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Microsoft Company is a leading software organization in the world. It is core businesses include Platform Products and Services Division, Business Division and the Entertainment and Equipment Division. It is committed to the long run mission of helping their customers understand their total potential.

This constantly updates and improves its products and continuously speed up new technology as they emerge serve its customers better.

The web site of Microsoft is among the best designed websites providing a wealth of online information to its visitor. The information contains that of the corporation, its interpersonal initiatives, media, contact details, jobs at Microsoft etc . The organization provides a range of sites for its products. These websites provide on the net information about the organization products and their very own features, item upgrades, product downloads and all the assistance needed by the customers to use their products.

There is a great amount of beneficial information on the merchandise site of Microsoft Corporation. The initial useful data is the backlinks to Microsoft’s product families including home windows, Windows Server Systems, Organization Solutions, Office, Developer Equipment, Games and Xbox, BING and Home windows Mobile. This article enable me to easily recognize the product of my fascination. The next valuable information is about the product classes including Residence and entertainment, Finance, Hardware and Ebooks and teaching.

There is also important information about the very popular products of Microsoft and its key technology. I can also find valuable information in the link to trial computer software. The link helps me to get online information about the distinct trial software program of Microsoft that are available in different product families. From every trial software program link we can make the review about some great benefits of each product, its primary features and support and security features. It provides details about the system requirements.

Once we can evaluate and decide on the item to be bought for trial then the site helps is in the procedures that are involved in buying a trial compact disc or installing the trial software combined with the necessary system requirements for the path download. The site provides details as to the way the product of our choice may be ordered on the web and the dealer through which we can you can put order to get our merchandise. If we decide to purchase five or more licenses, information in the volume guard licensing and training can be acquired based on if our organization is a business or perhaps an educational institution. Details of the license agreement is also displayed. When order has become placed info on how to trail the status of the purchase is also presented. The site as well provides the details about how I can utilize the product info center better using online chat and telephone.

The web page Link to Microsoft office term 2003 supplies detailed info to me about one of the best selling product of Ms Corporation. I will get the summary of Microsoft Term 2003 combined with features of the merchandise like their ability to collaborate using House windows share level services, support control distribution of delicate documents, make organizational alternatives with XML and collect information on MS Word.

The website provides information about the requirements from the system with reference to the operating system, processor, storage, hard disk, travel, display, Internet connection and other information necessary to utilize product successfully. The site offers the price belonging to he total version with the product and in addition states the price of the upgrade version. I am able to use a website link on the site to order on the web the full edition or the upgrade of the merchandise. I can examine the status of back buy using an appropriate link in the web site.

One of the most helpful characteristic of the web page to me is the information provided on the website link of Word 2003 tour. It provides data with the aid of pictorial presentations, about how precisely to easily simplify collaboration and minimize version control issues, control document syndication, control formatting and editing changes, discover comments and revision marks more easily, create organizational solutions with XML, use intelligent documents to reuse data stored in expression 2003 files and personalized functionality with enhanced wise tags.

The internet site also supplies assistance regarding how to find facts easily, receive help when needed, read perfectly, mark papers and give faxes by simply internet. I can also take the online test drive with the latest version of MS Phrase. MS Item licensing expert provides an straightforward online application with reference to product licensing.

Intended for the small business I was running there is certainly comprehensive details about MS small business edition the year 2003. The site provides an overview of the product and its advantage like the ease of use and its suitability to help me personally managing clients and sales opportunities, create promoting material, control e-mail marketing communications and info sharing. The knowledge with reference to price and program requirements plus the procedure to obtain online are also provided.

Microsoft company Corporation is rolling out an excellent internet site that provides extensive information that enables me to study and buy goods with the highest ease.


Microsoft. Gathered November 18, 2006

From http://www.microsoft.com/

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