “4s” in a line is a. 1/6 b. 1/36 c. 1/96 d. 1/216 25. A random varying that can believe only a finite range of values is known as a(n) a. infinite collection b. finite sequence c. discrete arbitrary variable deb. discrete likelihood function twenty six. A possibility distribution demonstrating the likelihood of times successes in n trials, where the possibility of accomplishment does not alter from trial to trial, can be termed a a. consistent probability division b. binomial probability circulation c. hypergeometric probability division d. ormal probability distribution 27. Variance is a. a measure of the average, or central value of any random changing b. a measure of the dispersion of your random adjustable c. the square root of the standard deviation d. the sum from the squared change of data components from the mean 6 30. Th28. The number of customers that enter a store during 1 day is a good example of a. a consistent random variable b. a discrete unique variable c. either a ongoing or a under the radar random varying, depending on the quantity of the customers d. either a ongoing or a under the radar random varying, depending on the gender of the consumers 29.

The number of electrical black outs in a town varies from day by day. Assume that the amount of electrical black outs (x) inside the city provides the following likelihood distribution. back button 0 1 2 several f(x) 0. 80 zero. 15 0. 04 0. 01 The mean and the standard deviation for the number of electrical outages (respectively) can be a. 2 . 6 and 5. 77 w. 0. 21 and 0. 577 c. 3 and 0. 01 d. zero and zero. 8 Display 1-1 Forty percent of all registered voters in a national election are female. A random sample of five voters is selected. 30. Refer to Display 1-1. The probability which the sample includes 2 feminine voters can be described as. 0. 0778 b. 0. 7780 c. 0. 5000 d. 0. 456 thirty-one. Refer to Demonstrate 1-1. The probability there are no females in the test is a. zero. 0778 b. 0. 7780 c. 0. 5000 g. 0. 3456 7 PORTION B BRIEF ANSWER QUESTIONS (31 Points) 1 ) Assume you have applied for two scholarships, a Merit scholarship grant (M) and an Athletic scholarship (A). The possibility that you receive an Athletic scholarship is zero. 18. The probability of receiving both scholarships is 0. 10. The likelihood of getting for least one of many scholarships is definitely 0. a few. (9 points) a. Precisely what is the likelihood that you will obtain a Merit scholarship grant? (1 point) b. Happen to be events A and M mutually exclusive? Why or obtain?

Explain. (2 points) c. Are the two events A, and M, independent? Describe, using odds. (2 points) 8 m. What is the probability of receiving the Athletic scholarship given that you have recently been awarded honored the Advantage scholarship? (2 points) elizabeth. What is the probability of receiving the Value scholarship considering that you have been awarded the Athletic scholarship grant? (2 points) 2 . You will discover three ways to determining the probability that the outcome is going to occur: time-honored relative consistency, and very subjective. For each scenario that follows, determine which approach is most ideal with your thinking. (2 points) a.

A north american will win the French Available Tennis Event next year. (1 point) n. The probability of getting any single number on a well-balanced die is 1/6. (1 point) on the lookout for 3. Allow X signify the number of occasions a student trips a book shop in a a month period. The random adjustable X is definitely discrete likelihood distribution with mean? sama dengan 1 . eighty five and the regular deviation? sama dengan 0. 792 (4 points) a. Find the suggest, variance as well as the standard change of random variable Con, where Sumado a = TWO TIMES? 1 . (4 points) 4. An official from your securities percentage estimates that 75% of investment brokers have profited from the use of insider information.

Assume that 12-15 investment brokers are selected at random through the commission’s registry. (10 points) a. Find the probability that for the most part 10 have profited by insider data. (2 points) 10 b. Find the probability that at least 6 have got profited via insider details. (2 points) c. Discover the probability that all 12-15 have profited from insider information. (2 points) m. What is the expected range of investment lenders who have profited from the utilization of insider info? (2 points) e. Get the variance and common deviation from the number of expense bankers who may have profited in the use of insider information. a couple of points) 10 6. A runner gene carries a certain disease from the mother to the kid with a probability of zero. 30. That is, there is a 30% chance the fact that child gets infected with the disease. Assume a female transporter of gene has several children. Imagine the attacks are self-employed of one another. (6 points) a. What is the possibility all of the 4 children gets infected? (1 point) n. What is the probability that non-e with the children gets infected? (1 point) c. What is the probability that at least one gets infected? (2 points) g. What is the probability that at least one of the children does not obtain infected? (2 points)

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