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A business project like a gym and day spa is a rewarding one, due to the fact that you are not only doing business however you are doing people a favor as well. Precisely what is nice of a proposed gym/spa business it complements one another, a hot tub will always match to a hot tub, because it supplies the clients the opportunity to relax after having a rigorous workout. Aside from that, who owns such organization can possess lots of opportunities the body building and health industry has its contrasting products as well.

Among these are food supplements that individuals place a superior nowadays. This can fuel the revenues with the business as well. On the other hand, the spa will draw women and metrosexuals who also are put a premium upon wellness services. The spa will go with the gym and it is evident among prominent gyms with their very own spa providers.

Pricing and Advertising

The gym/spa will get athletes and sports famous people as their endorsers. This will enable the gym/spa to attract clients that is motivated to sign up in the gym/spa. The payment will be on a monthly, quarterly, and gross annual basis. This will give potential clients the option to sign up at the gym/spa based on their very own income.

Specific niche market of a Gym/Spa Business

A slogan you can use with this business can be “Health is definitely Wellness, The others Would be to find the best!  The gym/spa organization will hold a firm position on its specific niche market because it is going to draw people from every walks of life which makes this business worthwhile and lucrative. Mostly the individuals who are stressed-out from work will draw the attention. It is evident between gyms like Fitness 1st and Gold’s Gym who may have their own hot tub amenities inside gym. One more thing is that, you may engage into this organization with some of the friends, so as to draw various crowd that will eventually become your regular clients.

SWOT Evaluation


The gym/spa showcases a multitude of state of the art features and equipment that will enhance fitness.

It has various other amenities aside from the usual gym/spa that will increase the gym/spa itself.


The gym/spa will have a hard time appealing blue back of the shirt workers for its massive promoting using celebrities.

It is just a hindrance that there would be a possibility that the gym/spa can only accommodate a certain quantity of clients inside the vicinity.


The gym/spa could have potential consignments with other business establishments, such as supplement shops that may augment the advertising with the gym health spa.

The gym/spa will make their support 24 hours a day because there are people’s function shifts change.


The gym/spa is considered to get a with regard to the increase in payments if client enrolment will be at a low.

Close by gyms just like those inside the neighborhood would have been a petty but potential com

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