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Public Health may be the science and art of protecting and improving the fitness of the neighborhoods through education, promotion of healthy life styles and analysis for disease and harm prevention. Public Health helps improve the health and well being of individuals in regional communities around the globe also works to prevent challenges before they will occur. Public welfare nursing is a specialized form of registered nursing jobs that combines nursing and public health principles.

According to the American Public welfare Association, the main focus of public well-being nursing is usually improving the health of the community all together rather than that of an individual or family members. Public health breastfeeding is sometimes called a type of community health breastfeeding. Some professionals use the conditions “public well being nursing” and “community health nursing” substituted. Public Health Nursing jobs provides overall health promotion, disease prevention, and intervention and support providers to ladies, children, junior and households living in the administrative centre Region.

Services are provided to many of these, families, groups and communities in homes, schools, well being units and community placing Community well being nursing a field of breastfeeding that is a mixture of primary medical and nursing practice with public health nursing. The community wellness nurse performs a continuing and comprehensive practice that is precautionary, curative, and rehabilitative. The philosophy of care is founded on the belief that treatment directed to the consumer, the family, and the group contributes to the care of the citizenry as a whole.

The community health health professional is not restricted to the care of a particular age or diagnostic group. Participation of consumers of health care is encouraged in the development of community actions that help the promotion of, education regarding, and maintenance of good health. These types of activities need comprehensive health programs that pay attention to cultural and ecologic influences and specific foule at risk. Basics of CHN 1 . The city is the individual in CHN, the family is the unit of care and here are four levelsofclientele: specific, family, populationgroup (those who have share prevalent characteristics, developmental stages and common experience of health problems ” e. g. children, elderly), and the community. 2 . In CHN, theclient is considered while an ACTIVE partner NOT UNAGGRESSIVE recipientofcare several. CHN practiceisaffected bydevelopments inhealthtechnology, inparticular, within society, generally 4. The purpose of CHN is achieved through multi- sectoral efforts a few.

CHN is known as a partof healthcare system as well as the larger individual services program. Specific Responsibilities of a Doctor, spelled by the implementing rules ofRA 7164 (Philippine Nursing Action of 1991) includes: ¢ Supervision and care of ladies duringpregnancy, labor and puerperium ¢ Functionality of inside examination and delivery of babies ¢ Suturing lacerations in the absence ofa medical doctor ¢ Supply of first-aid measures and emergency treatment ¢ Recommending herbal and symptomatic meds¦etc.

In the care of the households: ¢ Dotacion of main health care companies ¢ Developmental/Utilization of friends and family nursing treatment plan inthe provision of care In the care of the communities: ¢Communityorganizingmobilization, communitydevelopmentandpeople personal strength ¢Case getting andepidemiological investigation ¢Program preparing, implementation and evaluation ¢Influencing executive and legislative persons or bodies concerning health insurance and development. Responsibilities of CHN become a part in developing an overall health program, its execution and evaluationfor communities¢provide quality nursing services towards the three degrees of clientele ¢maintaincoordination/linkageswithotherhealthteammembers, NGO/government agencies inthe supply ofpublic overall health services ¢ conduct studies relevant to CHN services to further improve provision of health care ¢ provide opportunities for specialist growth and continuing education pertaining to staffdevelopment, http://www. answers. com/topic/public-health-nursing#ixzz2Do73aZIE

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