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INTEGRITY FINAL PROJECT 1 . Proposed Action Plan: Identify the plan of action you recommended at the beginning of the semester. At the outset of the term we first had the thought of taking a computer system to the asylum to help those individuals in there to obtain more technology, we as well wanted to take brooms and mops to help them to have cleaned out the house.

The entire classroom talked about this every team made a decision to do something for all those needed persons. 2 . Completed activities: Make clear very carefully the different activities you did throughout this semester, including dates, names of the liable people inside the team, and results.

We went to the computer department to verify if they had your computer with no use and if they can give it to work with, they chose to tell us after they got one particular with no work with. That’s the way they did it, after a time they told us, but it was a long time when they suggested us thus we had one more project which has been to make stairs for rehab to the people inside the asylum, thus we usa with other crew and provided them money to make this kind of project genuine. 3. Relative of the benefits: Write down in case the results of your project were the ones you expected.

If not, how are they different? Why? We wanted to give them the computer so we didn’t expect that we could unite all of us with one more to make the stairs project, therefore we think it is not what we likely to be the project yet we think that the idea to unite groups was a very good one for the reason that stairs were really expensive. 4. Personal Learning: Explain if the associates of the group had some learning experience of this task. Yes all of the team members had a great knowledge, because of supporting people ho needed which is the main reason why since it feels wonderful doing that, and realizing that other people could possibly get better simply for a little help of yours. your five. Team Work: Describe just how your staff work was, including positive and unfavorable aspects. All of us work was good since we attended the asylum and verify what they required and because the team all united went to the computers section and all of the team members had a great experience with this task and not only because we made it happen well, it is because we helped other people. 6th.

Conclusion: Finally write down a conclusion about the cultural work you possessed this term. We think this kind of semester support us a whole lot because of lots of things, we helped needed persons and that’s seems great, we learned ethics about many things of the individual life dog life and several things more. This was a great semester and the team people are really very happy to be throughout this course, thanks Elideth for accomplishing this to all of us. Team Members: Erick Villasenor Oscar Torres Paola Delgadillo Joel Azuara Victor Galvan Sofia Ascanio Daniela Diaz Juan Pablo Fernandez Vertiz

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