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Equal option investigation statement recently

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Excerpt from Thesis:

Without equal opportunities for advancement within the corporation, could represent a violation of Title VII of the City Rights Act of 1964 (U. S i9000. EEOC, 2010). Violations of this act can pose a serious risk to the company and can bring about heavy penalties, or in some cases, loss of a contract due to failure to adhere to the take action. Due to the intensity of the mother nature of EEOC violations, the business must make sure that these issues are resolved.

It can be felt that education and awareness needs to be the first line of defense in resolution of the resolution of current problems and in preventing similar grievances in the future. Education needs to happen both between senior and junior technicians. Both of these categories of employees have to be made mindful of what provides happened in past times and how they will help to stop such situations in the future. Individual counseling of certain workers may be required.

A lack of communication and the lack of a forum where personnel can exhibit their concerns may have been one more contributing factor to the condition. Junior technical engineers may include felt intimidated and unwilling to air flow their worries until they will reached a critical stage. Offering a formal means for them to exhibit their worries without fear of retaliation may play an important part in making all of them feel as if they are really a part of they and that their concerns will be addressed. A door coverage at the human resources department in which they can talk about their issues confidentially is recommended.

Discrimination against disadvantaged groupings is a severe issue and is also not considered lightly by the enforcement firms that govern it. It truly is felt which the concerns indicated in the problems were valid, but that they reflected indirect, rather than immediate discrimination. The suggested remedies are expected to reduce the situations that triggered these allegations. It is not expected that future allegations can occur in the near future, as these advice represent a proactive method of resolving the situation.


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