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Reflective article about team work essay

Research from Dissertation:


Team Ferris has not been excessively successful so far in our function, as highlighting in our current operating stats. We have a poor return on sales, returning on property, return in equity and free cashflow, indicating that at the moment our company is not really profitable. Asset turnover is actually a particular issue and leverage also adds in our DuPont ratio towards the negative ROE. But you cannot find any one area where our company can be said to have excelled at the present time.

Of our five goods, only one is usually profitable. This can be the Feat product, which also happens to be far and away the leading generator of earnings. Our company has been forced to take an emergency mortgage in order to remain solvent. Simple performance on some well balanced scorecard actions is the best we can at present hope for. What this history of poor functionality means is that the management team has not been as effective, the decisions never have been especially strong, which we encounter a crisis of management and decision-making going forward. For example , we will need to figure out what products are worth pursuing, what price details we are going to give, and how we can improve upon each of our internal operations in general.

We performed typically at the lower end of the groups, nevertheless ultimately I might say that we’re able to have done better. The fact our metrics were relatively poor is facts enough of this. That other teams perform better us quite often is also discouraging, and we consider no comfort in the fact that there were different teams that performed even more poorly. This report will appear at some with the experiences we had as a group and just how we can increase, learning from each of our mistakes to get better.

Strategy Creation

The challenge that individuals face is usually to ensure that the corporation Ferris contains a coherent strategy. We have learned that strategy is most effective when ever all components of the approach support the other person. This is a core lesson of the well balanced scorecard, where optimal strategy is the one that creates results along almost all dimensions. Understanding the trade-offs between different aspects of the scorecard, and being aware of what strategies will make positive responses loops for anyone elements are essential factors. Our team must at this point revisit the strategy. All of us probably would not have a enough strategic direction intended for the company from the outset. One of the biggest difficulties going forward is to pursue specifically such a path – we must include a more clear sense of vision and work harder to put into action strategies that work within that vision.


There are 6 members with the team, and there were a lot of interesting difficulties with respect to team-work and leadership. There were simply no clear leaders on the group, and for one of the most part the group arranged that it would be best if we worked points out as a team. This lead to some interesting challenges in terms of setting a strategic direction. Distinct team members got different concepts, and it had been sometimes a challenge to build opinion. The connection process was maybe not as rigorous because would have recently been ideal. In a real world condition, the 6 top executives at a company can take a moment over fourty or fifty hours each week and really sludge hammer out the information on strategy, build consensus and buy-in from your team members. The approach saw us build to consensus, but maybe there was clearly not very much buy-in. This kind of meant that intended for six individuals, we were definitely not working to the optimal capabilities in terms of every single team member performing a lot of hard analysis and contributing to the strategy.

The effect was that we sort of knowledgeable groupthink much more than we developed a six-person buy-in to a clear strategy. Instead, i was more speculating at what might function, and people planned to get along to ensure that everybody decided with the starting ideas. There was clearly not the type of strong hashing away of different ideas coming from difference perspectives. Every being college students with related backgrounds, they might have been too homogenous, and inexperienced, to essentially get into complex arguments regarding the trade-offs the different decisions entailed. Because of this, we almost certainly didn’t develop the best suggestions. Instead, we ran while using first suggestions and ultimately they were not really that good, while the overall performance of Ferris indicates. This is definitely a flaw in the way we create our organization – we had six people but there was several role confusion. People were certainly not coming from solid specialist qualification so all of us sort of leaped things like a group of generalists, which will perhaps inhibited optimal decision-making.

Team communication was actually not really that awful. We could experienced better direction in terms of our communications – directing individuals to do specific tasks, making sure everybody was pulling jointly, towards the same strategy. Nevertheless overall, we have along and most of us continuing to lead some good operate and conversation through the entire method. We probably could have completed more if we had more face-to-face time because ideas can be conveyed more quickly, yet overall My spouse and i felt the teamwork was actually pretty strong. Our flaws were even more in the process by which we generated strategy specifically how we began implementing our strategy. The only aspect of interaction that would have helped was having a better plan from the outset, for example understanding that we necessary to focus more on the development of specific tasks and understanding what every role would definitely do on the overall project.

However , my overall impression is actually quite positive. That stuff seriously given more time, we would be able to remedy a few of the mistakes we made. I believe we have a far greater sense at this point of what we would need to perform with respect to strategy. I think we’re able to divide the duties better, and enable people to build specializations. We might develop even more benchmarks, and have an improved sense of what works and how much does not operate this industry. For these reasons I believe our capability to work as a team can be stronger today than it had been at the beginning which we would carry out better if put back to the beginning of the simulation now.

Advancement Interpersonal Expertise

I cannot genuinely speak about the other team members, but I feel that I did gain some potential with respect to the advancement interpersonal abilities, which was one of the stated aims of this workout. Initially, there was this process where the team members have got to know one other. We had to generate trust, and some of the problems in approach development were probably the consequence of everybody looking to come up with their own ideas. This kind of occurred because we failed to really know one another together yet to produce sufficient trust to fully have confidence in each other yet. Studies of teamwork show that remote work teams are most successful when they are forced to come together quickly to get a specific job objective. The between this kind of real world conditions and this is that in the real world there exists a leader by outside the group, who has put the team jointly and who gives the group the framework and ideal direction. Acquired this been the case around, we might have got actually performed better. Deficiency of direction – the fact we had to find this direction to get ourselves just before we had acquired the opportunity to build trust – was one of the team downsides.

As we performed through the simulation, we started to learn who was more persuasive about concepts, and how these were persuasive. Generally it was the variety of having evidence and working together with course material to assist derive strategy. Unfortunately, there was not the whole buy-in that might have been beneficial. Persuasiveness received us to agree on issues as a group, yet mostly because people did not desire to argue and no-one had a particular expertise it had been harder for people to foster casual authority. So we were playing no formal authority and later a loose sense of informal power. This is why I do think we resorted to groupthink more often, and that we even decided to make decisions as a group. Ultimately, there might be better ways to aiming strategic course. I have discovered through this experience that building consensus is not the same thing as having buy-in. Although this is one of many aspects of interaction and group work that was almost certainly made more difficult by the fact that it was a simulation with students rather than a real world situation where individuals have formal titles and experience on which to draw relaxed authority.


The ruse proved a great way to learn regarding group characteristics, communication and strategy. That provided a predicament where the group had to get together quickly, and establish functions. Communication

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