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Phase ONE: Intro

Health professionals are working in a engineering goaded work environment, there are excessive outlooks that nurses develop accomplishments in information and communicating engineerings ( ICT ), ( Connecting for Health, 08 ). E-Learning has a significant function to learn in the future technique of nurse CPD within the administration, with restraints on support for staff development activities ( Estuaries and rivers, 2007 ), together with the increased publicity of ego aimed larning within just CPD activities and a great addition in digitised methods being made available on-line by way of inter and intranet, übung into the us of specialist development within the administration is indispensable. Given the demands to get an THIS literate work force within the NHS the writer considers e-Learning to be a useful medium intended for CPD actions and accepted a demand for farther geographic expedition with this country of go oning pattern development.

The Nursing and Midwifery Authorities ( NMC ) need nurses to continually upgrade themselves through CPD, normally referred to as PREPARATION ( Post Registration Education and Practice ) ( NMC, 2008b ). This poses a peculiar challenge in today , s workplace where there are fewer financess accessible to run into the demands of the diverse scope of staff advancement required, finances are often schedule to supply little other than the , required , planning and as a consequence nurses usually perceive the necessity to personal fund , non compulsory , CPD activities ( Rivers, 3 years ago ). On top of that nurses besides face the challenge of occurring clip to update, being released from style is frequently a challenge, these problems were accepted by Bahn ( 2007 ) in her review into nurse orientation to prosecuting in formal and informal obtain within move oning training and womb-to-tomb acquisition. Sing entree to e-Learning in the workplace, Wright , A, Bingham present a number of barriers: inches work force hold to the use of ICT intended for larning, along with deficiency of standard ICT successes, the limitations of regional IT infrastructures, and deficiency of staff show to set about acquisition inch ( 2008, 4-5 ). They go on to province the deficiency of successes and expertness to develop and present e-Learning and mixed acquisition ( larning made up of a combination of classic and e-Learning attacks ( JISC zero day of the month ) ) is known as a farther crucial barrier within just about every single administration they will surveyed.

The publication in the National Platform For Long term Learning ( DH 2001 ) and subsequently the introduction of the structure Supporting Best Practice in e-Learning through the NHS ( National Staff Group, june 2006 ) work together to determine the progress C , A, THAT expertness inside the NHS work force, the Nationwide Programme for Information Technology ( NPfIT ) delivered through local execution by Strategic Health Authorities ( SHA ) ( Connecting intended for Health, 2008 ) and consequences in the E-Learning Scoping Exercise to get NHS To the south Central component ( Wright , A, Bingham, 2008 ) are expected to further back up the getting of NHS Improvement Plan and the Criteria for Overall health through even more effectual planning and development advancement at a local level.

There has been significant investing in elevating the proviso and handiness of IT resources to back up function based larning , A, CPD. Many collaborative companies saw the outgrowth of resources developed by the former NHS University ( NHSU ), abolished in 2005, whose purposes would be to make and better chances for larning, make good quality larning conditions, and lead research in future larning demands. This developed into NHS Institute to get Learning, Skills and Development ( DH 2005 ), and eventually NHS Institute for Creativity and Improvement. The Core Learning Devices ( CLU ) developed under the NHSU were utilized in the Skills pertaining to Health government and managed within the NHS Core Learning Unit website ( CLU, 2008 ).

Concurrently there is apparent growing and creation within the Nationwide Library for Health ( NLH ) which in April 2009 was transferred NHS Evidence and rebranded The NHS Data Health Information Assets ( WONDERFUL, 2008 ) with a heightened proviso of e-books, and on-line diaries, together with raising handiness of staff development resources within just organizational Intranet or sensible acquisition surroundings, including made digital learning things, pictures, CD-ROM and audio tracks, often delivered online by way of Internet synchronised with Novice Management Devices ( LMS ) for monitoring and entering staff development activities.

Research into e-Learning has grown in recent old ages with a turning figure of research concentrating on improvements within Degree Institutions ( HEIs ) viz. Higher Education Funding Authorities for Britain ( HEFCE ) ( 2005 ), JISC ( 2007 ), Sharpe ain Al ( 2006 ), Waite , A, Bingham ( 2008 ) and developments centering on implementing e-Learning within the NHS examined simply by Farrell ( 2006 ), Gill ( 2007 ), National Workforce Group ( NWG ) ( 2006 ) and Wright , A, Bingham ( 2008 ), the findings and recommendations coming from these guides will be regarded within the design and setup of the exploration undertaking.

Provided the demands within the NHS for an THIS literate work force, from the grounds presented, e-Learning proposes to become potentially valuable medium to heighten CPD activities. Locally it is recognised that farther geographic expedition in the factors that influence the determinations of larning disablement nurses including of e-Learning into their CPD is needed.


This study assumes that e-Learning ( definition, see appendix 1 ) creates a essential advantage in supplying nurses with the opportunity to run in to Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) ( classification, see appendix 1 ) demands in a more flexible fashion than throughout the more , traditional contexts , i. e. , campus based face-to-face getting, entirely. Adaptable acquisition and bringing were recognised by Sandars who stated that e-Learning has tremendous effectiveness, he expected that progresss in engineering would ” let fast entree to high-quality methods, both on- and offline, from job and place, including a cut and walking to accommodate anybody ” ( 2003: 3 ). Easy entree is a cardinal constituent for the success of e-Learning pertaining to professional creation. The , Martini , gimmick phrase is still evident today with any show, anyplace, and any walking acquisition ( JISC ( Joint Details Systems Panel ) 2008 ). With this flexibleness there is in addition to the possible to convey together the regular contexts with e-Learning to provide a wealthier learning knowledge, normally this really is referred to as , Blended Learning , ( Sharpe ainsi que al, 2006 ). Overall flexibility is one of the primary advantages of e-Learning recognised by National Labor force Group ( NWG ) and Department of Well being ( DH ) ( 2006 ) who recognized the value of buying workforce instructions delivered through e-Learning to support the modernization of the NHS and the on-going development of their work force.

Research request:

What factors impact the personal determinations of larning disablement rns , to add e-Learning to their Continuing Specialist Development ( CPD ) activities?

The survey was executed to place and research elements which motivate and support the add-on of e-Learning within CPD activities and factors which discourage and suppress the inclusion of e-Learning within just CPD activities.

Recommendations and findings of the survey keep pace with inform the development and bringing of CPD activities within the Ridgeway Partnership ( Oxfordshire Learning Incapacity NHS Trust ).

Structure from the survey:

Chapter one, presents the survey focus, placing impacts from countrywide authorities, the professional organic structure intended for Nurses and Midwives practicing in the United Kingdom ( UK ) the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC ), and impacts from the Office of Health ( DH ), the National Health Service ( NHS ) and societal policy problems.

Background information is really presented followed by a theory for established abouting the survey. Your research inquiry is presented along with the purposes and aims for the study, basically these guide the whole undertaking.

In chapter two, contains the materials reappraisal. Existing literature refering to the topics of E-Learning, Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) and Learning Disability Healthcare professionals.

Chapter 3, presents the methodological examination and methods of the study, researching the philosophical constructs that inform the overall attack of the thesis, showing the theoretical style, design of the survey and related ethical issues.

Ethical motives Committee blessing was sought pertaining to the study, the moralss proposal process will be provided and investigated. Finally the techniques of the survey will be shown and mentioned.

The consequences of the survey are presented in Chapter Four, accompanied by explications analysis.

Phase five nowadayss a treatment in the salient details which appeared from the evaluation of the outcomes.

Chapter 6 offers the decisions drawn from the treatments with cardinal results of the starting. Recommendations for changes in routine associating to e-Learning and CPD actions are put frontward. A contemplation for the experience of bring oning this survey making use of the brooding model of ( Reference point ) brings the thesis to an airport terminal.


While transporting out the books reappraisal, it probably is evident that there is a deficiency of published operate associating for the experiences of larning disablement nurses , engaging in Continuous Professional Creation ( CPD ) actions likewise there is also a deficiency of published work concentrating on larning disablement nurses , prosecuting in e-Learning.

Structure could under required the lit reappraisal


The investigation inquiry requires the premises about nurses , proposal in eLearning within CPD activities be explored. A survey to provide such replies would require an geographic expedition from the ideas and experiences of nurses be aftering and prosecuting with CPD actions, hence a qualitative assault will be followed for this survey. Qualitative research permits an geographic expedition of the lived experience which is viewed throughout the eyes individuals under study ( Bryman, 2004 ). The review will use an inductive, descriptive methodological examination comprising of facets by both phenomenological and ethnographic attacks. Harmonizing to Creswell ( 3 years ago ) they are most appropriate attacks to see when analyzing activities as existed by the review participants. To achieve this it is necessary that that the activities of nursing staff prosecuting in CPD activities are collected, described therefore analysed just before decisions happen to be drawn. As a result a different attack has been selected mainly because it appears to be the best in replying the review inquiry.

Theoretical position:

A qualitative style has been picked for the survey since it is extremely fitted to researching the lived experience of the individuals to find which will factors effect them when be aftering their CPD activities. The survey asked participants to portion their particular ideas and experiences to detect any possible obstacles or vices they have experienced when always be aftering inside CPD activities, through one interview it can place which in turn factors suppress and reduce the addition of eLearning within CPD activities and which inspire and back up the introduction of eLearning within CPD activities. Thematic analysis is going to set up themes from which actions cane be identified for service advancement.

Paradigm , The paradigm of the review consists of the followers, the ontological placement is relativist, the writer believes that there is no individual reply to the task, the result is influenced by context and is also different between persons. The epistemic location is subjectivist, it would be hard to be non-subjective in such a research undertaking since the writer has an proven and seeable presence in larning , A, learning in odd in e-learning in their utilizing administration, it really is indispensable that this is taken into consideration as it may do something about upon your research undertaking as well as the methodological location is hermeneutic.


The survey is definitely interview structured and will use an inductive, descriptive methodological analysis seeking any potential problems of larning disablement nursing staff prosecuting in CPD actions.

The review focuses on the experiences of registered larning disablement nurses, employed in a particular NHS Trust in Britain, UK. The inclusion regular is purposely wide to ensure nurses by any nation of the Trust could take part. It is besides of transfer to roll-up the positions of rns who have not yet involved in CPD actions utilizing e-Learning every bit very good as individuals who have. Therefore to get matter-of-fact grounds purposive sampling was employed.

Purposive testing ( Polit , A, Hungler, 1999: 284 ) was used to try to happen a more strongly defined group for whom the research inquiry will be significant. Polkinghorne ( 1989 ) and Jones , A, Bernard ( 2003 ) advocator that trying continues until theoretical impregnation have been reached. This is advocated simply by Guest ainsi que Al ( 2006 ) who recognizes in well being scientific willpower research, that impregnation has become the , gold criterion , by which calculated sample sizes are decided. It was consequently of transfer to guarantee that the sufficient Numberss of participants are recruited to supply the amount of working day of the month required to make , assumptive impregnation , and continue to be manageable in the clip graduated table with the survey. A sample size of six has been selected for this study, this determine is suggested simply by Polkinghorne ( 1989 ) as a suited figure intended for informations assimilation via interviews.

Figure one particular Outline in the methodological evaluation.

  • Draft survey/ interview agenda ( unfastened and closed inquiries )
  • Relaxed testing
  • Change bill of exchange survey/ interview plan
  • Pre-test modified bill of exchange making use of interviews
  • Modify study once more
  • Carry out primary informations collectiong interviews
  • Transcribe interviews
  • Mail to participants for , respondent proof
  • Code informations and fix infos files
  • Review informations and write study.

( Based on Robson 2002: 229 ).

A Trust decision maker is going to direct a missive ask foring proposal in the survey to each initially degree, listed Learning Disability Nurse utilized within the Ridgeway Partnership ( Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust ).

The invitation will include an lineation from the survey positioning purposes and aims and time-scale and demands on participants. The participant info sheet and answer gaffe will be sent as enclosures to the invite missive, they will be asked to return their finished answer foulup. Correspondence will probably be sent via the Trust internal postal system, respondents will probably be provided with an excellent return ego dealt with envelope for usage.

In case the full test has not been recruited within 4 hebdomads therefore a 2nd invite to take part will be expanded via the Trust , Nursing staff Newsletter ,. This is a bi-monthly digital newssheet produced within the Trust and directed by a Trust decision machine via electronic mail to all listed nurses. Potential participants will probably be invited to achieve Jill Pawlyn for more information around the undertaking and bespeak the participant data sheet.

Inquirers will be delivered a records of the player information sheet and solution faux pas, they will be asked to return their completed answer misstep. Correspondence will probably be sent via the internal postal system, respondents will be furnished with a return spirit addressed cover for their usage.

Follow up characters will be dispatched two hebdomads after re-acting to the first question. In the event that no response received therefore the participant will non always be contacted yet again. Participants who complete and return the response faux pas will be invited to visit an single interview.

Even though the focal point from the survey is usually on e-Learning activities, the original invitation to take part is usually non being made electronically while this would quickly curtail the sample to participants who may have a work e-mail reference and they are users of engineering at your workplace.

Interviews will probably be structured utilizing the interview agenda, individuals will be asked a series of requests to produce an history of their encounter.

To guarantee an accurate record with the interview can be captured interviews will be audio recorded.

Selection interviews will be done at a clip and workplace position which is easiest to the individuals, ideally a job interview room on a single of the three chief Trust sites ( Oxford, Marlborough , A, Aylesbury ) which is near to the participants operate base, can be physically accessible and gives a sufficient amount of privateness to ensure the participant can speak freely throughout the interview. Jill Pawlyn will guarantee suited fits are booked for each interview.

Interview records will be transcribed into direct , accounts , a transcript from the transcript will be sent to interview participants intended for , respondent proof ,.

Data research will be executed utilizing quantitative and qualitative attacks including both thematic and detailed analysis.

Info analysis will get down on reception of the delivered transcripts. Data analysis will probably be aided utilizing NVivo, this package may manage big sums of informations speedily, and it helps the development of regular coding approaches and provides person location safe-keeping for all informations and products for the undertaking.

Info will be analysed utilizing thematic analysis, infos within the interview transcripts will probably be given codifications, extra comments and absences will be known utilizing , memos , similar continuing phrases, subjects, experiences etc will be searched for.

From the forms generated in the informations a collection of , generalisations , will so be developed these kinds of generalizations will be discussed and reported in in the ending study ( Adapted from: Miles , A, Huberman, 1994: 9 ).

Chief add-on and exemption standards.

Inclusion regular First degree, registered learning disablement nursing staff employed in Ridgeway Partnership ( Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust ), and of this kind of group the first 6 who share involvement.

Exclusion standard workers of Ridgeway Partnership ( Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust ), who are non initial degree, signed up learning disablement nurses, the study workers series director and others nurses to whom the research employee provides clinical supervising.

Simply no exclusions will probably be made within the footing old, disablement, male or female, race, social beginning or nationality, hope or belief, or intimate orientation.

sample size to get the research? How many participants/samples/data records will you be after to analyze in entire?

Test size half a dozen nurses sucked from a inhabitants of 150 nurses inside one NHS Trust.

Participants are all practicing nurses in the united kingdom. Written sales and marketing communications within the trust are in English.

Just how was the sample size made the decision upon? If a formal sample size calculation was used, bespeak how this was done, supplying sufficient info to justify and reproduce the computation.

The survey focuses on the experiences of authorized nurses, employed in a particular NHS Trust in England, UK.

The inclusion common is intentionally wide to guarantee nurses by any region of the Trust could take part, for matter-of-fact grounds purposive sampling is being employed.

Precisely what are the conceivable hazards and loads for research members and how can you understate these people?

There are zero hazards or perhaps other evident disadvantages via taking portion.

There is a demand for participants to perpetrate clip to take part in the informations collectiong and look intoing the interview transcripts, over the continuance from the survey this will non surpasse 1 0.5 hours in entire.

To understate the hazard of incommodiousness take parting in the survey, selection interviews will be held in Trust locations as near the participants , work basic as possible including a video which is reciprocally convenient to the participant and research staff member.

No threat to self confidence originating from the interview, queries are non invasive.

potency for benefit to research participants?

There are not any direct rewards to currently taking portion, although engagement will supply participants with an chance for personal contemplation through which they could derive penetrations into their ain acquisition penchants and place countries for long term CPD activities.

By consider parting in this survey folks will assist us to understand just how better to strategy and regress to something easier CPD actions delivered via e-Learning within the Trust.

Just how and by whom will potential participants, information or samples be recognized?

A Trust decision manufacturer will direct a avertissement ask foring engagement in the survey with each first level, registered Learning Disability Doctor employed within the Ridgeway relationship ( Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust ).

Confidentiality of the data provided by members can simply be shielded within the limitations of the tendu. Participant individualities will be guarded through , de-identification , participants , will be given an one unique positioning codification which will be know merely to Jill Pawlyn. Information that is personal and the discovering codifications will probably be held individually and be stored in a secure location.

Details of members will be held in assurance from other members of staff inside the Trust. To generate this, informations will be de-identified before it is analysed and the concluding study individuals will be labeled by a inkognito.

No privately placing data will be offered in the concluding study.

The information will be kept firmly in the Trust, for two old age groups from the day of the month of achievement, before being destroyed.

How and by who will potential participants primary be got into contact with?

Initial strike will be via a missive request foring engagement in the survey. This will always be sent with a Trust decision maker with each nurse utilized within the Trust. The invitation will include an lineation in the survey inserting purposes and aims and time-scale and demands upon participants. The participant info sheet and answer gaffe will be sent as enclosures to the invite missive, they shall be asked to return their finished answer foulup.

The a muslim invitation will be achieved via the , Nurses Newsletter ,. The decision developer to the Overseer for Efficiency, Information and Nursing compiles and redirects the Healthcare professionals Newsletter, just about every two months. Division is via the trust e-mail and inside station devices. Potential participants will be asked to reach Jill Pawlyn to bespeak a greater distance information about the review or to bespeak a transcript of the participator information bed sheet.

Invitation albhabets will be delivered to Nurses with a Trust decision maker who have entree for the database of registered nurses. On problem, possible members will be asked to supply personal data for foreseeable future correspondence inside the answer foulup giving, name, work guide, email reference and work phone number.

A follow-up invitation to take part in the survey will be within the Trust , Nurses Publication , the invitation will incorporate an lineation of the survey placing uses and is designed and time-scale and demands on members.


Potential participants will be sent a transcript with the participant details sheet and answer faux pas, they will be asked to return their particular completed response faux pas.

Messages will be delivered via the internal postal system, respondents will probably be provided with a positive return ego addressed envelope for his or her usage.

Follow up invitations will be sent two hebdomads following reacting for the initial query.

If zero response received so the individual will no be contacted once more. Members who full and go back the answer foulup will be invited to go to an single interview.

At the start from the interview Jill Pawlyn will corroborate inside informations from the Participant Information Sheet together with the participant, offering an opportunity to inquire any even farther inquiries they may hold. The consent signifier will be given and the participant will be asked to subscribe the signifier to mean agreement to take part.

The participant will be offered a records of their agreed upon consent signifier for their information. The interview will get straight down.

Should any participant copie to agreement, they will thanked for their participating in.

Participants is going to enter approval on a agreement signifier. Agreement received will be recorded in the survey documents.

guarantee the privacy of personal annonces?

Participants will be given a great single one of a kind placing codification which will be understand merely to Jill Pawlyn. Participant name and operate contact inside informations will be kept within an encrypted password-protected computing machine file placed individually by any informations supplied during interview and audio recording, accessible merely simply by Jill Pawlyn.

Identities of participants will be held in peace of mind from other members of staff in the Trust. Data will probably be de-identified before it is analysed and in the concluding examine, participants will be referred to by a anonym. Simply no mention to personally inserting information will probably be presented inside the concluding examine.

Relationships between research worker and participants

There are personal relationships in the administration patronizing the study:

The main analysis worker ( Marion Waite ) is an employee of Oxford Brookes University, the patronizing HEI. Other research worker ( Jill Pawlyn ) who at the clip of get downing the syudy was an employee of the Ridgeway Partnership ( Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust ), the site of probe and a parttime pupil at Oxford Brookes University, the investigation worker can be besides bass speaker contracted being a portion cut employee of Oxford Brookes University.

notify participants in the consequences?

Findingss will be displayed separately to participants plus more widely throughout the Nurses Forum to Trust stakeholders inside the signifier of the unwritten demonstration and daily news, Presentation and study to the Trust L , A, D percentage

Presentation at relevant convention

Publication of findings in relevant diary or textual content book

The undertaking research will be situated in the Trust Library and Intranet like a mention reference

A transcript of the ending thesis is retained in the College or university library intended for mention.


Entree to data/sample:

Info aggregation:

Datas analysis:

Info will be analysed utilizing a thematic attack, theme designation will be achieved using the techniques of Ryan , A, Bernard ( the year 2003 ).

Phase FOUR: Outcome and ANALYSIS

methods of examination ( record or different appropriate strategies, e. g. for qualitative research ) by which the knowledge will be evaluated to run in to the survey aims.

Data examination will be conducted utilizing thematic analysis, coding single replies for zustande kommend subjects and issues. To assist the procedure infos analysis deal will be used ( e. g. NVivo almost eight ). Interview notes will be transcribed in direct , accounts , a transcript of the transcript will be brought to the interview participant to get , respondent proof ,.

Data analysis will get upon reception from the returned transcripts. Data analysis will be aided utilizing NVivo, this package deal can manage big amounts of annonces rapidly, and it helps the development of consistent code strategies and offers individual location storage for all those informations and stuff pertaining to the undertaking.

Data will be analysed making use of thematic evaluation, informations within the interview transcripts will be presented codifications, extra remarks and contemplations will probably be noted utilizing , memos , comparable recurring terms, subjects, encounters etc will probably be sought.

From the forms made from the annonces a set of , generalisations , will and so be developed these generalizations will be mentioned and reported on in the concluding study. ( Adapted from: Kilometers , A, Huberman, year 1994: 9 )

Chapter FIVE: Discussion

Talk about the of import items that finish the analysis of the outcomes.


Constraints chiefly begin in the test method, purposive sampling features bias nevertheless it is necessary to concentrate the survey on the coveted mark group. The sample will merely contain those who taken care of immediately the request to take portion and returned completed agreement signifiers.

Further more restrictions occur in the prejudice declared by research member of staff, who has a peculiar specialist involvement in e-Learning and its particular application to nurse CPD and likely , Observer Effect , this is when the perceiver , s survey of the habit changes the nature of the behavior, similarly this modification can happen during interview. Robson ( 2002 ) shows that habit can cut down this effect, placing how a individual becomes progressively acquainted with the procedure of observation and so less limited.

Chapter Half a dozen: Decision

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  • Microsoft ( 2006 ) THAT Training At any time, Any Place for NHS Personnel. Available at: hypertext transfer process: //www.microsoft.com/uk/press/content/presscentre/releases/2006/12/pr03774.mspx ( accessed 01/05/08 )
  • Père C, Ziebland S , A, Mays M ( 2000 ) Qualitative analysis in wellness attention: Examining qualitative explications. British Medical Journal. 320 ( 7227 ): 114-116
  • Sandars J , A, Langlois Meters ( 2006 ) On-line collaborative obtain for medical care go oning professional creation: lessons in the recent books. Education for Primary Attention. 17 ( 6 ): 584-92
  • Cruz JA ( 1996 ) Beyond the divide between knowledge and discourse: using interpretive phenomenological analysis in wellness psychological science. Psychology , A, Wellness. 11 ( 2 ): 261-271.



Continuing professional development ( CPD )

A First Class Support ( DH 1999: five ) defines CPD inches as a method of womb-to-tomb larning for all those persons and squads which usually meets the demands of individuals and gives the well being results and healthcare precedences of the NHS and which usually enables specialists to disseminate and bring their conceivable “

” CPD must be focussed around the demands of patients and should assist persons and squads deliver the wellness results and healthcare precedences of the NHS, as placed in nationwide service types and local well being betterment programmes. CPD should be a partnership between person plus the administration, its focal point should be the bringing of high quality NHS solutions every bit good as operate intoing solitary calling goals and larning demands. All chances needs to be taken intended for patients and patients groups to hold an input ” ( DH 1999: 6 ).


JISC ( Joint Details Systems Panel ) ( no day of the month ) indicate that e-Learning can be defined as ” larning facilitated and reinforced through the usage of information and communications executive ,. It might cover a spectrum of activities in the usage of engineering to back up larning as area of a , blended , attack ( a combination of traditional and e-Learning attacks ), to larning that is sent wholly online “.


  • Division of Health ( 1999 ) Ongoing Professional Creation Quality inside the new NHS. Available at: hypertext transfer process: //www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Lettersandcirculars/Healthservicecirculars/DH_4004315? IdcService=GET_FILE , A, dID=27906 , A, Rendition=Web ( accessed 01/06/08 )
  • JISC ( no time of the month ) e-Learning. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/themes/elearning.aspx ( accessed 01/06/08 )

Beneficial Web sites:

  • Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis ( IPA ) this site lineations IPA and its program to qualitative research , hypertext transfer protocol: //www.psyc.bbk.ac.uk/ipa/
  • The NHS Core Learning Unit ( NHS CLU ) has delivered key larning programmes since March 2005 following the death in the NHS College or university ( NHSU ). The machine isahosted operations within the Countrywide Health Service. Programs will be funded by Strategic Well being Authorities in England and are, as a result, available totally free of extra costs, to NHS staff. , hypertext transfer protocol: //www.corelearningunit.com/

Useful site

  • hypertext copy protocol: //www.nesc.nhs.uk/e-learning__libraries/e-learning/strategy, _policies__documenta. aspx
  • The NHS Institute pertaining to Innovation and Improvement helps the NHS to transform health care for individuals and the populace by quickly developing and distributing innovative ways of working, new anatomist and initial leading , hypertext transfer protocol: //www.institute.nhs.uk/
  • The NHS and Cultural Care E-Learning Resources Repository , contains inside informations of e-Learning plans which have been developed and are available for utilization within the wellbeing and attention sector , hypertext copy protocol: //www.nhselearningdatabase.org.uk/.
  • Skills pertaining to Health was established in The spring 2002 with support through the DH, the independent and voluntary well being sectors and staff administrations to go the Sector Abilities Council ( SSC ) for wellness across the UK. Skills pertaining to Health requires a UK-wide lead for the development and use of incorporate competence models around health care , hypertext transfer protocol: //www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/

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