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The UAE in the Global Business Environment (ECON 605) Fall 2012 Dr . Fernando Zanella / f. [email, protected]

ac. d?gge Brief program description Deeper global economic integration is known as a key proper goal to get the UAE and is seen as an catalyst AE’s sustainable economical development. This system will provide pupils with an in depth understanding of just how international business issues impact the UAE and how the UAE is placing itself in the global overall economy. The course will provide a framework pertaining to understanding the technique of globalisation, foreign transactions, economical issues, global trends and the significance intended for UAE organisations.

Learning objectives 1 . To know the importance of globalisation, and evaluate the chances and threats for the UAE installment payments on your To understand the process of economic incorporation through examining international control and expense 3. To explore the role of regional incorporation in the foreign business environment 4. To distinguish the key tactical sectors in the UAE economic climate which are driving a car the UAE’s global the usage 5. To critically analyse current foreign business and economic incidents in relation to the UAE six.

To understand how government coverage can help or hinder economic integration Learning methodology Students must participate: 1 ) Lectures installment payments on your Case study and articles evaluation 3. Group work find solutions to problems 4. School discussions five. Written studies 6. Demonstrations and expert evaluation Course meeting occasions Sundays and Tuesdays 05: 30-09: 35 pm Course textbook Griffin, R. W. and M. W. Pustay (2010). Worldwide Business (6th ed. ). USA: Pearson Course Materials support Dr . Emilie Rutledge Summary naturally topics Sessions| References| 1| The UAE in the global economy| | Part one particular: Globalisation and International marketsPart 2: The UAE in the global economy| Lecture material: Griffin & Pustay: C1 & C2| 2| The UAE in the global business environment| | | Portion 1: National competitive benefits in a globalised worldPart 2: Strategic planning in the UAE ” SWOT framework| Spiel material: Griffin & Pustay: C6 & C11| 3| The UAE ” a very open economy| | | Part one particular: International operate theoriesPart two: A study of UAE transact and trade policy| Spiel material: Griffin $ Pustay: C6 & C9| 4| Foreign Investment| | Part 1: Foreign investment theoriesPart 2: Overseas investment, full sovereign coin wealth and diversification| Address material: Griffin & Pustay: C6| 5| International issues in funds and finance| | | Part you: Exchange level issuesPart a couple of: The finance sector in the UAE| Address material: Griffin & Pustay C8| 6| Regional economic integration| | | Portion 1: The theory of local economic the usage, global activities and control blocsPart 2: The GCC economic agreement and the common market| Lecture material: Griffin & Pustay: C10| | Deadline for people who do buiness Report| | | UAE Strategic Economical Sectors ” Group Demonstrations and discussions| | | | | 8| Last Exam| | Group presentation (30% ): During the final week with the course teams will be asked to make a business presentation. Students is going to choose a tactical sector with the UAE economic system and talk about the implications of globalisation for this sector and use an analytical platform discussed during the course to analyse its strategic location internationally (e. g. SWOT analysis).

Every single student inside the group should present, the presentation must be no less than 12 slides without more than twenty in length. You must begin focus on your group presentation from your second week off the training course. Group job and conversation sessions (20%): During the program there will be group work and discussions. Following a lecture and case studies, students will as an example be given a specific economic situation which they discuss/brainstorm as a group. Of these sessions the trainer will watch and examine individual scholar participation in the group.

You’ll certainly be given responses your group work along with your mark coming from 20% by the end of the third week with the course. Organization Report (20%): The topic of the business enterprise report is usually how regional integration and globalisation affects your organisation which uses you (or how it could do so at a later date if it would not do so significantly already). The business enterprise report needs to be around being unfaithful pages long, its structure should be the following: 1 . Cover-title page (1 page), installment payments on your Summary (1 page): a brief paragraph, 3. Table of contents (1 page) four.

Introduction (1 page) , explaining the specific aspects of local or foreign economic the usage which affects the business or perhaps industry you work in. 5. Background (1 pages) , an overview conveying the business or perhaps institution to work. six. Analysis (2 pages) ” Explain in greater detail using a SWOT analysis how aspects of economic integration impact the business you work in. several. Conclusion summary (1 page) ” key concluding factors and prospective customers for your organization in light of your findings. almost 8. References, appendix, glossary ” if any kind of (1 page).

Final test (30%): The final exam is going to consist of short answer questions. The short answer questions will be open up ended/case examine questions, you choose to be able to select from a number of inquiries and talk about a case analyze or topic which we have focused on during one of the sessions. All open ended exam questions and essay/case examine questions will be drawn from the lectures, group exercises and case studies we have completed during lessons. Even more details of the ultimate exam will be discussed prior to the exam.

Academic honesty and integrity Every single student is expected to perform his/her personal work for individual business l exam. Requesting questions and discussing suggestions with your acquaintances is acceptable report as part of your coursework, nevertheless copying the job of another or submitting identical function is certainly not. The business report should also be your own original work. Whilst it truly is, of course , suitable to guide other works, it is notice to copy and paste large amounts of text message from origin on the internet.

If you backup word for word you have to use quotation marks and proper referring to. Group work on the demonstration assumes you are working collectively and that you are contributing totally to your group’s work. Please be aware that as a member of your group you are expected to be knowledgeable about all facets of your groups’ output. During the final test, any college student who tricks or assists another student in cheating will fail the program. The case is likewise forwarded for the Academic Affairs for disciplinary action. All UAEU academic policies apply in this respect.

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