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In the past few decades, the role of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) being a health care delivery system provides raised consciousness among medical administrators, veterans, and policy makers equally. The primary mission of the VA delivery system is to supply primary attention, specialized care, and related medical and social support services to veterans (Wilson & Kizer, 1997). Some of the most common medical benefits awarded within the VA are to veterans who may have become handicapped by disease or personal injury in the distinctive line of duty during military services.

As a result, the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION health care delivery system is a safety net because lots of the veterans dished up are psychologically and monetarily disadvantaged and also have a high disease burden (Wilson & Kizer, 1997). In addition , veterans who use the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT health care system have a higher level of disease than the common population, and 60 percent have no exclusive or Medicare supplement insurance. The VA health care delivery system provides a large number of services to get veterans, and also contributes significantly in handling health care assets.

Research indicates that the availability of federal, express and local government funds to subsidize the care of folks left with out services may differ by state and community and may not match community need (Wilson & Kizer, 1997). In this manner, the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT health care delivery system adds in controlling health care methods because it assumes on the stresses of existing alternatives. Through this patchwork, the VA health delivery system stands out as a significant, matched, nationwide safety net for experts (Wilson & Kizer, 1997).

The VETERANS ADMINISTRATION also cares for small susceptible populations to get whom attention is high-priced but generally unprofitable in the non-public sector (Wilson & Kizer, 1997). Moreover to experts with support connected accidental injuries, illness and exposures and former prisoners of war, the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION is legislated to treat experienced with particular disabilities of spinal cord disorder, blindness, amputation, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse and homelessness resulting from mental illness (Wilson & Kizer, 1997).

The VA head office manages the networks simply by setting desired goals and identifying strategies to maximize health care value throughout the country. Value is identified as balanced overall performance of five factors: cost, access, technical quality, patient practical ability, and patient pleasure (Wilson & Kizer, 1997). The SE TILL ATT DU ÄR headquarters also focuses on making a standardized managing and monitoring system that supports risk adjusted comparison analysis amongst networks (Wilson & Kizer, 1997).

These types of efforts are created to assure that good quality care is usually consistently provided. The VIRTUAL ASSISTANT health care delivery system also plays an important role in transitioning sufferers from one level to another degree of care in the health care procession. This transition role may be illustrated throughout the VA’s take care of serious medical problems such as Parkinson’s Disease, which currently affects about 1 ) 5 million Americans who also are clinically determined to have the disease (Department of Experts Affairs, 2001).

Parkinson’s disease is a intensifying degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, with physical symptoms of tingling, rigidity and bradykinesia (Mitchell et. al., 1996). It might usually be diagnosed based on the medical history and physical findings. To better address the needs of veterans with Parkinson’s disease, in March 2001 the VA released the creation of six centers devoted to Parkinson’s disease (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2001). The VA Parkinson’s centers as well develop teaching programs intended for patients, family members, students and health care pros.

Additionally , every single site performs a medical demonstration plan for analyzing new models of care delivery for experts with Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2001). Furthermore, the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT hospitals will be devoted to new research in Parkinson’s disease in the development of surgical treatment to get late-stage sufferers for to whom medical therapy is no longer effective and advancement new prescription drugs, which are more successful and have fewer side effects (Department of Experienced Affairs, 2001).

In this way the VA health care delivery system assisting inside the transition of patients from level to a new level of attention. Finally, the available analysis indicates the fact that VA well being delivery system contributes very well overall in providing companies and taking care of health care assets. This health care system seems to spread by itself over the locations where other health care services are lacking, thus enhancing the quality of care and services offered.

As long as market forces dominate the health proper care industry and state and native funding differ, the stabilizing influence of any national safety net such as the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION health care delivery system becomes more essential. As advancements in medical care become more important and obvious, the SE TILL ATT DU ÄR system can continue to enhance the standards of health care for a lot of veterans. Upcoming analysis with the VA medical care delivery system in comparison to additional health care delivery systems will assist in evaluating the quality of proper care offered by the VA.

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