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American Civil Warfare

There has been a number of going around myths regarding the American Civil Conflict. We need to drill down deep to see if these myths happen to be true. Did the To the south HATE dark-colored people? Do Robert E.

Lee hate America? Was the civil war all about slavery? Did the South commence the municipal war? All these myths have to be revealed. Allegedly the Southern people were the sole Americans that enslaved black people. That they tortured, conquer, and starved them. Relating to research, a slave in the current modern world, would expense anywhere from hundred buck, 000-$200, 000.

Why might a servant owner squander that much cash and something they might treat as being a rag girl doll? In many cases slaves were cared for as part of the relatives. The North also got slaves, not just the South. In the North, everything was supposedly totally free and had options. The North technically did not own slaves, but they had been people inside the North that owed them things. These individuals were known as indentured maids. These indentured servants are not all of African race either. They were to become released more than a stated period. This fable came to be because basically no matter which side won the war, they would pin the consequence on the opposing side.

Was Robert At the. Lee a terrible man? Performed he hate American with a passion? The answer to this is definitely false. Robert E. Lee did not ever before even own a single slave. He was very strong in his enthusiasm with the Confederate States of America. He lived in the state of Virginia and said he’d never drop them off in any hard times. In stating this, this individual joined the South inside the American Municipal War. This individual loved America, but did not like the injustice the To the south was being displayed. His home of Arlington was converted into a conflict cemetery. The modern, it is generally known as Arlington Countrywide Cemetery.

It was initially a cemetery pertaining to Union Troops. How could the whole war become about slavery? The warfare lasted 5 years, 1861-1865. The Emancipation Proclamation was put into effect in 1863. Might the warfare have been about for the last two years? The Municipal War was fought due to Northern oppression. The To the south began to get bankrupt as the North was taxing the South very heavily, and the South has not been as developing as the North. Captivity was a concern, but as the South has not been industrialized. The South was just using what they had intended for resources.

The slaves were their methods. There has been a myth that says the fact that South began the war. This is actually to some degree true, but is not totally the case. The Southern decided that it did not wish be part of the United States of American any longer. It simply seceded. The North still had some capés located in the South nevertheless. Fort Sumter most notably was attacked simply by Southern soldiers because the Southern region felt insecure by what could have been dangerous people from the North. The Southern was forced into battle because the North had dispatched a transport ship of supplies.

The South looked after itself because it had to safeguard itself through the transport ships and the Northern soldiers for Fort Sumter. The truth about all these myths can be revealed not by evidence of Northern history, or The southern part of history, yet of American History. Just because the North gained, does not mean everything that they compose and post is true. There are many newspapers, letters, and diaries depicting significant events that reveal the truths of many other myths as well. The truth of these misguided beliefs comes from a history that actually occurred.

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