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Component: 1 Query 1 All the following will be key aspects of the definition of supply chain management, APART FROM: A. monitoring of source chain actions with the objective of making net benefit B. synchronizing of source and demand C.

building a competitive facilities D. selecting suppliers Issue 2 Which of the following is a key supply string process? A. forecast W. source C. benchmark M. analyze Issue 3 Source chains generate value by simply: A. increasing profitability and return to shareholders B. providing multiple versions of products can be C. making transaction finalizing more efficient

D. developing better forecasts Question 4 Which of the following is rather than an “entity of the supply sequence? A. producer B. dealer C. buyer D. director Question your five Which with the following describes the typical movement of cash in a supply sequence? A. client to maker to dealer B. manufacturer to buyer to dealer C. supplier to producer to customer D. buyer to supplier to developer Question six Suppliers provide all of the next to a source chain, OTHER THAN: A. materials B. energy C. services D. require Question six All of the next describe a supply sequence flow, EXCEPT: A. he flow of physical materials and companies from supplier to additional entities W. the stream of cash upstream to raw material suppliers C. the flow of information within a source chain Deb. the flow of staff from one office to another Question 8 Change supply string is employed intended for the following reasons, EXCEPT: A. repairs W. disposal C. recycling D. quality control Question being unfaithful Tier a couple of suppliers: A. provide supplies or services to suppliers of the developer B. provide lower top quality raw materials C. serve just as a backup to Rate 1 suppliers D. supply raw materials to the secondary products of a organization Question twelve

Which of the following finest describes the word lateral source chain? A. processes shall no longer be performed inside and become dependent on outsourced aide B. the supply chain grows incrementally C. a supply chain that may be applicable in various industries Deb. a supply chain that holds significant centralized power over processes Module: 2 Issue 1 What condition details the zoom of require fluctuations up the supply sequence? A. bullwhip effect N. demand variability C. dramatical smoothing G. square underlying rule Query 2 Each one of the terms underneath are sources of demand variability, APART FROM: A. ompetition B. seasonality C. existence cycle styles D. production delays Question 3 What is one source of the bullwhip effect? A. lead occasions B. seasonality C. weather conditions D. top quality control Query 4 Each of the following is definitely an approach to avoiding multiple predictions, EXCEPT: A. information showing B. program integration C. vendor-managed products on hand (VMI) M. transactional control Question your five What is one way to reduce the contribution of lead time to the bullwhip impact? A. lowering order batch size M. time administration C. prioritization D. cost reduction Query 6 Which will of the next is true regarding forecasting?

A. It should be carried out once a year N. It should be executed by the supply chain management C. It really is more accurate for groups than for individual items D. It is advisable to under-forecast rather than over-forecast Question 7 Independent demand is best defined by: A. demand for the finished product B. demand forecast associated with an unbiased third party provider C. demand that is certainly based on real orders M. demand for making raw materials Query 8 Issue corporations utilize qualitative predicting? A. When products happen to be low benefit B. When products have reached the end of life level C. For brand spanking new product introductions D.

When ever reliable traditional sales data is available Query 9 Innate forecasting is targeted on: A. data about demand for the product by itself B. parameters that impact the demand from the product C. leveraging the collective encounter possessed simply by employees D. the inherent value in the product to the consumer Question 12 Which of the following applies about naive forecasting? A. assumes the necessity will be regular from one period to the next W. makes educational guesses in demand for a new product C. request insight from workers outside of the provision chain G. it is an mistake prone outlook Module: 3 Question one particular

Customer relationship management (CRM) is best identified as: A. a focus on taking care of long term provider relationships M. a marketing idea based on placing the customer initial C. controlling customers in promoting your goods D. transactional guidelines the moment dealing with consumers Question a couple of One general goal of supplier marriage management (SRM) is: A. ensure common profitability whilst meeting buyer needs W. manage provider costs C. build human relationships with numerous suppliers as is feasible D. boost negotiation method Question three or more What influence has the focus on CRM and SRM had on business mindset? A. lower costs N. reater the usage C. short cycle instances D. give attention to bottom-line benefits Question some What is a important reason for the move to increased integration with suppliers? A. consolidation with the industry W. technology copy C. better relationships D. reduce intricacy Question 5 All of the next are normal requirements when ever implementing CRM and SRM EXCEPT: A. new job definitions B. new corporation structure C. new business vision Deb. new technology system Question 6 Independent businesses that cooperate based on shared values and act as an individual entity is called a: A. lateral business B. bundled supply sequence C. ean supply chain D. virtual organization Problem 7 What role has technology enjoyed in CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT? A. They have made it simpler for business to gather information on consumer buying patterns B. It includes spawned fresh software corporations C. They have changed the roles of participants G. It has decreased the complexity of the supply chain Issue 8 Technology has played out all of the subsequent roles in SRM, EXCEPT: A. Devices can show current status of operations W. Suppliers can easily communicate with consumers in real time C. Transactional techniques can be automatic D. Reliability enhancements at this point effectively segregate enterprise organization processes Question 9

Based upon the APICS definition of SRM, a firm will implement this philosophy with: A. almost all tier 1 type suppliers B. a particular group of suppliers C. most suppliers D. a few suppliers who are deemed essential Question twelve A firm that includes a customer first marketing viewpoint practices: A. CRM N. TPM C. SRM M. CTM Module: 4 Problem 1 What type is CERTAINLY NOT among the three largest companies at this time providing ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING software: A. SAP B. Oracle C. Microsoft G. Sybase Problem 2 All the following happen to be key qualities of organization resource preparing (ERP) devices EXCEPT: A. odularized business applications M. common data bank C. soft integration enabling the movement of information through the firm D. normalized program structure Issue 3 All the following happen to be key to increasing the ROI of an ERP system BESIDES: A. employing skilled personnel and providing adequate schooling B. system monitoring and constraint improvement C. early global kick off D. business process umschlüsselung Question some The MOST significant feature of leadership in identifying the value realized by an ERP product is: A. proficiency B. eye-sight C. cleverness D. synthetic strength Problem 5

A successful deployment of the fully included ERP product is a feature of a: A. Stage you, functional concentrated supply string B. Stage 2, in house integrated source chain C. Stage a few, externally bundled supply sequence D. Stage 4, cross-enterprise collaboration and optimized supply chain Query 6 What provides the foundation for a supply chain to move to Stage 3 and ultimately Stage 4 of supply cycle development? A. MPS B. ERP C. DRP D. MRP Issue 7 The ERP software program design move from proprietary, closed applications to web-affiliated modules: A. increased consumer training requirements B. improved costs C. eased program implementation

D. eased program integration with legacy and 3rd party devices Question almost eight When selecting an ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING system, it is important to ensure the business design implicit inside the system is: A. based on the industry regular B. strong C. lined up with your business structure D. worldwide Question 9 What percentage of your required functionality when you expect within an industry leading ERP system off-the-shelf merchandise: A. 50 percent B. 70 percent C. 80% D. 90% Question 15 What is More than likely to increase if an off-the-shelf ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING system lacks at least 80% of the required efficiency? A. training costs B. consulting costs C. permit costs Deb. hardware costs

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