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The intent on this site is to measure the feasibleness of the reintroduction of preservation graze being a direction strategy to Odiham Common, Hampshire. It presents an understanding of the Common, provides an transmission into additional UK sites where preservation graze is taking topographic point, opinions possible biodiversity impacts, croping governments and the practical problems of environmental direction of any multipurpose web page where there is considerable resistance to graze.

A personal position will probably be presented refering preservation feed, giving a balanced overview of the position, home ground and maintenance concerns, while recognizing fun and entree demands.

The issue is offered in an accessible manner for the assortment of stakeholders including: passengers, Walkers, Equus caballus cyclists, Canis familiaris Walkers and local groups. To tell and act upon those in opposition to conservation croping about their benefits as well as the possibility of a partial, well-managed reintroduction.

East of England Grazing Forum

Symbolized by industry and preservation organic structures to turn to undergrazing and grassland direction.

hypertext transfer process: //www.grazingforum.co.uk/

Hampshire County Council ( Hampshire Heathland Job )

Local authorities undertaking integrating graze as a signifier of direction.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www3. hants. gov. uk/biodiversity/environment-biodiversity-landmanagement/heathland. htm

Into the Safety Professional

Cattle and public meal in England and Wales suggest.

hypertext copy protocol: //www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/ais17ew.pdf

Natural England

Government agent on the natural environment supplying functional advice and guaranting environmentally friendly stewardship , grants and funding details.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.naturalengland.org.uk/grantsfunding/findagrant/default.aspx

Benefits upon environment

Number 13: Tormentil ( Potentilla erecta ) is the distinctive pollen commencing for the Oligolectic bee ( Andrena tarsata ) which needs sufficient flowers to last.

The Hampshire and Department of Wight Wildlife Trust with experience of preservation croping maintain it is good as farm animal consume premature trees offering unwooded countries for uncommon species, droppings available for pesky insects, stalwart traces digest unsmooth flora and churn up land for wildflower seeds to colonize and pesky insects to burrow17/22.

An independent study of UK cattle-grazed woodlands ( Frequently asked questions ) indicates that croping supports characteristics preservation and enhances biodiversity as low denseness graze decreases dominant workss and Pteridium esculentum, and creates reconstruction niches for any wider choice of flora, invertebrates and birds. The study revealed that at 83 % of sites the aims of croping were fulfilled, and where this was non the instance it was attributable to unacceptable carrying densenesss or occurrence of various other big herbivores4.

These indorsements and studies reflect connection with croping throughout a range of home grounds by a assortment of administrations, and show that ideal graze may be adapted to support most point out of affairss. The tabular array listed below gives a good contemplation of croping in comparing to direction options5.

Case surveies and advice

The undermentioned instance surveies and croping administrations have already been selected as they address distinct issues and have absolutely the potency of upkeep graze while an ecologically sustainable option.

Hook Common: a local web page grazed by simply common guys , rouse,stimulate beings. Fencing restored with Gatess to protect entree. Horse riders, ramblers and people consulted during implementation22.

Sheffield Wildlife Trust: similar the law environing the recreational influence. Grazing was successfully introduced under the undermentioned guidelines: not any bulls or cattles with calves, Canis familiariss and Equus caballuss introduced to cows offsite, advice about the principle behind graze, 3rd party impact and hazard appraisals. The people appreciated the presence of cowss plus the nexus to farming23.

Petersham Meadows ( National Trust ): free scope croping herd popular with locals and protected by the Petersham Trust. Portable electric fencing installed yet opposed due to ocular effects, uneven graze and as no old challenges experienced24-25.

Hazeley Heath: similar home surface and SSSI position. A feasibleness review suggests croping as the preferable alternative and protects the animals impact, croping government, meal issues and public perceptions5.

Wessex Conservation Grazing: manage a scope of sites and supply a sustainable feed government to run into wildlife preservation seeks and regulations26.

Forestry Commission rate Scotland: Wood land Grazing Toolbox , advice and information about optimal amount of croping to heighten biodiversity and safeguard social heritage21.

Dartmoor Pony Historical past Trust: gives appraisal, monitoring, preparation and suited ponies for maintenance graze. Durchgang View Moor is an illustration with the immediate effects and enhancement of botánica structure27-28.

Croping Animals Executing: aids croping directors with sustainable property direction systems and taking of biodiversity targets29.


Support for preservation graze appears to be primarily from preservation bureaus and associated administrations and the rewards are obliging. However , various factors which include unsuitable wall, entree concerns, hazards via farm pet and intuitions of outside intermédiaire can take away from the virtues of croping. Concern of preservation croping consequently requires conversation of the associated environmental, social and personal issues to attain preservation and recreational aspires.

Successful feed undertakings anywhere else indicate that preservation graze is a possible option in lots of state of affairss and is adapted while site certain solutions. Additional tests at Odiham Prevalent alongside professional aid, ongoing appraisal, participatory direction procedures and task resolution happen to be pre-requisites to measure and re-introduce upkeep graze in this country.

Discussion and conversing

Communication and audience strategies would simplicity execution of preservation feed to prosecute and include the general public in treatment, planning and execution. Liaison with croping direction administrations is recommended upon appropriate feed governments to run into is designed, habitat suitableness and turn toing struggles of involvement and objections30.

The Council , s uses of educating the local community through meetings, newssheets, consultative and , friends , groups will be valuable for a lot of parties, just good since involvement yearss and encouraging local voluntary involvement7/30.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What is the significance of SSSI position?

Sites of Particular Scientific Interest preserve useful wildlife and geological sites and supply legal protection. Natural England inform, buttocks and supervise the status of sites. SSSIs provide cultural, modulating and purveying ecosystem services37-38.

Back again: [ [ The home earth of Odiham Common ] ]

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sssi.naturalengland.org.uk/Special/sssi/index.cfm

What information will the Survey of Cattle-Grazed Woodlands supply?

The research was executed at 105 sites by simply site directors and appointments and covered: intent of graze, transporting governments and seasons, pressures, cowss actions, tree reconstruction, croping push per device area, shoping penchants and flora.

You read ‘What Is The Value Of Sssi Status Environmental Sciences Essay’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Reasons for feed: nature preservation or agribusiness production with the differences because of set straight down ownership4.


The Common has been recorded as being a common grazing land since 1280 and registered while common land since 193612. The freehold of the Common passed for the Council , s forerunner in 19452.

Common legal rights are authorized under the Commons Registration Restrictions 1968 and include proviso intended for graze, with regular graze by common mans , farm dog until the mid twentieth century7/12.

The Commons Act 2006 aims for much more sustainable course by prevalent mans and landowners12. The Secretary of State and native authorization include responsibility to farther upkeep and enhancement2.

Croping checks and applications

1998 App by Übertrieben kritisch District Council for permission to wall northeast nation for croping for a 5 twelvemonth experimental period naturally. It was dumbly wooded nevertheless parts had been cleared simply by coppicing and felling2/7.

1998 Council created a Country Stewardship Agreement employing an approved direction software with scholarships for wall, coppicing and croping recommended by The english language Nature2.

1999-2000 Grazing by simply ponies and farm dog with electric power fencing surrounding the southern hayfield and forest graze simply by cowss during early summer4. Due to excessive rainfall and pes and oral cavity disease, the full ecological benefits non realised. The inspector , s appraisal was that the experimental period was too much short2.

2002-2003 Hart Region Council requested consent to fence the most popular on a lasting footing to ease grazing7. An enquiry rejected the application pertaining to damaging consequence on visible aspect and entree and inconclusive advantage to nature preservation. File format of period for impermanent fence advised2/12.

Croping indorsements

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Trust: graze provides a mosaic of flora growing and structural diversity17. With life experience in draw offing real wood grazing lands they consider that unusual home earth saving relies on grazing2.

National Trust: feed indispensable plus the lone choice that will restore and sustainably keep solid wood grazing area and social graze history. Hay cropping requires wake croping to hold biological diversity18-19.

RSPB: recommend low strength graze intended for heathland with rare genteelness birds, and back it for most cases5.

Royal Gardening Society of England: croping a cost effective, natural and efficient path system for biodiversity preservation, and farm animal can also add to the people , h grasp of a site20.

Forestry Commission Ireland: graze boosts woodland regeneration, biodiversity and cultural heritage21.

Stakeholders who have are not to the full supporting conclude that betterment is essential and advise croping testing on little areas19.

Expostulations to upkeep graze

These opposing croping include residents, Equus caballus riders, Canis familiaris Walkers, Odiham Parish Council. Odiham Common Preservation Society and occupants , associations2. Reasons behind resistance include tree distance cut downing home reasons, of import trees plus the noise buffer to occupied roads2. Cattle are considered to be a risk to Ramblers, Canis familiariss and path users is to do rutting of waies and marshy ground2. There is more resistance to secure fencing than croping as it restricts public privileges of method and entree to woodland and split meadows19. Secure fencing has besides been regarded as a move towards handled and de-registered common2. It really is claimed that historical graze was not that expanded, the Common was good work before the SSSI imposed, the experimental approach insufficient, and financial motive an issue in its reintroduction2. Alternate options will be besides offered such as hay meadows2.


The Inspector , s i9000 Report ( 2003 ) rejected the application form for enduring fence as no base ecological analyze conducted just before croping, no grounds of old croping being a achievement, entree problems, over-felling, water logged land ( H2O listar array surge due to removal of trees ) and harm to trails2. Those opposed to croping on the Common refer to debasement and have difficulties between animate beings and prosaic meal at other local sites ( Bastley Heath, North Warnborough ) 18. Problems are of import and must be taken into consideration for future tests or perhaps reintroduction.


An evaluation of web page conditions, general public usage, legal rights of fashion and matched stock are definitely the first phases of delivery. Before a grazing test out or lasting reintroduction commences, a croping test certificate must be acquired and agreement granted intended for fencing prevalent land from the Secretary of State pertaining to the Environment. Even though lasting perimeter fence and shepherding offer free scope graze and assistance advantage, impermanent fencing is more ideal and acceptable for this site10. Liability insurance is required31 and financing available from your English Character Wildlife Enlargement Scheme and Countryside Stewardship Scheme5.


Successful setup requires adept counsel to slip strains with home earth demands and preservation objectives32. Hardy strains of farm animal ( Exmoor ponies or Galloway cowss ) at low denseness for the forest, and cowss, ponies or perhaps sheep to get the hayfields are suggested in the Council , s i9000 bill of exchange plan10. The thought of continuance and timing33 of croping to accommodate the stock and flora and monitoring and motion of stock requirement to forestall overgrazing34.

Croping force every unit place and transporting denseness ought to be less to get nature preservation state of affairss and higher intended for scrub control and pub of revitalization as woods regeneration and sapling denseness diminution with an increase of grazing4. Initial clearance of forest in readying to get farm creature and revolving scalloped cutting of forest borders intended for wildlife re-colonisation is advisable13.

To understate struggles between stock and worlds, Canis familiariss and Equus caballuss, the off site preparation of stock and instruction to hide with connection with animate beings can be implemented23/35. Information on upkeep graze, entree paths and exigency contact and electric powered fence marks are open public consciousness requirements35. The constant appraisal of impacts and ecological documenting with likely voluntary help is critical to supervise achievement of signifies.


At times croping might take away from different biodiversity seeks ( electronic. g. plant regeneration ) or turn out unsuitable to get the conditions36. Other options such as mowing and mechanical distance may be preferred or at least right up until farther testing are executed.


The undertaking protects the environmental course options to get Odiham Common concentrating on the possible reintroduction of maintenance graze. The internet site contains uncommon home environment and species and is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest presently at risk1. The Common has the ability to to laws that involve a responsibility to further preservation enhancement2, and traditional administration and graze assessments lay the foundations intended for future determinations. There are problems over durchgang rights which undermine leisure precedences that need to be addressed in croping programs.

Benefits of preservation graze

Conservation graze may be the resurgence of the traditional terrain direction technique which conserves and increases biodiversity to counter the losing of home argument and types caused by amplification, rise of agriculture3. A variety of preservation and associated organizations endorse graze and these kinds of sentiments happen to be substantiated by local and national surveies.

Resistance and challenges

Community expostulation to croping on the Common includes resistance to fencing, loss of forest, menaces via cowss, path rights and the result of new croping trials2.

Management choices and occasion surveies

Circumstance surveies and counsel by croping administrations demonstrate the possible benefits for preservation in different situations and cover public diele, fencing concerns, croping schemes and public perceptual experience. Surveies by other croping sites expose that preservation aims are attained and croping reviews favorably to other way options4-5. Effective reintroduction needs a participatory procedure of market and interacting in add-on to readying and useful execution methods suited to social and preservation aims. In decision, the feasibleness of successful preservation croping solutions is dependent upon monitoring, tests and run intoing legitimate problems with possible solutions.


Odiham Prevalent has multiple recreational chances including: led walks, pushes, walking, ethnical and famous involvement like the Hunting Resort, a picturesque lake and wildlife. Suggested hereafter utilization includes orienteering, usage simply by young person groupings and seniors, and improved environmental teaching initiatives7. The preservation croping scheme requirements to be appropriate for the hereafter usage of this website so that it remains accessible and balances creatures precedences with diversion and instruction.

The house ground of Odiham Prevalent

Odiham Common is located in North Hampshire , s Lowland Heath Character Area consisting wood grazing land and meadows12. It really is one of the few pictures of wood grazing area outside the Fresh Forest and a Site of Special Scientific Interest ( SSSI ) ( FAQs ) hosting rare vegetations and zoologies including ancient forest index species1.

A current entomological study reveals that much of the forest is terribly overgrown. The decrease in canopy screen via storm injury and forest clearance with no croping causes development of birch undercover on the disbursal of more desired forest land vegetations and zoologies which can be restricted simply by deficiency of light13.

The SSSI position with the wood grazing land ( Unit two ) is definitely , damaging retrieving , with debt of unfastened infinite and structural diverseness, veteran forest under push per unit area from environing trees, and reducing in kinds diversity14-15. A suited graze and cutting government to better this status is recommended16.

The Common , s the southern area of hayfields possess historically recently been grazed, though non for most old age groups apart from the latest tests. With no suited signifier of path, coarser solide, brambles, chaparral and woods dominate currently taking to the loss in flower, pest and chicken diverseness. Organic England need wake croping following reducing in late summer/autumn7/16.

The Authorities, as internet site proprietor, contains a responsibility to farther upkeep and sweeten of vegetations, zoologies and geological features2.

The starting issue

Conservation graze is known as a traditional signifier of direction sing a resurgence as a eco friendly method of conserving and elevating biodiversity. It truly is promoted by simply administrations including Natural England but can be perceived as a agency of enforcing their ain seeks without adequate consideration of local precedences, habitat suitableness and diele.

The direction of Odiham Common continues to be raised in Odiham Society newssheets with mention towards the Council , s Supervision Plan, their recreational and preservation requirements and the combative issue from the reintroduction of grazing6-7.

The undertaking intent is to choose the upkeep benefits and unfavorable judgments of croping for Odiham Common. It will eventually use example surveies, research and path methods given by croping specializers to measure the usage of maintenance graze being a sustainable approach to heightening home ground and biodiversity.

The matter encompasses a scope of environmental concerns which includes: preservation, biodiversity, land way, ecosystem sense of balance, administration, durability and the social dimensions of environmental

What is preservation croping?

Historical graze has been instrumental in the development of semi-natural habitats8. Traditional signifiers of agribusiness have made ecosystems abundant with biodiversity with complex connections between croping animate being and works life, nevertheless, modern intensive agriculture provides reduced this kind of variety3. Preservation graze is a method of grassland and real wood grazing property direction, leting rarer workss, invertebrates, tiny mammals and birds to diversify8.

Mechanised methods of land direction distance can be exceedingly drastic, lower downing the handiness of suited house ground to enable wildlife to be on to growth. For illustration, hay hayfields which can be cut support fewer pests compared with grazed grazing lands which give all twelvemonth unit of ammunition flowering9. Grazing can be environmentally sustainable as it minimizes the demand for mechanical expulsion of scrub10. Conservation croping enables species to re-establish as botánica is eliminated more gently. It helps bring about species-rich house grounds and maintains biodiversity, construction and composing just good as openness and entree by stamp downing harsh solide and woody plants11. Cattle treading the forest or hayfield property create niches enabling seed to germinate11.

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