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Explanation of why I choose this Subject: I chose this kind of topic mainly because of my interest towards evaluating main character types. Both the film Iron Person and the novel A Clockwork Orange, discuss a likeness in which character types consisted of these kinds of acts, behaviour, and behaviours, that were not really accepted by others. With this topic, I actually am capable of closely examine the main characters, and to study their persona and their daily lives.

My interest focuses on character elements, and how they will developed through the entire story. This is the reason why I chose this kind of topic.

What I hope to confirm on my composition: In this composition, I are looking into specific character characteristics which clarifies their role like a ” Nonconformist hero inches. My goal is to collect as much information about the character, therefore i am capable of come up with 2-3 strong controlling ideas. But , it is also must be proven with sufficient proof from the two novel and film. By this, my dissertation will become more robust within their content. Quite simply, all information should be linked to the main topic ” non-conformist Main character. Outlining main points that is considered the moment writing essay:

The major points in this article are going to involve around the primary characters coming from both Flat iron man and A Clockwork Orange. Inside the film Flat iron man, Tony Stark is an essential character. Tony Stark includes every aspect of a non-conformist main character. He is an individual person, a loner, a dissenter, and a dissident. He is a personality that refuses to listen to what others claim. Tony Abgefahren does what ever he needs, and does not have others advices. He is a multi millionaire man who runs an organization that makes high tech weapons for the American military services.

Tony Kampfstark is a excellent man that creates advanced technology such as, automated programs, missiles, while others. Despite his intelligence and its positive impact to the country, Tony is careless and self-serving. He includes a character in which others (society) do not accept. Throughout the film, viewers start to see his transformation into a hero, and yet still contains an uninformed personality. In the novel A Clockwork Orange, Alex is the main character. Such major factors will include his gang, and it’s really violating tendencies.

Such elements include his behavior that is not accepted by others (society). His thoughts and the dangerous society encourage him to commit such crucial acts such as, afeitado, robbery, and murder. Alex is one of a non-conformist character, as they is someone that refuses to do something about expected tendencies and thoughts. As the story goes on, it is also possible that Alex may begin to come across obstacles which transform him to a different person towards the end of the account. A paragraph that claims the areas of my composition: In my article it will incorporate 2 managing ideas.

The first controlling idea will probably be about the character Tony Abgefahren, of the video Iron person. This point can demonstrate most character aspects of Tony Ignite. Clearly showing his individuality, and talks about how it really is linked to a Nonconformist hero. For the 2nd controlling thought, it is going to always be about Alex of the new A Clockwork Orange. Facets of his acts and his area are going to be discussed and demonstrated with satisfactory proof. The whole essay will likely be consisted of cases, and explanations of a deep analysis with the characters.

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