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Coffee and Tea Coffee and tea possess existed on the globe for a long time. Centuries ago, individuals that lived in South usa started to generate coffee, but the earliest drink likes espresso was made by simply ancient Arabian. They believed it to be a kind of remedies used for abdomen.

After the fifteenth century, caffeine was distributed to other countries just like Egypt and Ottoman Disposition by Muslims who were back from Hajj, while in ancient China and tiawan, Chinese persons started to help to make tea about 3000 yrs ago. Because of good environment and weather, the first component to tea plant life was discovered in southwest China and tiawan.

After, beverage tea started to be an important culture of Oriental people, and tea started to spread in to countries around China. Caffeine and tea are similar, yet different in a few specific area. First, coffee and tea are similar although different in population. Persons from all around the world like these people. For example , English people accustomed to drink a cup of tea which includes snacks whenever they have a rest inside the afternoon. Traditional western people delight in drinking dark-colored tea, and a few of them combine it with milk to generate milky tea. Likewise, most of the people like consuming coffee, for doing it often preferences good.

In China, many people began to drink coffee, plus some of whom want to taste better espresso like blue mountain coffee. However , even though these two refreshments are both popular around the world, espresso is still consumed most by simply western persons, while the most quantity of tea is used in East Asia. People occupied China, The japanese, and Korea regarded tea as the main drink. Second, coffee and tea are similar but diverse in function. Both caffeine and tea can recharge people as there is a kind of chemical substance matter, which can be caffeine in both of them.

This chemical subject can be used pertaining to nerves to make a person think awake and lively. Likewise, some professionals said that dark coffee and green tea may help a person lose weight. However in contrast, tea has some even more functions due to another kind of chemical substance matter which will can’t be found in coffee. This kind of chemical subject that called tea polyphenol whose capacity is to reduce the effect that may be made by toxin. Finally, coffee and tea have similarity and big difference in origination. Both of them are produced from plants.

Many years ago, people lived in Africa planted espresso trees in succeed, and today, Brazil provides the most caffeine trees in the world. In to the south of Cina, there are a lot of terraced fields that grow tea trees. However, people make use of leaves via tea to make tea, although they use fruits from coffee plants to make coffee. To sum up, coffee and tea are very similar in their inhabitants, function, and origination, while they are distinct of their use in different place, their different substance matter, and their different material. I suggest that individuals should drink both coffee and tea so that they can be healthier.

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