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Kimberly Giron AP World history Sept. 2010 27, 2012 World Background DBQ Han society got positive frame of mind towards technology as some observed it while beneficial to culture and others regarded as it something special. Roman world had more of a supportive yet demeaning frame of mind towards technology. There is no doubt that things that benefit people and surprise are considered great.

A Ryan government established (Document 1) wrote to local representatives in order to guide them on how to use their very own technology to stop floods, displaying his pursuits in maintaining the empire so that it doesn’t land.

Not only that, Han Guan, one other government recognized (Document 2) goes up against the way the us government is monopolizing the producing of technology and that technology should be of the people, seeing that government manufactured technologies will be brittle and costing the government more money because not much sodium is being developed. It is very interesting that an official would speak against the federal government, but it could possibly be due to the fact that the scarcity of salt can be costing this kind of official funds.

Both representatives may also be seeking to maintain all their positions or perhaps get larger ones once the emperor views how well they are looking after the empire, which can just be maintained by making use of technology. Other folks in Ryan society consider technology like a gift via enlightened commanders. Huan Suntan, an upper-class philosopher (document 3) mentions that Fuxi invented a lot of technology that has been efficient and beneficial to culture. Fuxi, is said to be a wise enlightened emperor meaning that since Fuxi made it, it really is no doubt a great gift.

There is also a lot of government subsidized history (Document 4) which in turn characterizes Tu Shih being a just and commoner caring man who have developed technology in order lift up some of the responsibility of labor off of the people. Technology was Su Shih’s gift to the people and Tu Shih, was considered a Fuxi. Therefore this government financed historian also considers technology a gift. Roman attitude to technology was that is was necessary yet that it didn’t take very much intelligence to create such technology, or basically, a demeaning attitude.

Cicero, an upper-class politician head (Document 5), considered technology as a thing for chocarrero common persons, not guys. He believed that skill wasn’t needed to use such thing but , he by no means mentioned that technology was useless. Seneca, a thinker and mechanic (Document 7) also believed that it doesn’t take brains to come up with technology but under no circumstances attacks it can use in world as he sees that it will not matter whom made it, nevertheless use that will matter.

Their frame of mind must be affected by the fact that technology was made by the reduce class and acknowledging reduce class job would mean cutting down their satisfaction. Other Both roman attitudes were that technology was needed to create splendor. Frontius, a Roman standard (Document 8) gives a shining report about how beautiful technology has been capable to make the empire’s aqueducts, a lot more superior than structures in Greece and Egypt. Plutarch, a high official in The italian capital (Document 6) gives another positive report on the natural beauty of Both roman roads created by Gaius Gracchus built with the help of their technology.

Therefore , technology info, is essential for making things fabulous, but appeared down after as it is utilized by the lower course. Despite the diverse societies, it really is clear that in every single empire government officials and upper-class philosophers tend to discuss attitudes towards technology. It might be interesting to find the attitudes of common employees and women towards technology as they are the ones who generate more usage of it.

Personnel may be many affected by technology as they are people whom upper-class Romans consider to be the ordinario people who work together with it and brainless people that invent that. In Han societies they would be the ones who produce it and also require the protection provided by technology. The opinions of ladies would offer information on how ladies were involved in technology and exactly how it damaged gender functions. The documents above simply provide a view for one school in every society consequently not providing a clear general attitude on technology in each culture.

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