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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all you want to say thanks to program representative Mr. Satya Bahadur Shrestha and the subject educator Mr. Keshav Poudel intended for providing all of us with an opportunity to do each of our project work on “Student Information System” within our syllabus.

We are heartily indebted to our subject educator Mr. Keshav Poudel to get his frequent support and guidance through this job. It was his valuable recommendations that helped us to cope up with rising obstacles during the development of this kind of project. Group Members Ashish Shahi Sanjay Maharjan Sulashyana Shrestha DESK OF CONTENT MATERIAL

Table of Contents 1 ) INTRODUCTION 2 . 1 . Advantages about the Project installment payments on your 2 . Goals 2 . three or more. Scope in the Project installment payments on your SYSTEM RESEARCH 3. 5. Existing Program 3. 5. Disadvantage a few. 6. Recommended System 3. 7. Benefit of the Recommended System 3. 8. Difficulty Definition and Description several. SYSTEM ANALYSIS 4. 9. Package Selected 4. twelve. Resources Needed 4. eleven. Feasibility Examine 4. doze. 1 . Operational Feasibility 4. 12. installment payments on your Technical Feasibility 4. 12. 3. Financial Feasibility 4. 12. Efficient Requirement 5. 13. No Functional Need 4. 13. Use Circumstance 4. 15. Sequence Diagram 4. sixteen. Project Arranging. SYSTEM STYLE 5. seventeen. Process Picture 5. 18. Entity Marriage 5. SCREENING 6. 19. Testing 6. 20. some. Unit Tests 6. twenty. 5. The use Testing 6. 20. six. System Assessment 6. SUMMARY 7. 20. Summary of the Project six. 21. Future Work ADVANTAGES Introduction regarding the Project Nowadays technology has come to its greatest level which is in the stage of growing more while using new innovative developments. Student’s Information System (SIS) is an important aspect of any educational institute. The data about the student’s efficiency is important as to generate student’s progress statement.

Still several colleges record student’s overall performance report around the paper. Although records could be recorded on the paper physically, but this method is time consuming activity. Together with the advancement of technology, electronic techniques are more useful and consume a fraction of the time compared to conventional paper work. Consequently computerized tactics should be employed in colleges to record and access scholar’s data which is more effective and efficient to use. The Student Information System is aimed to computerize the record keeping system as to make the work easier pertaining to the college administrators. 1 . 2 Objectives

The key objective on this project should be to develop software that helps in easy access in the information about the college student, their efficiency in one click. Our bodies is focused to generate a web based SIS which makes the work of testing student’s efficiency easier and efficient. The main intention should be to provide a program with suitable efficiency and accuracy while maintaining its main objective to get into student’s overall performance report. 5. Ensures that customers have input the design process. * Accomplish project desired goals and objective within defined budget and time variables. To apply a computer centered program about make the work effective and efficient. Range of the Task As mentioned above this kind of project will be based upon developing software that is competent of finding student’s performance record. The system will be able to show present student’s performance statement. This system will assist you to reduce the effort to record the entire student’s performance data in documents. This system helps you to save time and increase efficiency. This project is purely depending on the research and along with the examine and dependence on this project in academic field. installment payments on your SYSTEM STUDY 2 . one particular Existing System

The existing system of managing SIS in the school is based on the file saving system. It method of this product is totally depending on file system plus the data about the students happen to be recorded in a file and search the performance graph about a student the data files are to be searched according to the present student’s semester. installment payments on your 2 Drawback The existing strategy is very time consuming and is not effective as it is based on the file saving system. To find one present student’s report every one of the existing documents are to be researched. Modification and updating procedure is hazard, which is time-consuming and ineffective.. 3 Recommended System The program we are about to make can be described as web based program dealing with the Student Information System. Particularly it really is based on the actions related to the recording and being able to access the scholar’s performance survey. The recommended system is a computerized system which will be a lot more effective compared to the filing system. 2 . some Advantage of the Proposed Program As the device is a computerized system, it can reduce the effort to record the present student’s progress report on the data files. It will also preserve time in saving, managing and accessing the student’s info. 2 . a few Problem Explanation and Information

In any academics institute student’s information is an important aspect as it is related to the institute and the student learning in this. The present student’s information about all their overall performance in their academic job is essential in fact it is to be noted in a correct way, so the necessary details can be get when required. Our system College student Information Program (SIS) is targeted make a computerized program that records the scholar’s performance data. The main goal is to give a system with suitable performance and reliability while recording, managing and accessing the recorded info along with appropriate speed. SYSTEM EVALUATION 3. you Packages Picked The package deal used in the development of our system is definitely Java Net Bin. 3. 2 Resources Required a few. 2 . you Hardware Need Hardware: COMPUTER compatible with a Intel Pentium- III cpu RAM: 1-GB RAM Hard disk drive: 20-GB several. 2 . two Software Requirement Operating System: Glass windows 2000 Specialist Software: jdk 1 . six. 0_02, jre 7 Front: Java Back: MySQL three or more. 3 Feasibility Study We made our estimation on whether the system is able to fulfill the user’s want using the software/hardware technologies being utilized in the producing the system.

All of us made each of our study based on cost effectiveness with the proposed program from the organization point of view.

You read ‘Student Information System’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Considering the some cost the feasibility study were made and additional detailed examination was completed. The study is dependent on the following: 2. Whether the system contributed to the key objective of the project * Whether the system can be manufactured using current technology and within budget and plan constraints. 3. 3. 1 Operational feasibility We built our examine on the basis of the operational elements of the program. Our system can be feasible for the operational environment as well.

You who will certainly operate on this product will capable to understand the system and can make use of it easily by simply some teaching. 3. three or more. 2 Specialized feasibility The hardware and software used in this system are easily available in the existing technical environment so it is easy to use and possible with our program. Due to specialized feasibility additional changes can be performed easily. a few. 3. 3 Economic Feasibility Our system is economically feasible as it is underneath our budgetary constraints. This product is cost effective because 2. The tools and technologies utilized for this system are free for not commercial use. This system provides quality of information plus the ease of usage of the information necessary. The system can be effective and efficient and may establish itself as useful assets for the one whom implements it. 3. some Functional Requirement The system offers a web base where a large numbers of pages will be crawled for a particular domain and are also stored. The statement of services that our system gives as the systems efficient requirements will be as follows * The administrator would be able to put in, delete, modify and update the records depending on student’s the performance. The system would be able to screen all the documented performance information about the student. three or more. 5 nonfunctional Requirements 2. Usability Our system will provide the web interface for the end users while using optimum user- friendliness in order to get accustomed while working the system. 2. Reliability The machine developed will be able to meet the anticipations of the user as well as, it could be reliable to matchup together with the existing goods * Performance Our system shall return the matched documents from its net base within considerable amount of period. Security Our bodies provides a internet interface, so in order to make the machine secure, any individual needs to acquire authenticated. This would help the system be free from spamming and other sorts of attacks. several. 6 Task scheduling | Gantt Chart| | | | | Days| 1-5 days| 6-10 days| 11-15 days| 16-20 days| 21-25 days| 26-30 days|  | | | | | | | Activities| | | | | | | Planning|  | | | | |  | Feasibility study| |  |  | | |  | System analysis| | |  |  | |  | System design| | |  |  | |  | Coding| | |  |  |  |  | Testing| | |  |  |  |  |

Implementation|  |  |  |  |  |  | These Gantt graph represents the actions conducted by simply our team people and the days and nights required to total all the activities. The activities performed were preparing which essential five days, feasibility study which usually required eight days by day 6 to day 15, data source design, and interface style required 10 days from day 11 to working day 20, coding would need ten days and nights, testing could require days from times and lastly execution would likewise require five days from days and nights.

As this project will be based upon the design of the Student Information System, coding program testing and implementation has not been conducted nevertheless duration was separated for these activities too. 4. PROGRAM DESIGN some. 1 System Design 5. 2 Design and style Description some. 2 . 1 Use Circumstance The use case defines an objective oriented pair of interaction among external celebrities and the program under consideration. Actors are celebrations outside the program that interact with the system. In SIS stars are the users. Use case diagram of Student Data System Put in records Delete records

Bring up to date records Search required record View information record Officer User 4. 2 . two Sequence picture for “Student Information System” 2 . Accept password 1 . Enter Security password Display Program Information System Login System 3. System Access 5. Display Record 5. Display require information to the customer User Fig: Sequence Picture for Pupil Information System 4. installment payments on your 3 System Process Diagram Fail Move Add Delete Edit Change Delete Submit Exit Statement Action Leave Operation Functionality Info Pupil Info College student Informationon four. 3 Business Table: Desk name: Student

Attributes| Info type| Length| Constraints| S_Id| Integer| 20| Primary Key| S_name| Varchar| 20| -| S_semester| Integer| 20| -| S_phone| Integer| 20| -| Table term: Result Attributes| Data type| Length| Constraints| S_name| Varchar| 20| -| S_marks| Integer| 20| -| Table identity: Login Attributes| Data type| Length| Constraints| Username| Varchar| 20| -| Password| Varchar| 20| -| Time| Varchar| 20| -| Table name: Administrator Attributes| Data type| Length| Constraints| Admin_Id| Integer| 20| Main key| Admin_name| Varchar| 20| -| some. 4 Business Diagram

College student S_name S_Id S_phone S_semester Fig some. 3. 1 ) Entity diagram for scholar Result S_name Marks Fig 4. 3. 2 . Organization diagram to get result Username Password Time Login Fig 4. several. 3. Entity diagram pertaining to login Admin_Id Admin_name Admin Fig four. 3. 4. Entity diagram for Admin 4. 5. 1 ER-Diagram of “Student Information System” Login Admin Student Effect Attend Performs Records Functions 4. your five Context Diagram: Update details Marks College student details Supervisor Student details system Pupil Id Term result College student Login particulars 5. TESTS 5. 1 Testing

Our bodies has been examined throughout the style of the system. While testing is very important part of the program development procedure, we have analyzed the system through the entire design stage rather than assessment the system following the complete development. The following checks are to be carried out during the system development your five. 1 . 1 ) Unit Testing We will have to test every single small models of our system. The source code of our program would be split up into modules, which often would be broken into small parts named units having their specific behavior.

In the unit assessment we should come to know if the combination of the units contributes to the completion of the software program requirements or not. 5. 1 . 2 . Integration Tests In this assessment we is going to combine the modules and test it as a group. Modules would be typically code modules, individual applications, client server program in the network, etc . Incorporation testing uses unit tests and precedes system assessment. 5. 1 . 3. System testing And there is the possibilities of numerous unexpected mistakes to occur following integration hence the system tests would be performed.

The system will be tested to evaluate whether that met the requirements and ensure the noted and estimated results. Program testing would be based on the procedure description, focusing pre-driven process links and integration items. 6. BOTTOM LINE 6. one particular Summary of the Project Managing present student’s performance information is a very significant activity of any educational commence. This job is aimed to develop a computerized Student Details System in order to to make saving and interacting with the information easy and effective. Subsequent numbers of lectures were analyzed before starting the project.

Then further methods were used such as program study, anatomy’s feasibility and others considerations. Although system demands some improvements and long term enhancement is additionally a tough task, the complete outcome with the project can be expected in the design factors. Enormous understanding has been received throughout the task. The importances of research, system examine, requirement evaluation different strategies were learned. Also putting into action techniques, testing have been exercised. Thus we hope our system provides appropriate nformation to the users according to the selected service and would aid to reduce unnecessary time taking care of the repots on the paper. 6. a couple of Future Work Our Student Information Program has many elements that can be enhanced with future works. You will find different upcoming possibilities the system may enhance their features regarding the technology and style. In order to make a lot more effective and efficient make use of the system an individual interface can be developed in a more interactive method and technical changes may be made. In accordance with the time, knowledge and requirement the system scan be made better in future.

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