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Chp you * The promotional combine * Promoting * Revenue Promotion 5. Public Relations 2. Direct Promoting * online marketing * personal selling Chp 3 2. Consumer Decision Making Decision Stage| Psychological Process| Need Recognition| Motivation| Details Search| Perception| Alternative Evaluation| Attitude Formation| Purchase Decision| Integration| Postpurchase Evaluation| Learning| * Target audience and Audience * Target audience * The group of customers toward which will an overall program is directed. * Customers * Several consumers within the target market which is why the advertising campaign is aimed. Target audience options: rossiter and percy point of view * Company loyal customers regularly buy the firm’s merchandise * Good brand transformer buy key brand nevertheless also acquire others 2. noncustomers 2. New catergory users buyers not purchasing within a merchandise category * Other company switchers not really consistently purchasing focal manufacturer * Additional brand loyals loyal to a new brand Chp4 * The communications processFeedback Feedback Response Response decoding decoding Development Encoding Recipient Receiver Funnel Message Funnel Message Source/Sender Source/Sender chp4 1 .

Traditional Models a. Aida b. Structure of results c. Advancement adoption version d. Details processing style 2 . Response process types e. Standard learning model &gt, learn/feel/do f. Dissonance/attribution model &gt, do/ feel/learn g. Low involvement model&gt, learn/ do/ feel 3. Cognitive reponse models h. Cognitive response approach-message/source/ad i. Elaboration possibility model-central/peripheral Chp 5 * Dagmar Definition of Objectives 5. Target Audience 2. Benchmark and Degree of Modify Sought * Specified Time period * Concrete floor, measurable responsibilities * What affects product sales? * Technology * Competition * Our economy Advertising and promotion 2. Product quality * Distribution * Selling price Chp 6 * Manufacturer Strategy designs * Salient Beliefs 2. Beliefs concerning specific qualities or rewards that are turned on and make up the basis of a demeanor * Evolve over time 2. Differ across various portions * Manufacturer positioning Strategy * Pertains to the intended image of an item or brand relative to a competing brand for a give competitive space as identified by certain product market or category characteristics Chp7 * Resource The person associated with communicating an advertising message, both directly or indirectly Immediate Source| Roundabout Source|

A spokesperson who have delivers a communication or demonstrates a product or service| Won’t actually produce message| Andre Agassi endorsing head tennis games rackets| Attracts attention to or perhaps enhances the presence of the ad| | A model| In search of the major idea Seeking the major idea Chp 8 * Creative Performance Style * The way in which a marketing appeal is presented * Message Composition * The structure of the persuasive concept can impact its effectiveness * Design Elements 2. The way in which pieces are put on the web page or display screen * Advertising execution Methods Straight-sell as well as Factual| Animation|

Scientific/technical evidence| Personality symbol| Demonstration| Imagery| Comparison| Dramatization| Slice of life| Humour| testimonial| | Chp9 * Marketing Screening Print Advertising Post-test of Print Ads Post-test of Print Advertising * Reasons behind and against measuring efficiency * Good measure 5. Avoid high priced mistakes 2. Evaluate Alternate Strategies * Increase Promoting Efficiency 5. Reasons To not measure * Cost 5. Problems with Research * Disagreement on points to test 5. Objections of creative specialists Chp twelve * Multimedia Tactics Decisions * Multimedia Vehicle 5. Budget Changes * Blocking Chart 5. Media Technique Decisions

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