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The main character Nina Sayers has a sever eating-disorder. In her attempts to be the perfect ballerina, she is equally anorexic and bulimic. The girl does not take in anything and if she will she later throws up.

For example , breakfast every day she was forced to eat a grapefruit but is afterwards shown in the bathroom throwing it up. The moment she has got the part inside the play the lady worked so difficult for, her mother purchases a wedding cake in celebration ” just to be put to waste since Nina refuses to eat this. In the motion picture, she offers an example of what can happen for the eating disorder completely takes over.

She becomes and so pleased with the positive feelings she gets when she looks at herself in the looking glass, that the girl only tries to love her image even more. This habit begins a downward spiral in to eating less and less. In The Dark Swan, Nina is described as the very best dancer of her firm. Until some competition, Lily arrives and Nina landscapes her being a huge risk. This causes Nina extreme stress and she builds up the idea that Lily is out to get her and take her situation as best ballerina. Since serious starvation with the body causes cognitive effects, threats are usually amplified.

Nina feels extremely threated and like her spot as best dancer are at risk. The girl then seems even more of your need to have the right body also to be a perfect dancer. As she does not eat enough, her mind and body do not obtain appropriate numbers of nutrients. Having less nutrients places her in a state an excellent source of stress and her head does not focus or logically. It distorts her natural environment giving her a warped image of their self when looking inside the mirror. She sees herself as much larger than she happens to be. She compares herself to everything and everybody around her.

Not only does her eating disorder damage her emotionally but also it physically influences other parts of her body system. When sense the urge to eat, she paws at her skin on her back exactly where it can be covered by clothes. Nina’s fingers are covered with bandages to conceal her skin your woman carelessly peals away. The idea of becoming a perfect ballerina practically begins to get rid of her. Even though Nina never sought help, there are plenty of ways she could have. Cognitive-behavioral remedy or group therapy would both have recently been very helpful on her behalf situation.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on current patterns rather than the child years or earlier experiences. The therapists commonly address ways their people should change the way they think and react, assign groundwork, and offer strategies of how to alter them for the best. Group therapy also could have been a good way to treat Nina’s eating disorder. If perhaps she visited group remedy and saw that other people had been going through a similar thing as her and got better, it would include encouraged her that the lady could do the same.

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