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Investigatory Project III-6 “Orange Peels while Mosquito Repellant ” Posted by: Mrs. Teresita Duran Leader: Evangelista, Jose Alejandro Asst. Innovator: Villena, Indicate Daniel Associates: Chavez, Robert Conrad Roxas, Jerome Rexal Soria, Clemrendon Background from the Study: Mosquitoes are a hassle to the world especially in our health.

Is a common insect in the family culicidae ( by latin culex meaning midge organt ). There ara about 3, 500 types of mosquitoes identified throughout the world. In some species of bug, the females feed on human beings, and are vectors for a number of contagious diseases impacting on millions of people per year. Some scientistbelieve that eliminating mosquitoes might have serious outcomes for any ecosystem. The studies and trials evolve to investigate the effectiveness of Orange colored Peel being a mosquito water-proof. There were comparable researches about this, they applied lemon peel off to create a water-proof.

In this study we would like to prove the potency of Orange Remove as mosquito repellant. The other studies proved the several uses of citrus fruits in stopping diseases. As of now, many people are experiencing different illnesses caused by bug bites. The numbers affected people speedily increasing. This is now causing a problem towards the government since many of the damaged people are about to die. This gives researches and tests to think of relevant solutions to prevent these situations and an Orange Peel off as bug repellant is one of this researches Background of the Examine: 1 .

Will the Orange Remove extract have the ability to repel insects? 2 . Does the Orange Remove can help the individuals to prevent illnesses caused by mosquitoes? Significance from the Study: Applying Orange Peels ectract to repel mosquitoes would be a benefit to everybody because it is inexpensive to make to make from taking the peels of the grapefruits that you take in. Nowadays, disease, sickness which have been caused by insects are getting more and more each day. Through this, we can help lots of people would be able to decrease the risks in the mosquitoes within their lives which might be surrounding them. Scope and Limitation:

This kind of study is targeted on how to reduce the risks which have been caused by the mosquitoes specifically dengue fever that had been a threat to folks for quite some time now. We likewise focus on the way you can let people be able to reach their needs anytime, that’s why we used inexpensive materials to create a repellant that might lessen the risks to their health. Review of Related Literature (RRL) Orange is actually a delicious fruit. Not only in the lining part of lemon (fruit) yet also the exterior part (peel) is useful in many many ways. Here are a few unique purposes of Orange Peels. 1 . As a Bathing Natural powder ” dried out some lemon peels and make them as a powder. installment payments on your

Mosquito Water-proof ” apply orange peels over the exposed skin area on nights to get rid of the mosquitoes. 3. Eliminate ants. 5. As a aroma ” boil orange peels on the stove with a few cloves to make your home filled with fragrance. 5. Will keep brown sugar soft. 6. While Bath essential oil ” dried orange peels can be used because home made bathroom oils. 7. Household Clean. 8. Kindling in Winter ” dried orange colored peels can be used as kindling at open fire places. The flammable essential oils found inside the peels permit them to lose much longer than paper. on the lookout for. Protects leaves if household plants coming from cats and 10. Produce delicious oil ” you possibly can make delicious homemade oil with Orange Peels.

Orange Peels can help all of us lower environmental pollution. Man of science are exploring to make plastic from Orange colored Peel (Orange Peels have got a carbon dioxide compound umonene ) which can be eco-friendly. Methodology: * Materials * Lemon Peels * Spray Container * Mosquitoes * Financial institution * Treatment First, three set-ups had been prepared, set-up one(1) was performed up of the extract from 3 Lemon Peels via different grapefruits and twenty percent of drinking water, set-up two(2) was made from the remove from several Orange Peels from several oranges and 40% of water, set-up three(3) is a same with set-ups 1 and 2 yet 60% of water.

Second, peeled the peel of the oranges and put it in a container, and grate this to turn in to smaller bits. Third, add a little bit of water and pound and squash th roughly grated ornage peels in a pot. Fourth, squirt it towards the 3 system with insect on each pot. Finally, watch for two moments to see the benefits. Data and Results Trial 1| Collection A| Collection B| Established C| Mosquito 1| The mosquito died| The bug showed dizziness| The mosquito showed practically nothing different| Bug 2| The mosquito died| The bug showed dizziness| The mosquito showed nothing at all different|

Insect 3| The mosquito died| The insect showed dizziness| The insect showed practically nothing different| Trial 2| Collection A| Arranged B| Collection C| Mosquito 1| The mosquito died| The bug showed dizziness| The mosquito showed practically nothing different| Insect 2| The mosquito died| The mosquito showed dizziness| The mosquito showed practically nothing different| Bug 3| The mosquito died| The insect showed dizziness| The insect showed nothing different| Trial 3| Collection A| Set B| Arranged C|

Bug 1| The mosquito died| The mosquito showed dizziness| The bug showed nothing at all different| Mosquito 2| The mosquito died| The bug showed dizziness| The mosquito showed nothing different| Mosquito 3| The mosquito died| The bug showed dizziness| The insect showed nothing at all different| 2. Analysis of information Table you shows the effect of orange peel extract on the insect During 3 trials. As the desk shows the greater concentrated the perfect solution is is, the greater grave can it be effect on the mosquito. A conclusion Based from the given info gathered, the researches deduce

That the mixture of orange peel and 25% water was the most effective among the solutions/set-ups of orange peel off and normal water. Furthermore, it had been also figured the more concentrated the solution the greater it is to get rid of or destroy mosquitoes. Tips: 1 . Conduct more reliable check using varied level of drinking water. 2 . Use other fruits in tests the efficiency of the provided product. several. To test more mosquitoes to find the range of the item when employed. Aknowledgement: First of all, thank you for every one of the persons that will make our

Investigatory project look great. * Thanks Mrs. Villena for letting us to perform our investigatory project in their home and aiding us to bought materials needed for the project. 2. We also thank Mrs. Evangelista intended for giving us such annonces and thought on how to make and gloss our job. Bibliography: * http://www. livingawareness. com/pdf/HealthArticles/OrangePeels. pdf file * http://www. Wikipedia. org/wiki/Insect_Repellant * http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/mosquito * http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/orange_(fruit) * http://mandarinfruit. com THE FINISH!

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