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Practical education versus theoretical education

Nepal is backward in education system till today’s modern times due to the theoretical know-how and rote learning. Assumptive education is based on text books and Sensible education is founded on various types of skills and technique. In Nepal, many priority has to the assumptive education rather than practical because curriculum is dependent on it. Some of schools features adopted the practical way of teaching-learning activities yet majority are lacking. Theoretical education priorities only on the texts books in fact it is exam-oriented too.

Most of the articles or matters of our curriculum is certainly not useful in each of our very life.

Moreover, one of my friends explained that Nepal can never generate a improvement until and unless this (theoretical) education system is altered. I’m also totally go along with my friend view that in case the curriculum or education style is not really alter, country would be in same condition as it is, to get more few years. Right up until now, our company is adopting traditional approach of educational practice based on theory.

Likewise, Marque Learning is an technique which prevents understanding of a topic and instead centering on memorization. Marque learning is often view being a bad practice which is not best for the students. That makes learners dull, unskilled, less creativeness and many more. In Nepal, In case the students avoid understood the topic, teacher promotes students to get rote learning rather educating the material thoroughly through the first.

In addition to, Sensible education facilitates students’ to grab up abilities which allows them to stand independently in different jobs and works. They may able to learn by understanding and doing practically in their life. Teachers likewise must utilize the practical ways of teaching daily which really helps to bring imagination to pupils and associated with students offer suitable logic and understanding about this issue matter.

Marque Learning is usually practiced in subjects like Science, Cultural and Nepali. However , the brand new trend have been discovered that involves the rote learningof themes like Mathematics. Students didn’t want to understand the methods taught by teacher as a result of less sensible method. Therefore , they rote learn all of them by statistical methods.

To summarize, it seems that the necessity of the useful based education in Nepal is a must. For that, the main position that our govt can play is to change present subjects and result in changes which includes 80% practical knowledge and remaining while theoretical. Likewise, there can be a class where college students are trained on the international and nationwide issues.


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