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string(180) ‘ Godiva offers its candy products in a variety of brands and variety of flavors in order to record a wider market, along with meet every one of the customers’ demands and specifications\. ‘

Introduction Godiva has for a long period now becoming among the leading corporations in its area of expertise, candy. Currently, this records a customer of five-hundred million CHF per year. It gives a very online, as well as customer support, where consumers are able to go through the staffs’ truthfulness.

Company record Godiva Chocolatier is a multinational Company that deals with developing of premium chocolates and other products linked to chocolates. Godiva was founded in 1926, in Belgium, nevertheless later acquired by the European Yildiz Loge, the owner of Ulker Group.

It opened it is first shop shop in the Grand Put in place Brussels. The business went global through opening its first shop exterior Belgium in Paris, France in 1958. The company expanded further and by 1966, the business products acquired reached Us where most of the products were sold mainly in luxury strip malls. Godiva recieve more than six hundred retail outlets and stores that it possesses and operates in various countries such as Us, Asia, Europe, as well as Canada.

The corporation is also available through more than twelve, 000 specialty retailers. This company, in addition , to chocolates presents other items such as truffles, biscuit, and fruits, cocoa, among other foods and beverages (Godiva History and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (2004). The business by the season 2007 got reported gross annual sales of 500 mil USD. It really is in the same year the company announced its interest in exploring several strategic alternatives among them becoming divestiture.

However , in 12 , 2007, the business announced its interest in selling Godiva to a single of the greatest and prominent consumer products manufacturer inside the Turkish food industry, and by 2008, the procedure was finished, and Yildiz Holdings gained ownership of the company (Adelman, Andrews, , Lee, 2007). Currently, this company continues to very own and carry its functions in with a lot more than 400 shops globally. The organization has accepted the new technology of shopping online and at present it issue 6 in season mails order catalogs yearly in United States, as well as receiving online and cell phone orders for goods (Godiva History and COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS (2004).

Godiva operations in Singapore Singapore can be an interesting market to penetrate through direct expense or franchising. Godiva features directly invested in Singapore through setting up outlets and shops in several cities in Singapore. This country is strategically located at the southern tip in the Malaysian Peninsula. It contains Singapore destinations, several islets within their territorial oceans. The area is seen as undulated property with low hills. Consequently , the country is well attainable due to its convenience through area, water, and air.

Singapore is currently viewed as one of the most powerful cities globally where persons can work, commit, and are in (Ghosh, 2010). It is globally connected with a multicultural and international city states and towns while offering one of the best good environments throughout the world to do business and for success motivated industries. For approximately four many years now, Singapore has gone through tremendous change from a place of nationwide business to one of the world’s prominent monetary centers, sea hubs and international airports.

In addition , it has become one of the open financial systems for both equally trade and investment nationally and globally. Companies and organizations operating in this country will be guaranteed entry to competent and unbiased judicial system, openness and consistence in govt guidelines, implementation of good and very good corporate governance policy, and anticorruption plans. Godiva, after carefully market research in Singapore, developed strategies of entering into the forex market. Godiva Organization has used directly through setting up retail outlet and shops for providing its products.

It has three stores in this region that are situated in main places, for example , in large metropolitan areas and destinations where there is simple accessibility and convenient can be shopping many. There are great Infrastructures through this country, and thus the company provides taken this kind of opportunity and introduced online shopping for its items. The products with this market are not only purchased throughout the retail shop, but through online solutions where the buyers purchase chocolate products in the comfort of their homes.

The organization has a program of diverting more attention to Singapore, since Singapore is among the wealthiest and prosperous nations and thus the necessity for high grade goods and services can be high. In addition , it has a populace of approximately your five million with a growth rate of about 24%. Therefore , this provides you with the company a wider target audience. Competitive examination Godiva has its own competitors located in Singapore. That faces competition from the two local and international companies. For example , Royce and the Chocolate Research Service is a regional company in Singapore and a competitor of this organization.

Other rivals in this market include Leonidas, and Teuscher, among others. Yet , despite the severe competition from this industry, this company has always been brought up by the enthusiasts of candy. They trust and remain loyal towards the company since the company is known in the supply of high course and high quality products which usually satisfy the consumers. Therefore , in spite of the advantage the other competition could have with this industry, for instance , the local organization, it have a competitive edge regarding winning the customer loyalty through providing items of substance.

Future of the organization in Singapore According to the prediction made in Singapore, there will be a 17% growth rate pertaining to the chocolates industry. Most the customers of Godiva Company are age bracket of among 30 and 40 years who are in the working school and, consequently , can afford these types of premium items. However , relating to research, the economy is anticipated to pick up, and so younger people from the regarding between over 20 years can increasingly make more income, and they will be more willing to spend more as their disposable income improves.

This selection of consumers mainly looks for premium and extremely customized products. Therefore , the organization will be better situated to compete through this industry. Godiva Gems products and brand Godiva offers the chocolate products in various brands and selection of flavors to be able to capture a wider marketplace, as well as meet all the consumers’ demands and specifications.

You read ‘Godiva Chocolatier Swot’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Some of the tastes include truffles, fresh lotions, fruits, chocolates bars, caraques, among a number of others. The client has created a number of more than seventy products of those customers who also demand custom-made goods.

The business, in addition , presents other a lot more than 100 types for different occasions such as for items personal indulgence, special occasions like cocktail group meetings and home entertaining chocolates products. Usually, the company value to pack the merchandise in Godiva’s classic gold ballotin, although currently the organization has designed up and today uses stylish seasonal the labels for all its customers. In addition , the company provides other contrasting products to these chocolates goods which include Godiva ice cream, Godiva white chocolate alcohol, among others.

Godiva customize its chocolate products to meet and fit in the need of local cultures. For instance , the taste and flavors of Godiva goods in US is different from that of European countries. A lot of milk and sugar goods are added when preparing chocolates for American market. Godiva’s Marketing Strategy to get Godiva Treasure in Singapore Market segmentation Marketing segmentation is significant for any business that desires to excel in different industry. It can help a company identify segments with similar qualities such as obtaining behavior (Zonis, 2009). Godiva chocolates have created two portion, corporate portion and wealthy retail market.

The organization segment has two key groups for a purpose. The first crucial group is for business products giving. This is a round the clock market although does not have got peak occasions during getaway gifts and presents providing season. The other group in the business segment is for corporate offers programs. These programs happen to be exploited simply by corporate returns, sales incentives, as well as reputation. The well-off retail market requires retails consumers and consumers who have a preference to get premium and expensive products. The largest group for these products is found in London, uk.

In Singapore, the market may be divided to feature the haves and the haven’t. The market can be divided to succeed in those with low earnings, along with those with large earnings ((Cohen, 2004). Product differentiation Godiva is an established company in numerous parts of the earth and have won the trust and commitment of many buyers globally. In Singapore, although products are expensive, many clients prefer ordering from Godiva shops instead of other shops in the same industry. The reason is , the company placed its products to offer high superior products and of a different selection.

Therefore , many customers are aware of the quality of the Godiva items, and, therefore , remain loyal to the business despite the embrace price. This provides this company a competitive edge in this market. Product positioning Product setting is the one of a kind way of supplying the products available in the market. Godiva firm apart from supplying exceptional products in terms of quality, it has a number of packaging which in turn attracts clients. For example , many customers need custom made companies package that this company can offer extensively.

In addition , you will discover varieties of items for different occasions such as pertaining to special gifts. The organization has above 100 kinds of products pertaining to various situations. This gives this a competitive edge over the other companies through this industry because it is able to tap a bigger industry. Marketing goal Godiva candy deals with Chocolates products and, therefore , the main concentrate on of their market is chocolates lovers. They are people mostly love indulging in rich and delicious goods, for example , products in the world of delicious chocolate.

The company includes a variety of products that their offers available in the market depending on the clients demands. Some of the varieties of goods include candy, fruit, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, candy shakes, among other varieties. The target industry of Godiva consists typically of the world class or the wealthy since the chocolate products can be very expensive and are simply affordable towards the rich. For capturing this world category group, the business offers many different packaging styles, which are artfully designed to in shape the targeted people. Product strategy

Godiva chocolate shops and shops offer a wide selection of their super-premium selections sweets products. The choice includes the business newly presented chocolate products which include Nippon, Romaine, 85 two percent cocoa Demitasse, and Creole. Godiva Business has positioned its products where customers may easily access these people. For example , it gives a variety of items in its internet site to enable clients view the existing products and the most up-to-date products. The items are also available for online shopping to allow the customers shop from their homes.

Packing of products, on the other hand, varies from country to nation to meet several needs in the customer. For instance , in United states of america chocolates are pre-packed in Singapore, sweets collections happen to be custom made. The company has a fresh packing strategy, which is to offer chocolates in assortments, which can be hand made to be able to enhance advancement, as well as difference from opponents. Price In Europe, Godiva does not include much say in terms of creating prices for their products.

The reason is , the prices had been standardized by European Union, and, therefore , the company must comply with the union and standardize its rates. The price in addition has increased for many of the Godiva products, plus the market hasn’t yet approved. The company wants to borrow a leaf from the wine beverage tasting that had been held for local wine beverage shop, and educate it is consumers on why it truly is worth to obtain chocolate products at the set price. Additionally , the prediction shows that there will be an increase in the expansion rate and, therefore , our economy is supposed to pick up.

The corporation, therefore , is definitely deciding on focusing on the quality of the product to be reflected in the large prices set. Many people will also be in a position to afford the products at that value because the cash flow will go up and so is going to their throw-away income. The pricing strategy includes establishing further premium pricing in those goods that are best selling for full rich portions and produce the best costs and amount combination. Intended for the wealthy retail part, which have obtained an average growth rate, the corporation plans on retaining the current prices for the rest of these products.

Introduction of discount costs for all the company segment the first time client, and also a for longer period clients, that is certainly, those customers that have been running a business for more than three years. This strategy is good for helping in attracting even more clients, and maintaining the current ones. Stations of syndication The company initially decides to enhance its division channels working in london without important increasing their investment in actual shops. This will be achieved through relationship with alternative party premium selling channels.

The corporation desires to increase distribution channels outside Birmingham utilizing similar associate in case the strategy performs in London. The essence this strategy is always to decrease the purchase in stores which in the past have been seen to negatively impact on returns of the company. The corporation has various options to consider, for example , to distribute the chocolate premium products strongly across various channels. However , this would have got a large negative aspect on the business since it would dilute the premium luxury brand name. The other option is always to identify high quality retail programs of distributions and employ them.

1 possible superior retail channel tie-up that can be considered is usually Starbucks Espresso. Promotion strategy The aim of Godiva promotion meaning into the global and common campaign is to unify their advertising message. However , this tactic is difficult because of the difference in the individual market around the globe. The company includes a new objective in promotion, which is to boost the rate from the purchase of candy products to get gifts, special occasions, and for personal consumption. Additionally , the company in the advertising campaign would like to give the brand name a fresh appearance.

Since women do most of the getting, advertising should, therefore , concentrate on women magazines and billboards. In entering new marketplaces, the company will certainly focus on the merchandise and its special offers. Therefore , the company should develop and primary promotion technique in order to gain some market share in Singapore. The corporation can start with giving free samples in order to create free publicity. One more form of promoting that Godiva can present is the Godiva Theater. Godiva Theater is a domestic approach that can be used in promotion of goods, in Singapore.

Customers through this promo strategy can observe their chocolate products developed through the glass viewing area, and they can, therefore , appreciate chocolate fresh made. The strategy of unifying Godiva image throughout the world is a viable strategy. However , having conflicting manufacturer images could cause confusion and misunderstanding among markets, as well as in the company. As Singapore is actually a technologically advanced point out, Godiva ought to design its advertising to be mostly in televisions and internet. The business should also get a celebrity to use in advertising.

This is due to, having a movie star or a role model encourage the chocolates products, plus the company’s picture will increase the eye of Godiva and its products. The company, as soon as the brand is accepted on the market can go back to the word of mouth area form of advertising. Godiva Business uses two styles of production methods in manufacturing various shapes and sizes of the chocolates products. That they include enrobing and shell-molding. Shell molding is mostly used in The european union and is employed in manufacturing a lot of the Godiva chocolate. This method features enabled the business to design one of a kind olds, providing them with unique design, and advanced confections, that are easily acknowledged as Godiva. When these selections of the shell-molded chocolates are packed in one of the stylish package deal, they become attractive even for the most discerning customers in the market. Conclusion and recommendations Godiva is one of the most prominent companies inside the chocolate sector. According to the over analysis, this business is highly recommended by many addicts of chocolate in all the place its has set stores. In Singapore particularly, the company is extremely doing well.

This is because of its exceptional chocolate products when it comes to quality, product packaging and selection of chocolate products. The company, consequently , despite the increase in the prices of its products continue to attracts an amazing number of consumers that can sustain it in the market. My advice would be as according to forecast, the Singapore economic system is anticipated to rise in the future, which means the people earnings goes up including the youth of below 30 years, the products ought to be given a youthful physical appearance to attract the youth. This will likely consequently boost the target market pertaining to Godiva items.

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