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string(82) ‘ business name legitimizes as well as the individual identity individualizes the new product\. ‘

Chapter-9: MCQ’s and short questions: 1 . _____ is endowing products and services with the power of your own brand. Your Response: | Marketing | installment payments on your

_____ may be the added worth endowed to products and services. The Answer: | Brand value | a few. ______ happen to be those trademarked devices that serve to recognize and identify the brand. Your Answer: | Brand elements | four. _____ advertising is about blending and coordinating marketing activities to maximize their individual and collective effects. Your Answer: | Including | your five. _____ is consumers’ capability to identify the brand under several conditions since reflected by their brand identification or recollect performance.

Your Answer: | Brand understanding | 6th. _____ arises when buyers experience the business as delivering on the brand promise. Your Solution: | Manufacturer bonding | 7. A _____ can be described as consumer-focused exercise that involves a number of procedures to evaluate the health of the brand name, uncover it is sources of company equity, and suggest strategies to improve and leverage the equity. The Answer: | brand review | almost eight. When a firm uses a recognised brand to introduce a brand new product it truly is called a _____. Your Solution: | company extension | 9. A _____ system is one in whose brand name have been licensed to other suppliers who make the product.

Your Answer: | licensed | 10. _____ occurs when consumers no longer associate your own brand with a particular product or highly similar products and start thinking much less about the brand name. Your Response: | Company dilution | 11. _______is the set of all brands and company lines which a particular firm offers on the market to customers in a particular category. The Answer: | Brand portfolio | doze. _____ steps the degree to which a brand is viewed as different from other folks. Your Response: | Differentiation | 13. _____ procedures the width of a brand’s appeal. The Answer: | Relevance | 14.

Nike has the distinctive “swoosh” company logo, the “Just Do It” slogan, and the “Nike” term based on a mythological goddess. These items these are known as _____. Your Answer: | brand elements | 15. Burton, a maker of snowboards, is usually introducing a brand new snowboard called “The Dominator. ” This snowboard will probably be associated and identified with top specialist riders. What marketing strategy can be Burton using? Your Response: | leveraging secondary connection | 18. The purpose of the _____ is usually to provide a current, comprehensive profile of how all the products and solutions sold with a company happen to be marketed and branded. Your Answer: | brand products on hand | | 7. A _____ commonly employs quantitative measures to supply marketers with current data as to how their brands and marketing programs will be performing based on a number of essential dimensions. The Answer: | tracking study| | 18. Nivea, a strong European company, has expanded its opportunity from a skin-cream company to a skincare and personal-care brand through carefully designed and integrated brand plug-ins. This is among the _____. Your Answer: | brand encouragement | nineteen. Dannon Yogurt offers several types of new yogurts, Fruit on the Bottom, Natural Flavours, and Fruits Blends to name a few.

This is a good example of a _____. Your Solution: | range extension | 20. Honda uses the organization name to hide different products such as automobiles, motorcycles, snow blowers, and snowmobiles. This is an example of a _____. Your Answer: | category extension | 21. A _____ manufacturer may be kept around inspite of dwindling product sales because they still are able to hold on to a sufficient number of consumers and maintain profitability with little or no marketing support. Your Response: | funds cow | 22. Every products marketed by Heinz carry the brand , Heinz’. This is one of ___________. Your Answer: | blanket relatives names |

Short Inquiries: Chapter-9: 1 . Describe the functions a brand provides for the firm. Ans: Brands easily simplify product managing or tracking. Brands aid to organize inventory and accounting records. Brands also offer the firm legal protection to get unique features or areas of the product. Finally, brands signal a certain quality so that pleased buyers can certainly choose the merchandise again. installment payments on your What are the two basic methods to measuring manufacturer equity? Ans: The indirect approach assesses potential causes of brand equity by figuring out and traffic monitoring consumer brand knowledge constructions.

The immediate approach analyzes the actual effect of brand understanding on buyer responses to different aspects of the marketing. three or more. From a marketing management perspective, there are three main pieces of brand fairness drivers. List these factors. Ans: The original choices for the brand name element or identities getting back together the brand. How a brand is integrated into the supporting program. The organizations indirectly transferred to the brand by linking the brand name to some different entity. 4. What are the six criteria used to choose brand components? Explain each one of these.

Ans: – 1 . Unforgettable , just how easily is a brand factor recalled and recognized. installment payments on your Meaningful , to what extent is the company element credible and suggestive of the related category? 3. Likeability , how pleasantly appealing perform consumers find the brand aspect? 4. Transferable , can your brand aspect be used to introduce new items in the same or diverse categories? your five. Adaptable , how flexible and come with update capabilities is the brand element. 6th. Protectable , how legally protectable is the brand component? How competitively protectable would it be? Can it be duplicated? 5.

Talk about the 4 general strategies used in deciding on a brand name. What are the advantages to each of these tactics? Ans: -? First, a business can use a person name strategy. This way the organization does not connect its reputation to the product’s. If the merchandise fails or perhaps appears to have got a low quality you’re able to send image is usually not injure.? A second approach is to use quilt family titles. By using this approach, there is no need to get “name” research or heavy advertising to develop brand-name acknowledgement, this reduces initial development costs.? One third strategy is to use separate family names for all those products.

This kind of works best for companies that produce pretty many products and a single blanket family name is usually not attractive.? Finally, a firm can use the corporate name along with individual merchandise names being a branding technique. The company brand legitimizes and the individual identity individualizes the new product.

You read ‘Branding: Marketing and Answer’ in category ‘Essay examples’ 6. The Marketing Information , Applying Permission Promoting, presents the practice of permission marketing as a significant tool to get building customer loyalty. List the five steps which in turn Seth Godin, a leading in the approach, has identified as important in creating effective permission marketing.

Ans: -Godin pinpoints the following five steps: Offer the prospect an incentive to you are not selected (e. g., free sample, revenue promotion, or contest). Supply the interested prospective client a curriculum over time that teaches the customer about the product or assistance. Reinforce the incentive to guarantee the prospect maintains the authorization. Offer extra incentives to get additional permission from your consumer. With time, leverage the permission to improve consumer conduct toward earnings. Chapter-10: MCQ’s and short questions: 1 . ____ may be the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy an exclusive place in your brain of the marketplace. Your Solution: | Placing | installment payments on your Companies may gain a very good competitive benefits through having better-trained people. This is called _____. The Answer: | personnel difference | three or more. _____ move across four periods: distinctiveness, emulation, mass trend, and fall. Your Response: | Trends | 5. In a _____ pattern of the product life cycle, sales increase rapidly when the product is first introduced after which fall to a “petrified” level.

Your Solution: | growth-slump-maturity | your five. The _____ stage is usually marked with a rapid ascend in product sales. Your Answer: | growth | 6th. During the _____ stage revenue slow down creating over-capacity in the industry, which leads to intensified competition. Your Solution: | maturity | six. During the _____ stage profits decline and several firms take away from the marketplace. Your Response: | drop | eight. _____ demands gradually lowering a product and business’s costs while looking to maintain product sales. Your Response: | Enjoying | on the lookout for. If a new product sells very well, new firms will enter the market, ushering in a(n) _____ level.

Your Answer: | market-growth | 15. Eventually, when competitors cover and provide all the key market sectors the market makes its way into the _____ stage. The Answer: | maturity | 11. A company may follow the strategies of removal, harvesting, or perhaps contracting inside the _______ stage. Your Solution: | decline | doze. Creating the image of a “delivered pizza” rather than “frozen pizza” category to get McCain’s french fries is among the _______. The Answer: | positioning | 13. Characteristics or rewards consumers strongly associate having a brand, including FedEx-guaranteed immediately delivery-are called _____.

The Answer: | points-of-difference | 14. Groups that are not automatically unique to the brand are _____. The Answer: | points-of-parity | 15. A _____ is a basic and distinctive mode of expression appearing within a field of human effort. Your Answer: | style | 16. During the _____ stage prices remain in which they are or perhaps fall somewhat. Your Answer: | progress | seventeen. The _____ stage splits into three phases: development, stable, and decaying maturity. Your Answer: | maturity | 18. During the _____ stage item managers try to stimulate product sales by enhancing other program elements.

Your Answer: | maturity | 19. During the _____ level firms may withdraw via smaller marketplace segments and weaker transact channels. Your Answer: | decline | 20. _____ is used to milk the firm’s assets to recover funds quickly in the decline level. Your Solution: | Cropping | 21. In a _____ strategy a brand new product can be designed to meet the preferences of 1 of the corners of the industry. Your Response: | single-niche | 22. Which with the following is usually not a crucial desirability for PODs? The Answer: | Feasibility | Short Concerns: Chapter-10: 1 )

What are three key client desirability requirements for POD’s (points-of-difference)? Ans: – 1 ) Relevance , target consumers must locate the POD personally relevant and significant. 2 . Distinctiveness , concentrate on consumers need to find the POD special and outstanding. 3. Believability , concentrate on consumers must find the POD believable and credible. 2 . Exactly what are the 4 stages inside the Product Life Routine? Describe what goes on at each stage. Ans: -? In the initially stage, advantages, the product experience slow revenue growth while the product is usually introduced on the market. In the second stage, expansion, there is a period of rapid market acceptance and substantial profit improvement.? In the third stage, maturity, the item experiences a slowdown in sales expansion, profits stabilize or decrease because of improved competition.? In addition to the fourth and final level, decline, revenue show a downward go and profits erode. several. Companies can easily gain a solid competitive benefit through better trained people. List a few of the characteristics of better-trained staff, and give several illustrative good examples.

Ans: -Competence , they possess required skill and knowledge Courtesy , they are friendly, respectful, and considerate Trustworthiness , they are really trustworthy Stability , they will perform the service regularly and accurately Responsiveness , they reply quickly to customers’ asks for and concerns Communication , they make an effort to understand the consumer and connect clearly A few examples of the above: Singapore Flight companies , superb reputation in large part because of its air travel attendants McDonald’s people are polite IBM individuals are professional Disney people are hopeful.. What are three main strategies to convey a brand’s category regular membership? Ans: – 1 . Saying category rewards , benefits are frequently used to announce category membership to reassure consumers that a brand will certainly deliver. installment payments on your Comparing to exemplars , well known noteworthy brands within a category can also be used to stipulate category regular membership. 3. Depending on the product descriptor , the item descriptor under the brand name is often a succinct means of offerring category source. 5. What five tactics are available to firms in declining industries? Ans: – 1 .

Increasing the business investments. installment payments on your Maintaining the firm’s investment level before the uncertainties regarding the industry are resolved. 3. Lessening the business investment level selectively by simply dropping unprofitable customer teams and simultaneously strengthening the firm’s expenditure in lucrative niches. four. Harvesting the firm’s expenditure to recover funds quickly. five. Divesting the business enterprise quickly by simply disposing of the assets because advantageously as possible. 6. Define and go over the ideas of points-of-parity (pop) and points-of-difference (pod). Use good examples to demonstrate your debate.

Ans: -Points-of-Difference (PODs) are characteristics or benefits consumers highly associate which has a brand, positively evaluate, and believe that they could not discover to the same extent with a competitive company. Strong, favourable, and one of a kind brand interactions that make up PODs may be based upon virtually any form of attribute or perhaps benefit. Good examples are FedEx (guaranteed overnight delivery), Nike (performance), and Lexus (quality. ) Points-of-Parity (POPs) happen to be associations which are not necessarily exceptional to the brand but might be shared with others. They come in two basic varieties: category and competitive.

Category POPs are associations buyers view since essential to be considered a legitimate and credible providing within a specific product or service category. They stand for necessary circumstances for manufacturer choice. They might change after some time due to technical advances, legal developments, or consumer styles, but they are the , greens fees’ to play the marketing game. Competitive POPs are associations created to negate competitors’ PODs. If the brand may , break even’ in those locations where the competition are trying to find an advantage and in addition can achieve advantages in other areas, the brand needs to be in a solid, and even unsurpassed, competitive position.

Chapter-13: MCQ’s and brief questions: 1 ) A distinct attribute of providers is _____. Your Response: | intangibility | 2 . Services are typically produced and consumed simultaneously. This is a good example of the _____ characteristic of services. The Answer: | inseparability | 3. Companies cannot be stored. This describes the _____ characteristic of services. The Answer: | perishability | 4. _____ describes employees’ skills in serving the client. Your Solution: | Active marketing | 5. SSTS refers to _____. Your Solution: | self-service technologies | 6.

Leading firms review service efficiency by collecting _____ measurements to übung customer satisfiers and dissatisfiers. Your Response: | tone of the client | several. The services a customer expects is the _____ support package. The Answer: | primary | 8. Added features to a offering these are known as _____ services features. The Answer: | secondary | 9. The intangibility of services features implications pertaining to the choice of _____. Your Solution: | manufacturer elements | 10. _____ cost refers to the product’s purchase price plus the reduced cost of repair and restore less the discounted repair value.

The Answer: | Life circuit | eleven. According to Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Benny, the most important determinant of services quality is usually: Your Response: | Dependability | 12. An supplying that consists primarily of a tangible good with no companies at all is known as a _____. Your Answer: | pure tangible good | 13. A restaurant is one of a(n) _____. Your Solution: | cross types | 16. _____ identifies the readiness to help clients and to provide prompt assistance. Your Answer: | Responsiveness | 15. _____ identifies the knowledge and courtesy of staff and their ability to convey trust and self-confidence.

Your Response: | Confidence | sixteen. _____ refers to the ability to execute the assured service dependably and accurately. Your Answer: | Stability | seventeen. Mystery customers refer to the usage of _____. Your Answer: | undercover consumers | 18. Customers frequently view a service as quite homogeneous, caring less about the provider than the selling price. Service online marketers must therefore _____ all their services. The Answer: | differentiate | 19. Marriott is setting up rooms in hotels for high end travelers who need accommodations that could support pcs, fax devices, and e-mail.

These are instances of _____ service features. Your Answer: | secondary | 20. _____ extensions often require sub-branding strategies in which the corporate brand is along with an individual brand or modifier. Your Solution: | Vertical | 21 years old. Services such since installations, personnel training, routine service, and restore services and financing are _____ solutions. Your Solution: | facilitating | 22. Ritz-Carlton Hotels’ legendary services is one of which one in the following distinctive characteristic of service? Your Answer: | Intangibility | Short Inquiries: 1 .

Precisely what are the five categories of offerings in the product-service mix? Ans: – 1 . Pure tangible good , the giving consists generally of a concrete good, no services go along with the product. installment payments on your Tangible great with associating services , the providing consists of a concrete good combined with one or more solutions. 3. Cross types , the offering includes equal elements of goods and services. some. Major service with associating minor services and goods , the offering consists of a major assistance along with additional solutions or promoting goods. your five. Pure assistance , the offering is made up primarily of a service.. Exactly what the five determinants of service top quality in order worth addressing? Ans: – 1 . Dependability , the ability to perform the promised assistance dependably and accurately. installment payments on your Responsiveness , the willingness to help buyers and to offer prompt assistance. 3. Confidence , the ability and due to employees and their ability to present trust and confidence. 5. Empathy , the dotacion of caring, individualized attention to customers. five. Tangibles , the appearance of physical facilities, tools, personnel, and communication components. 3.

Holistic marketing pertaining to services requires external, inside, and online marketing. Determine these terms. Ans: -External marketing describes the conventional work of preparing, prices, distributing, and promoting the service to buyers. Internal promoting describes training and encouraging employees to serve buyers well. Fun marketing identifies the employees’ skill in serving your customer. Clients evaluate service not only by its technical quality (e. g., was the surgical procedure successful? ) but also by its functional quality (e. g., did the surgeon show concern and encourage confidence? ).

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