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Brief Information of Ministry of Time EE4041 E-learning week task by LIU TIANCHI Group Y15 Among the Tripartite Companions in Singapore, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) plays the federal government role and aspires to develop a great office together with the other two companions, the Nationwide Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Business employers Federation (SNEF) which signify the employees and employers independently.

The quest of MOTHER is to acquire a globally competitive workforce and great workplace, for a cohesive society and a protect economic upcoming for all Singaporeans. To break it down into two parts: MOTHER aims to encourage Singaporeans to enable them to realize their potential, MOTHER also deals with and manages the workplace to be able to achieve a natural society.

To be able to achieve the mission, MOMMY is structured with divisions and lawful boards, both of which have specific specific responsibility.

For example , Labor Relations and Workplaces Division (LRWD) performs a crucial function in dispute settlement. Usually, the parties, unions and companies, can settle arguments between themselves, as they understand the issues very well and would be in a good position to look for solutions. If perhaps this does not work out, then traité by LRWD would start working at the obtain of either party. LRWD or MOM receive and settle typically about 300 disputes from the unionized sector for assaisonnement every year. This can be an important quitar in maintaining commercial stability in Singapore.

One example of the lawful board can be Central Prepared Fund (CPF) Board, which in turn administers the CPF well known as a mandatory and extensive social reliability savings program. Besides the legislation and operations responsibilities, MOMMY also provides services. For example The Work Move Division assists in the employment of foreign nationals in Singapore with a convenient application method. The foreign workers can find all information that they need to know before going to work in Singapore from MOM website.

Almost all of the application procedures also come about online, which can be very useful. MOM features won various awards for its great contribution to the healthy and balanced tripartite marriage, which is the envy of countless countries. Is actually worth talking about that MOTHER once earned United Nations Open public Service Awards, which is the most prestigious worldwide recognition of excellence in public places service. Just like be seen, MOTHER has its unique and natural part in maintaining the healthy and striving place of work in Singapore.

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