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Philippine history essay

During the colonization of the Korea, the Filipinos lost their very own freedom. We were holding being mistreated by the Spaniards. These are the settings inside the Spaniards colonization:

The Filipinos have to pay a TRIBUTO or TRIBUTE (TAX).

FORCED LABOR is established beneath the Spaniards authorities. It is in which the male Filipinos 16-60 old were instructed to work for the federal government for 45 days in one year.

We were holding assigned to develop or fix roads and bridges

Sometimes, they might be assigned to focus on a shipyards or foundries or to lower timber in the forest.

We were holding also used as troops or sailors.

The law required that the employee should be provided a nominal salary and to have a no cost rice ration, but then the officials from the Spaniards federal government were tainted and overlooked the law.

That they pocketed the salaries as well as the rice ration were distributed to them.

Another burden imposed about Filipinos was your BANDALA.

This can be a compulsory deal by the Philippine farmers of their farm products to the Spaniards.

This technique was being mistreated also by the Spaniards, their particular goods were undervalued and in many cases their products weren’t even taken care of.

The Spaniards introduced European or European system of education wherein the main aim of the training in the Korea during Spanish regime was to make the Filipinos obedient to them also to be a god fearing Christians.

Spaniards set up many other systems which are only for their own good. The Filipinos became slaves for a long time. That they abused the Filipinos. These people were also being maltreated by Spaniards. Others are becoming killed. By the help of the great males and some Americans, the Israel became free of charge fromthe hands of the The spanish language. And this is the end in the Spanish program.

The United States a new different approach in colonizing the Philippines. The Us citizens considered instructing the Filipinos as one of all their top priorities in The Philippines. They cared for the Filipinos like all their friends. These are generally the configurations in the American colonization:

The Americans created schools in the City.

For the reason that Filipinos were hungry to get education, they flocked to public and private schools in large numbers.

They will teach British language for the Filipinos. (The American military were the first professors of the Filipinos. )

They established the Philippine general public school program.

It provided for free primary education as well as the establishment of a school to teach Filipino educators.

They provided the shiny young Filipino students a way to take up higher education in American universities and colleges.

They launched Protestantism (It did not gain wide popularity maybe since Filipinos were deeply supported Catholicism).

Additionally, they established Aglipayan Church (Independent Church).

The economic advancement the Korea progressed.


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