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The content In Africa, AIDS Has a Woman’s Face is about how women in rural The african continent play a large role inside the all around living of their people and how SUPPORTS and H. I. Sixth is v.

is affecting that. What is the outcome of Africa’s upcoming if girl were no longer able to carry similar duties due to AIDS pandemic? One of the main issues is that woman in Africa are the backside bone to the families and communities on the whole. Women are those who make all of the decision and do the farming work. Even as we could state it, these are the ones that keep society going.

There are plenty of strengths from this income is coming in due to agricultural and families will be healthier for the. The author states, “When ladies are totally involved, the rewards can be seen immediately: Families are healthier, they are really better provided, their cash flow, savings, and reinvestments go up (Annan 307). But the same way we can see you will find strengths, additionally there is a weakness. Most people that acquire affected by ASSISTS and They would. I. Sixth is v. are girls.

The author says, ” A United Nations survey released a month ago shows that women now constitute 50 percent of people infected with H. We. V. orldwide- and in The african continent that number is now fifty nine percent (Annan 307). This kind of just means that we need to help them women especially in the prevention of H. My spouse and i. V. and AIDS. From personal experiences I firmly believe girls are the backbone in any family. For example , I actually take care of feeding my husband and children plus the women on this page. As Annan writes, “Women were those found option foods that may sustain their children in time of drought (308). In my case, that is some thing I tend to do when money is restricted. Educating my children inside the best way conceivable, it is one important thing that I hope for over and over.

Even that I am continuously letting them know what is right coming from wrong, and inculcating the cultural Asian habits. Annan states, “The recent United Nations report implies that H. We. V. illness rates in Uganda still decline (309). This means not merely at that particular place, but also in many different during Africa. That just shows how father and mother and professors are getting more involved in the education of elimination of SUPPORTS and H. I. Versus. I firmly believe that the women in Africa are an important part of living and your life. In The african continent, women are the ones that keep almost everything going for a living.

I totally agree with mcdougal on teaching the children the various ways of prevention for this kind of a bad contamination like it is AIDS and H. We. V. My hubby donates directly out by his examine to the HELPS foundation. Mainly because I believe people should be educated on illnesses and preventions. Women are the ones that in many instances keep the family members together as I do pertaining to mine. Many of the things We read on this post like just how women are the core of the family in Africa for the education and prevention of AIDS and H. We. V. All these things are what we should need to support on, so that Africa’s foreseeable future won’t appear much more damaged and darker.

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