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GSM 5301 – PRICE BEHAVIOUR , FORREST GUMP versus SIVAJI Forrest Gump was among Paramount’s biggest hit videos of 1994. In 95 it was nominated for 13 categories of the Oscar honours and this won half a dozen including best picture, finest director and best actor awards. One particular analyst predicted that the film could generate as much as $350 million cashflow for Viacom, Inc.

, Paramount’ parent organization. The film took 9 years to generate it for the big screen plus the script was then thought as not likely material for any runway struck movie.

Videos are typically allocated to cinemas under an agreement whereby low box business office receipts are split about 50/50 involving the cinemas and the movie studio room. Based on this kind of agreement, Extremely important had received $191 , 000, 000 in major box business office receipts through the cinemas as of December thirty-one 1994. Paramount reports which the film cost $112 mil to produce, which include approximately $15. 3 , 000, 000 each paid to Ben Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis, and “production overhead” of $14. 6 , 000, 000. This production overhead is usually charged to the movie at a rate equal to 15% of various other production costs.

Not included in the $112 , 000, 000 production costs were the subsequent expenses associated with the film. Campaign expenses sustained to advertise, hottest, screen, transfer and retail outlet the film totaled $67 million by the end of 1994. An additional $6. 7 mil ‘advertising cost to do business charge’ (10% of the $67 million advertising expenses) was charged to the film simply by Paramount. These types of charges symbolize the film’s allocation with the studio’s costs of retaining an in-house advertising department. Extremely important also incurred the film a ‘distribution fee’ of 32% of its reveal of low box workplace receipts.

This kind of fee is a film’s allowance of the costs incurred simply by Paramount to take care of its studio-wide distribution solutions. Finally $6 million interest on the $112 million in production costs was charged to the film by Paramount. Another good film can be Sivaji, the priciest movie being made in India, costing US24 million. It absolutely was estimated that this raked in US56 mil in the first 4 weeks of screening. For Cine Plaza in Nj, USA, the premier ticket was costing US$25 when compared to US$9 for the Brad Pitt motion picture. All seats were soldout before the display started.

Rajini, the legend of the demonstrate, gets a salary of US$ 4 mil plus forty percent of total box office receipts. Shankar, the director gets US$672, 000, Rahman, the the composer gets US$448, 000 and Shreya, the actress gets only 1/6 of what Rahman gets. Other expenditures of the films were special effects costs, outdoor shooting in locations outside the house India and wages of the crew. Queries: 1 . Will you agree that both Sivaji and Forrest Gump had been an accounting success? 2 . In their initial contracts, Ben Hanks and director Zemeckis were to acquire $7 million and $5 million correspondingly, from the video.

However , after the studio asked the makers to cut all their budgets, the two Hanks and Zemeckis decided to forego their very own standard costs and in location to receive a % of the films gross box office statements. It was estimated that this fresh agreement guaranteed each of the two 8% with the studio’s reveal of major box office receipt in the film. Assuming that all costs not especially identified as variable are set, what is the contribution margin of Forrest Gump? 3. If Hanks and Zemeckis had demanded their original fees up front instead of taking a % of gross statements from field office, might Forrest Gump have made profit 1994?. Other individuals associated with the film signed contracts based on a % of ‘net profits’ rather than gross field office receipts. Net income is the film’s profit after recouping all of the studio’s bills. For example , Winston Groom, who also wrote the novel which the film is based, received $350, 500 plus 3% of the film’s net revenue. Eric Roth, the screenwriter, signed an identical contract with a fixed charge plus five per cent of the film’s net income. Based on your calculations previously mentioned, how much performed these two persons receive from other share in the film’s profit?

How much in gross box office receipts will the facility have to receive from cinemas before Bridegroom and Roth receive anything under the income participation agreement? 5. Depending on the legal agreements in the film making market, which type of contract could a studio prefer stars, directors yet others associated with a film to have? Why? 6. Which type of contract would the actors, owners and others opt to have? How come? 7. Seeing that producing movies costs a lot of money how can the production costs become reduced in order to enhance the probability of getting a loan from the bank?

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